Two hot moms – New Sex Story

Sharon is a single mother with a young teenage son, Bobby. Her husband died in a car accident 3 years ago and Sharon hasn’t had sex since then, she just can’t think of being with another man. But lately she has been looking at her son in a different way. She noticed that he was growing into a very handsome young man and unbidden lustful thoughts popped into her head when she watched him cutting the grass or swimming in the pool. She tried to put them out of her mind but she just couldn’t shake them.

They were at the mall shopping and stopped at the food court for a snack. While talking, a woman walked by in a very short miniskirt. Bobby watched her pass and just as she passed his chair she dropped the keys she was carrying. She bent at the waist to pick them up and her skirt rode up revealing her sheer pink panties. Bobby could see her cunt mound bulging the panties and some black pubic hairs were curling out of the leg band. Sharon noticed his hand was in his crotch as the woman straightened then turned and winked at Bobby.

“Well that was pretty brazen of her! She practically showed you everything!”

Bobby smiled, “yeah and she had very nice everything!”

“Bobby!” Sharon poked him in the ribs but was smiling at his joke.

They left the mall and drove home. An hour later they were sitting in the living room and Sharon said, “did you like watching that woman bend over Bobby?”

She was feeling horny and she wanted to see if she could get Bobby to come on to her.

He blushed, “Uh yeah, she had nice legs!”

“Just nice legs?” She teased.

He blushed even more. Sharon was on one end of the sofa and Bobby on the other. Sharon turned toward him and her skirt rode up her thighs. She reached to pull it down but then pulled her hand back. Bobby noticed the motion and looked at her legs. He could see almost to her panties. It was Sharon’s turn to blush but she kept her legs slightly apart and let the skirt rise even more. Now her panties were visible and Bobby leaned forward to get a closer look. She knew she should close her legs but she was powerless to do so. She looked down at Bobby’s crotch and saw the bulge that his rising cock was making. She spread her legs a bit more and Bobby could now clearly see the gusset of her panties and the hairs curling out from the leg bands. He gulped then got up quickly and almost ran to his room. Sharon knew what he was going to do and part of her wanted to run up to his room and throw him on the bed and fuck him but she couldn’t do it. Instead she pulled the leg band of her panties aside and ran her finger up and down her sopping cunt! “Ohhhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhh!!!” She really wanted to fuck him and she couldn’t come up with a good reason not to other than that society prohibited it. They were the only ones in the house and no one would know but them. But the rational side of her mind wasn’t ready to go there yet, so she continued to rub her cunt. Then she pushed two fingers into her cunt and pushed them in and out causing slushing noises, her moans filling the room. She reached in her blouse and pinched her nipple, twisting it till it hurt.

“Ohhhh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” She shuttered as she orgasmed, shooting her legs straight out and jamming her fingers in. When she recovered she straightened her clothes and waited for Bobby to come back down. When he did, he was slightly flushed and they looked at each other then quickly away.

He sat next to her again and she couldn’t help herself. She wanted to push him into seducing her or just plain taking her.

“How many times a day do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“What you and I both know you were doing just now!”

“Uh… 4 times.”

She got all trembling inside thinking about that.

She turned to him again but kept her legs together.

“Do you want to see my panties again?”

“Oh wow! Can I?”

“Of course honey, you can see anything you want!”

He nodded and she slowly spread her legs. She put one on the floor and the other over the back of the sofa. Bobby’s eyes got big as he stared at her pantied crotch. He started rubbing his cock through his shorts.

Sharon said it before she even thought about it, “take it out darling! Let me watch you this time!”

He didn’t take his eyes off her panties as he pulled his shorts and boxers down. His cock sprang up and pulsed with his heartbeat. Sharon gazed at it and pulled her panties to the side, exposing her cunt to her son!

“Oh Bobby! Grab it! Please?”

He didn’t know if she meant his cock or her cunt but he wrapped his hand around his cock and started stroking. Sharon reached down with both hands and spread her cunt open for him to see. She slid a finger in and matched his tempo as he jerked on his cock.

