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Steve was a well feared violent thug who lived in a tower block of flats on a very well run down council estate in East London, at just sixteen years of age he had been in a youth detention twice, the first time was when he was just twelve years old, Steve was racist and homophobic he had very few friends and lived with his mum who was an alcoholic and his ten year old sister July both who were scared of him. Steve was walking home after being out all night it was his first day of freedom after serving a twelve month sentence in a youth detention centre, Steve had a couple of cans of lager with him that he had stolen from the small corner shop near where he lived he intended to sit on his balcony and drink them. Pia was a young Indian girl who along with her family had moved into the flat next door to the one where Steve lived her and her family had been warned about Steve and what he was like, Pia had decided that it would be best to stay clear of Steve but had made friends with July. Pia had a pet rabbit that she called bob and often sleep on the balcony beside the rabbit hutch, it was a very hot night and Pia was laying down beside the rabbit hutch behind a blanket that was hanging down, Pia heard the door to the next door flat open and through a gap saw Steve come out onto the balcony, Steve was unaware that the flat next door to his had people living there it had been empty when he went away, Steve put his lager down then after taking his tee shirt off and throwing it into the flat took his trainers and jeans off throwing them into the flat as well, he then sat down in a sun lounger then realised that his cigarettes were still in his jeans and went inside and got them, when he returned he slid his boxer shorts down and off and stood naked enjoying the gentle breeze on his body, when he had took his boxers off Pia’s eyes went wide when she saw the naked white thug and admired his seven inch hairy dick thinking it was the biggest one she had ever seen, Steve stood looking over the balcony wall down into the square below totally unaware that Pia was watching him, after a few minutes Pia saw Steve’s dick move then watched as it grew to a full nine inch erection, Pia lay looking at the first white erection that she had ever seen, she saw the it twitch a few times, Steve stood up straight and stretched then took his dick in his hand and slowly started to stroke it, Pia watched him thinking cool and watched as Steve slowly stroked his dick faster and faster then after five minutes Pia saw Steve buckle at the knees and four long spurts of cum shoot out of his dick, after a few minutes Steve walked into his flat, Pia crept back into her flat thinking I just seen a white boy do it and he has a massive dick. In the morning when Pia got up her mum wished her a happy tenth birthday and told her she would get her a birthday present later on in the day, Pia thought I have already had one good present and I bet that your present will not be as good as the one that I have already had.

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