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The weather had been the hottest weather in England since records began to be kept. Most public buildings had been closed including the school under health and safety rules, there was a shortage of water, rivers and streams had dried up, people were staying in their homes to avoid the heat, nearly everybody was wearing as little clothing as they needed in the hope of staying cool most were not wearing any underwear feeling cooler with out it, Asif was a young Bengali boy who was not happy living in the town that he lived in because of the racial abuse that he often got, Dawn who at sixteen years of age was two years older than what he was and was always giving him racial abuse, Dawn was known all over the town as a racist trouble maker and was not well liked. Asif had been out in the woods on his own when Dawn appeared and started to shout racial abuse at him then she spat at him missong him, Asif ran away from Dawn and hid, after he was sure she was gone Asif made his way to the giant extractor fan at the old mine, Asif knew the fan sucked air out of the mine and when it was on very low it created a nice pleasant breeze that he stood under, Asif knew others also visited the fan for a breeze he knew if the fan went to fast it could be dangerous and some times when it was fast you could not move. Asif saw Dawn walking to the fan and saw her go in the champer under the fan, Asif watched for a few minutes and was about to go when he heard the fan motor increase in speed, he looked at the tunnel and saw Dawn’s hair lifting then her skirt started to rise, Asif heard the motor get louder as it increased in speed, he then saw Dawns hair stand right up then her skirt lift right up revealing her naked legs, Asif moved so that he was in front of Dawn and smiled when he saw her naked love tube he could see that Dawn was trying to get out of the chamber but could not and realised that she could not move, then suddenly her skirt tore away from her body then not long after her lose fitting tee shirt rose up covering her face and revealing her very ample boobs then her tee shirt was lifted right over her head and off leaving her totally naked, Asif stood admiring Dawns naked body and took some photos on his phone which he texted out to his mates with the message wind tunnel now and with in half a hour there were ten Bengali boys looking at the naked Dawn wishing they could get to her, Dawn could see the boys staring at her and a few of the boys had their dicks out and knew when the power dropped she would have serious problems, the boys were all talking about who was going to be first and sat in the shade watching Dawn and waiting for the machine to stop.

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