“Are you going to cum for me Bobby?”

God! She felt like a total slut! What was she doing? She was seducing her own son! She knew it was wrong but she was powerless to stop herself. Her inner slut had taken over and she finally had to surrender to it.

Her finger going in and out of her cunt made wet noises as she watched Bobby stroking his hard cock. Precum was running out and coating his shaft, making it slippery.

“Yes baby! Cum for mommie! Oh god!! I’m so hot!! Cum baby! Please?!?”

Bobby grunted and moaned, “ohhhhh!!, fuck!! I’m cumming mommie!!”

Sharon quickened her pace and felt her orgasm rise as Bobby began spewing cum high in the air, landing on the sofa and his thighs.

“Oh god Bobby! I’m cumming too! Ohhhhhhh!!! Uhhhhnnnnn!!!”

Her orgasm was intense as her hips twitched rapidly. The feelings were so intense she got dizzy and feared she would faint! When she finally recovered she realized what she had done and jumped up and ran to her room, sobbing miserably.

Bobby sat on the sofa, not believing what had just happened! His cock was deflating and cum was all over his thighs and the sofa. He followed his mom and found her laying face first on the bed, sobbing.

He sat next to her and put his hand on her shoulder. She lifted her head and with tears running her makeup, she said, “you must think I’m horrible!”

“Oh god no mom! I think you’re the most wonderful person I the world! I loved what we did!”

“But it was so wrong of me to let it happen! I can’t let anything like that happen again!”

As Bobby consoled his mom, he couldn’t help but notice how nice her ass looked. He wanted to see her cunt again and watch her finger herself while he jacked off, but he didn’t want to ask her then, so he just pulled her close to him and held her, making sure his rejuvenated cock wasn’t pressing against her.

She finally calmed down and said, “okay Bobby, we won’t speak of this again. Can we forget about what happened and just be mom and son?”

“I’ll try mom!.”

“That’s all I can ask. After all, you’re a teenage boy so of course you’re curious about girl’s bodies.”

“So can I still ask you things about your body?”

Sharon considered for a second but she wanted to be honest with her son and answer his questions so he didn’t get false information from his friends.

“Of course you can honey! You can always ask me anything!”

He knew better than to push it any more right then.

She recovered enough to get up and fix dinner. They didn’t talk much during dinner and after Bobby played video games and Sharon read a book. She tried to concentrate but all she could think about was Bobby’s hard cock and the cum gushing out of it! Again it was a struggle between her conservative public image and her inner slut! Against her will her pussy started getting aroused and her hand crept down to press against it without her realizing what she was doing. She yanked her hand away and mumbling something incoherent, hurried to her room. Once inside, she practically tore her clothes off, throwing herself on the bed. She spread her legs and thinking of Bobby’s cock, jammed three fingers into her already juicy, slick cunt. Bobby suspected what she was going to do when she ran from the room. He followed a few minutes later and stood outside her room. He could her her moans and the squishing sounds of her fingering her cunt! His cock was rock hard and he took it out and started jerking off! Then it occurred to him that this was a perfect time to test his mom’s resolve. He opened the door and still stroking his cock, approached the bed.

Sharon saw the door open and when she saw Bobby stroking his hard cock she begged him, “oh please no Bobby! Don’t do this again!”

Bobby kept walking toward the bed and Sharon kept begging him to stop but made no effort to stop him. He crawled onto the bed and pulling her hand away from her cunt, he replaced it with his own hand.

“Ohhhhhhh! Nooooooo! Don’t do this, Bobby! You can’t!”

She still made no effort to stop him. He put two fingers in her and pushed them in and out.

“Oooohhhhhhhhhhh!! Please!!! I can’t!! Oh god no!!”

She was pushing back at his fingers and holding his wrist but not pulling him out.

“You want me don’t you mom? Tell me you want my cock!”

“Oh honey! I can’t!”

“Yes! You do want my cock! You want me to stick it in! You want me to fuck you, don’t you?”

“Oh god yes!!! I want you to fuck me!! Hurry!! Fuck me!! Fuck mommie!”

That was what Bobby was waiting for! He wanted her to beg for his cock!

“Okay mom, you asked for it!”

He threw the rest of his clothes off and knelt over his mom, lowering himself until he felt his cock touch her cunt. She grabbed his ass and pulled,him in, his cock sinking easily until he bottomed out.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!! Uhhhhhhhhh!! In me!! Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Ohhhhh it’s been so long!! Fuck me bobby!! Fuck your slut mommie!!”

She was crazy with lust as she jammed her cunt up to meet his thrusts! Her cunt was making wet, squishing sounds and a white foam was forming around his cock as they surrendered to the lust that had been building for the last few months!

Bobby felt every part of her cunt as he slid in and out of that velvety sheath. He never dreamed it would feel,like this in his mother’s cunt!

Neither Bobby nor his mom could last very long at this level of lust and depravity! Bobby sucked on his mom’s nipples and she pulled on his ass, urging him deeper and deeper.

Then Sharon felt the rising ecstasy of her first cock induced orgasm in years as her cunt exploded.

“Uuuuuhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnggggg!!! Ahhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh!! Cumming!!!”

Her hips twitch spasmodically, her cunt milking Bobby’s cock as she came, causing him to start shooting deep in her cunt.

“Aasasstrrgghhhhh!!!! Cumming mom! Oh my god mom!!!! I’m doing it! In your cunt!”

“Yes baby!! Fill my cunt with cum juice!!! Oh god, cum in me!!!”

She was not thinking about anything but the cock in her cunt, pulsing as it filled her!

Bobby kept shooting and he wondered if it would stop. But finally he deposited the last drop of sperm into his mother.

She cradled his head against her breast and told him, “oh Bobby! You’ve made me feel so good! I know what we have done is considered very wrong, but I don’t think anything that makes us feel so good can be wrong. But in our country what we did is illegal and if anyone finds out I will be arrested and you will be put in a foster home, so we can’t tell anyone about what we do in our home, okay?”

Bobby swore that he would never tell anyone and he was serious! He couldn’t imagine not being with his mom and especially now that they were also lovers!

After having satisfied their sexual urges they had a nice dinner and settled down on the sofa to watch a movie. Sharon sat next to Bobby and he put his arm around her and she put her head on his shoulder and reflected on what they had done that day. She had started with teasing him, thinking it was just harmless fun as long as it didn’t go past that. She had struggled with her conscience and tried to stop before she went too far. But her inner lust and desire for her son overcame any doubts she had. She finally had surrendered to her inner demon and committed the ultimate taboo, fucking her son! As she replayed the afternoon sex in her mind, she felt the stirrings of passion, her pussy starting to moisten and her nipples hardening. She slid down on Bobby’s body and laid her head in his lap. He was wearing knit shorts and no underwear so she could feel the heat of his cock on her cheek. She turned her head and kissed his cock through his shorts. Bobby put his hand in her hair and massaged her head as she kissed his cock from the base to the head then pulled the shorts down. His cock bounced up and pulsed with the beating of his heart. She kissed it again, this time on the flesh and Bobby moaned as she extended her tongue and licked from the bottom to the top as if she was licking a lollipop.

When she got to the top she opened her mouth and lowered her head, taking his cock into her mouth until her nose was tickled by his pubic hair.

“Unnnnnnhhhhh!! Mom! Oh god mom! Suck it! Suck my cock!”

“Mmmmmmmm!! Mmmmmuummmmmmppphhhh!!” She mumbled incoherently around his cock. She licked the flowing precum from his cock and swallowed as his cock drooled. She wanted to taste his hot boy goo as she started bobbing up and down while jacking him with her hand. She used the other hand to manipulate his tightening balls. Bobby tightened his grip on her hair as he felt his orgasm approach. He didn’t dream that his mom would want to swallow his cum.

“Ohhhhh mom!!! It’s close!! Almost there!!” He warned her!

She took a finger and wetting it from her mouth, she shoved it up his ass and massaged his prostate!


Bobby’s cum hit him like a clap of thunder! He bucked up and held his mom’s head, pushing his cock into her throat. She almost gagged as his cock started spewing great gobs of boy juice straight into her stomach! She backed off a little to catch the next spurts on her tongue, purring as she tasted the starchy sperm. She swallowed as Bobby kept filling her mouth. After what seemed like minutes, Bobby’s cock finally stopped spewing cum and she lifted her mouth off, showing Bobby the cum on her lips and chin.

“Oh god Bobby!! Mommie is so fucking hot!! Eat my cunt!! Lick my pussy!! Please! Make me cum!!”

Sharon laid on her back and Bobby laid between her thighs, lowering his head and sticking his tongue out until it touched her cunt lips.

“Ooohhhhhhhh yesssss!! Right there! Lick my cunt baby!!”

She rotated her hips to give him better access to her cunt then pulled his head up so his tongue would massage her clit.

“Ohhhh god baby! Lick my clit!! Bite it!!”

She locked her legs around his head to keep in in position as her hips began to twitch spasmodically.

“Ooooohhhhhhh!!! Unnnnnnnnnphhhhhh!! Cumming!! Oh god!! Oh god!! Oh fuck!!”

Her cunt juices started literally running out of her pussy and I drank them down, relishing the taste. She must have cum for at least a minute or so it seemed!

“Oh honey! That was wonderful! I haven’t cum like that in years! Oh thank you honey!”

“Believe me mom, the pleasure is all mine!”

Sharon didn’t feel the slightest bit of regret. They snuggled together on the sofa and finished the movie they had started.

The next afternoon they were doing chores in the house when the doorbell rang. Sharon answered the door and it was young Jenny who lived down the street. She was wearing her Girl Scout uniform and was selling cookies. Sharon invited her in and noticed that the young teen wasn’t wearing a bra by the little bumps on her chest. She had nice firm little breasts and just starting to flare hips.

“Bobby! It’s Jenny, she’s selling Girl Scout cookies.”

Bobby came from the kitchen,

“Oh, hi Jenny!”

She said hi back and Sharon asked her to sit.

“So how have you been Jenny? I haven’t seen you for a while.”

“I’m good Mrs. Mason.”

“Call me Sharon, Jenny. So you’re selling cookies. How many have you sold?”

“Only 6 boxes. I need to sell 6 more to get a badge.”

“Well I can take care of that! I’ll buy 6 boxes.”

“Oh wow Mrs, I mean Sharon! That’s great!”

“Would you like a coke or something?”

“Sure. A coke would be great.”

Sharon went to the kitchen and asked Bobby to help.

“Do you like Jenny?” She asked him.

“Yeah, she’s cute, a little young though.”

“She not too young Bobby. Would you like to fuck her?”

“Gosh mom! I never thought about it but he’ll yes! She’s hot!”

“Well lets see if she is willing.”

Sharon put some cookies on a plate and Bobby carried the cokes out, placing them on the coffee table then sitting next to Jenny.

“So what have you been doing Jenny, we haven’t seen you for a while?” Sharon asked.

“Oh, I’ve been doing gymnastics and also piano lessons so I am pretty busy.”

“Well you need to come by more often. You can use the pool, even if we’re not here. If you want, I can give you a key to the back.”

“Wow! That would be neat! I’ll have to ask my mom and dad of course.”

Sharon continued the seduction, “I don’t mean to embarrass you Jenny but do you like Bobby?”

Jenny blushed, “Uh, yeah, I do!”

“I mean do you like him more than like friends.”

She blushed a deeper pink, “yes, I do!”

Sharon told Bobby, “why don’t you put your arm around Jenny.”

Bobby scooted close so their thighs we’re touching. Then he put his arm around her and she leaned against him.

Bobby took control then. “Can I kiss you, Jenny?”

She was too shy to answer but nodded. Bobby gently took her chin in his hand and raised her head to his then lowered his head and touched his lips to hers. He just kissed her closed mouthed at first. He kissed for about a half minute then said, “did you like that, Jenny? Have you ever kissed before?”

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“Oh golly Bobby! That was neat! I’ve only kissed like a peck on the mouth and cheek. Can we do it again?”

This time Bobby turned fully toward her and pulled her against his body. He kissed her and this time opened his mouth and ran his tongue across her lips. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and swiped it across her tongue. She moaned as he explored every part of her mouth. Sharon watched with growing lust as her son seduced the young girl. She started rubbing herself as she saw Bobby move his hand to rub her breast through her scout blouse. Jenny at first tried to push his hand away but he rubbed right over her nipple and she moaned again as he unbuttoned a few buttons and slipped his hand under her blouse to find bare flesh as she wasn’t wearing a bra. He found her nipple and rubbed it with his finger.

“Oh Bobby! That feels good but you’re mom is watching! We shouldn’t be doing this!”

“She doesn’t mind, in fact she likes to watch! Look at her rubbing herself.”

She looked and Sharon smiled at her, “I do like watching, Jenny! It makes me hot!”

Bobby never stopped playing with her nipple. Jenny turned back and they kissed again.

With his free hand he unbuttoned the rest of her buttons and pulled her blouse off. Then he used both hands to tweak her nipples.

Sharon asked her, “does that feel good Jenny?”

“Oh yes! It feels real good!”

“Do you want Bobby. To fuck you?”

Jenny blushed. She had never heard a grownup use that word!

“Gosh Sharon, I’ve never done that!”

“It really feels amazing! If you want, you can watch Bobby do it to me first. Would you like that?”

“Oh wow! You and Bobby do it?”

“Yes honey. I love to fuck Bobby and I know you will too! Are you on your period?”

“No. I had it last week.”

“So do you want to watch?”

“Oh yes! That would be hot!”

Sharon stood and stripped. Jenny’s eyes got real big when she saw Sharon naked.

“Gee Sharon, you sure have big titties!”

Sharon smiled, “thank you dear. Now I’m going to sit next to you so you can see up close when Bobby’s cock enters my cunt.”

Bobby stripped quickly and again Jenny got big eyes when she saw his cock.

Sharon spread her legs and Bobby got between them and Jenny leaned close to watch his cock sink in to Sharon’s cunt!

“Oh wow! His cock is inside you! Does it hurt?”

“Oh god no! It feels so fucking good!”

Bobby started fucking his mom with long slow strokes.

“Ohhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhh!!, oh fuck! That feels so fucking good!! Oh god Jenny! You have to do this!”

“Uh, I’ll try if Bobby promises to stop if it hurts too much! All the girls at school say it hurts real bad and you bleed!”

“Well, they’ve never done it then. Most girls don’t feel any pain at all and there is usually no bleeding, or very little. But Bobby will stop if you tell him to, okay?”

“Can we just kiss and feel each other for awhile before we do it?”

Bobby answered, “of course Jenny! That’s what you do before you fuck. Otherwise the girl isn’t wet enough and then it hurts!”

“Let’s get those shorts off of you first. It would be hard to fuck with them on!” Sharon giggled.

Jenny blushed but undid her shorts and pulled them down. She was wearing white full size panties and she hesitated before pushing them down. As she pushed them, Bobby first saw the fine blond pubic hairs. Then her tight cunt slit came into view. Bobby almost came just looking at it!

Sharon went to the bedroom and returned with a pump bottle of sex lube. After Jenny removed her panties, she pumped a big glob of lube on her hand and rubbed it into Jenny’s cunt. Then she smeared Bobby’s cock with it.

Bobby pulled the now naked teen darling close to his body and they kissed again. This time he took his finger and rubbed it up and down her slit. She moaned as he spread her lips and inserted a finger into her.

“Oh bobby! That feels good! Don’t stop!”

“God Jenny, your CUNY is really tight! And wet. Are you ready to try?”

“I think so but go slow.”

This was the moment Jenny had dreamed about! Being fucked by a cute boy! Bobby got between her legs and rubbed his cock up and down her outer lips, spreading them open. Then he found her opening. The head of his cock sank into her well lived cunt.

“Oh!!! Oooooohhhh!!! Bobby!!! You’re in!!”

She looked down to see her cunt stretched around his cock!

“Oh shit Jenny!!! You’re fucking tight! Does it hurt?”

“Not yet. It just feels full!”

Bobby pushed another inch of cock in.

“Oh yes!!!” Jenny moaned! “It really feels good! You’re right Sharon! It doesn’t hurt!”

Bobby pulled back a little to pull Jenny’s cunt flesh outward then pushed slowly all the way in!

“Ooohhhhhhh!!!! Oh fuck! Fuck me bobby!”

Sharon was watching as Jenny lost her cherry. She was fingering herself as Bobby fucked Jenny.

“You’re a woman now Jenny! You’re getting fucked!”

“Oh god yes I am!!! Getting fucked good! Oh god! I’m going to cum! Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! Ooohhhhhh,!!! Shit!! Coming so hard!!! Oh Bobby!! Fuck me faster!! Oh god it’s good!!!”

Sharon was so hot watching Jenny cum that she started to cum! When she recovered she reminded Bobby that he had to pull out. Just in time because Bobby grunted and jerked his cocky out and sprayed cum all over Jenny’s belly.

“Oh my god!” Jenny moaned, “that was awesome! I never dreamed it would be that good!”

“You better get cleaned up and head home before your mom gets worried, Jenny.”

Sharon helped Jenny clean up and she had to leave or she would get in trouble.

When Jenny returned home her mom asked her why she was late. She told her she sold all her stuff at Bobby’s house.

“What are you not telling me young lady? I can tell when you’re holding something back from me.”

Jenny looked at the floor and said, “Aw mom, I can’t tell you, you’ll get really mad!”

“Now Jenny, you know me. I won’t get mad. I just need you to tell the truth.”

“Okay mom. Bobby did it to me.” Jenny waited for the explosion but to her shock, it didn’t come. She looked up at her mother and was doubly shocked to see her smiling.

“That’s what I thought! Well you’re about the same age I was when I lost my cherry so I can’t really say I’m surprised! You didn’t let him finish inside, did you?”

“No mom, Sharon, I mean Mrs Mason told him not to.”

“Wait a minute! Sharon was watching?”

“Yeah, she was telling me how it wouldn’t hurt and I’d really like it.”

Her mother, June was getting excited thinking about it. “Is that all she did?”

“Uh, no mom, she had Bobby fuck her first so I could see how good it is.”

June got a jolt to her pussy at the thought, “oh my! She let Bobby fuck her?”

Jenny got into it now, seeing her mom’s excitement!

“Yeah mom! It was totally awesome! And I was sitting right next to them!”

“Oh god! Tell me everything that happened!”

It had also been awhile since June had a cock in her cunt and she was getting hotter by the minute.

“Well, it started when Sharon asked me if I liked Bobby and of course I said yes. Then Bobby sat next to me and we started kissing and he put his hand inside my blouse and rubbed my nipple! Wow! Did it feel good!”

Sharon had moved her hand to her crotch and was rubbing herself. Jenny noticed and it made her hot as well as telling about what happened so she started rubbing herself also.

“He took my top off and Sharon asked if I had fucked yet. She said she would fuck him first if it would help me. She told me it wouldn’t hurt like everyone told me at school!”

“She was right wasn’t she?”

“Oh god yes! I’m getting really excited thinking about this mom!”

“Me too! Do you want us to take our clothes off and play around together?”

“Really! Gosh mom I would love that! Can we touch each other?”

“Oh baby, yes!! Please!! Hurry! I’m so fucking hot!”

When Jenny took her clothes off June inspected her recently fucked cunt. It was still red and swollen and Wet. June leaned down and licked the juice from Jenny’s cunt.

“Oh mommie! That feels so good!“

“Mmmm, and it tastes good too, honey!”, June said before diving back in to suck on Jenny’s cunt.

Jenny saw her mother rubbing her own cunt and wanted her to feel the same things she was. She grabbed June’s leg and pulled herself around so she was at her mom’s mature cunt. She looked at the thick hair covering it and reached out and spread her cunt open. It was very wet and red inside as Jenny pulled her mom’s hips so she could lick her cunt. When her daughter’s tongue came in contact with her open slit, June moaned, “oh god baby! Lick mommie’s cunt good! Oh yes make mommie cum!”

Jenny grabbed her mom’s ass and held her while she stuck her tongue as far as she could up her cunt!

They were quite a sight, mom and daughter in a 69! They were moaning and making slurping noises as they explored each other’s cunt.

“Oh honey! I love your cunt!” June moaned as she sucked on her.

“Oh yes mommie! I’m going to get it! Gonna cum so hard!!”

June took her mouth off and used her whole hand to rub Jenny’s clit rapidly.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhnnnggggghhhhh!! Mommmmmiiieee!! oooooooohhhhhhhh!!! Cumming!!!”

“Yes baby! Cum for mommie!”

Jenny’s pussy started squirting girl cum and June cover Harper cunt with her lips and sucked it down her throat.

Jenny resumed sucking June’s cunt as her own orgasm ebbed until she had to push her mom’s tongue away!

“Oh god baby! I’m cumming now!! Oh shit!! You’re making mommie cum! Cumming in your mouth!”

June’s cunt cream flowed into Jenny’s mouth and Jenny swallowed it down.

June’s hips were jerking and her head was thrown back. Her spasms slowed down and finally she collapsed back on the sofa.

“Oh baby, that was so good! I really needed that!”

They hugged each other and cuddled on the sofa for awhile. Talking about how they both needed a man in their lives.

June said, “you know, I think we should invite Sharon and jimmy over here for dinner tonight. That way we can let them know that I know what happened and am happy with it. That way I can see how good a lover jimmy is. What do you think?”

“Oh yes mom! Jimmy is awesome! I think I love him already!”

“Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’ll call Sharon now.”

June grabbed her cell phone and called Sharon.

“Oh hi Sharon, this is June. I was wondering if you and Jimmy would like to join us for supper tonight? We’re having pizza.”

Sharon was a little taken aback considering what went on but she didn’t want to refuse. Besides, June and her had known each other through the PTA.

“Sure June, that would be great, looking forward to it.”

Sharon was hoping Jenny hadn’t told her mom what happened. The thought occurred to her that the police might be waiting for her.

Jimmy and Sharon walked the few blocks to June’s house and rang the doorbell. June opened the door.

“Come on in. Jenny is in the family room and the pizza is ready. What would you like to drink?”

“Cokes for both of us.” Sharon answered, relieved that no police were there.

They all settled in the family room.

June started the conversation, “Okay, no need to skirt around the issue, Jenny told me all about what happened. Don’t worry, I’m not angry and certainly won’t report you to anyone. I’m just happy that Jenny’s first time was with someone who cares about her!”

Sharon was visibly relieved.

“Oh thank god! I was afraid that if Jenny told you, you would get angry.”

“Oh heavens no! In fact when she told me the details, I got so horny that we had to eat each other out! I’m glad you forced us to face our desires!”

They all relaxed then and finished the pizza.

June moved close to Jimmy. “Jenny tells me that you have a nice hard cock and you know how to use it!”

She put her hand high on his thigh and jimmy started getting hard. He had always lusted after June and now his fantasies were coming true!

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had a real cock inside of me and I’m getting tired of using fake ones! Would you like to fuck me, jimmy? That is if your mom doesn’t object.”

Sharon laughed, “he’s old enough to make his own decision and yes, he definitely knows how to use it!”

Sharon moved to the love seat beside Jenny. They watched as June pulled jimmy’s tee over his head. Jimmy pulled June’s top off and reached behind her to unhook her bra. He pulled it away to expose her perfect 36dd breasts.

“Oh wow, June! Your boobs are beautiful!”

“Well don’t just look jimmy! Put your hands on them!”

He grabbed both in his hands and massaged, making sure to rub her nipples.

“Oh god! Oh Jimmy!! That feels so good.”

Meanwhile she was pulling his shorts down to discover he wasn’t wearing underpants. His cock sprang up and June grabbed it and stroked for a half minute, then said, “oh god Jimmy! I need you to fuck me! It’s been so long! Fuck me now!!”

Jimmy skinned her shorts down to expose her hairy cunt. It was already wet in anticipation of the pole that was about to enter it!

“Yes jimmy! Now!! Fuck me baby!”

Jimmy got in position and found her opening on the first try. June moaned loudly as his shaft penetrated to the hilt!

“Aaaaahhhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Oh god honey! Your cock! Your cock is inside me! Oh god your cock is so hot and hard!!”

While they were fucking Sharon and Jenny were kissing and fondling each other.

“Let’s get naked honey, I need you to eat me!”

They both stripped and soon the room was filled with fucking sounds and moans. The smell of sex was everywhere!

June was approaching a mind shattering orgasm as jimmy sensed this and started pounding her with his cock!

“Ohhhhhhh!!! Fuck!! Fuck!! Fuck!! I’m cumming!!! Awwwwww fuck! It’s too much! Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhh fuck!!”

Jimmy exploded into June’s cunt just as her orgasm was peaking.

“Ohhhhh yeah! Cumming hard!! Cumming in your cunt!”

Meanwhile, Sharon and Jenny were approaching their own orgasms. Sharon was sucking hard on Jenny’s clit and Jenny was fingering Sharon. Jenny found Sharon’s gspot and massaged it, bringing Sharon to a mind shattering orgasm!

“Oh my god!!! Ohh! Oh! Ohhhhhhhhh!”

Sharon bit down on Jenny’s clit and Jenny screamed in ecstasy!

“Ohhhnyes Sharon!! Bite it hard! I’m cumming!!”

Finally all four recovered from their orgasms. They rested for a while and had some snacks and sodas. Then Sharon said, “I think June is ready for another orgasm!”

She took June’s hand and led her to the bedroom. They were all still naked and Sharon gently pushed June onto the bed. She kissed her passionately then trailed kisses down her body, stopping at her pussy. She inserted her middle finger in. “More! Please more!” June demanded.

“How many more?” Asked Sharon.

“I don’t know just put another finger in.”

Sharon put her ring finger in and sawed them in and out. Jimmy and Jenny each took one of June’s nipples and sucked on it.

“Oh god! I’m so fucking horny!! Another finger!”

Sharon put her index finger alongside the others. There was still room so she let her pinkie join the others.

“Ohhhhh!! Yes honey! Yes! Put your whole damn hand in there!”

“Are you sure, June?”

“Fuck yes!! Do it!”

Sharon tucked her thumb into her palm and worked it in and out. Finally it popped in to the wrist.

“Awww shit! That’s big! Ohhhh!! Ohhhh!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!”

Sharon rotated her fist so it rubbed on June’s g spot.

Jimmy and Jenny were so worked up they started fucking.

“Oh yes Jimmy! Fuck my daughter!! Knock her up! Cum in her tight little cunt!”

Sharon started flicking her finger across June’s clit rapidly as she fisted her.

“Ahhhhhhh!! Oh! Oh ! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!! Cumming!! Ohhhhhhhh!!”

June was shaking all over.

It was too much for jimmy!

“Oh god Jenny! Gonna cum! In your cunt!!”

“Yes Jimmy! Do it!” Jenny cried.

“Yeah jimmy fuck my daughter good! Fill her nasty little cunt!! Ohhhhhh cumming again!!! Ohhhh Sharon! It’s so good! Fist my cunt!!”

Sharon was twisting her fist around so her knuckles rubbed June’s insides.

June almost passed out as she saw her daughter cum on jimmy’s cock! Jimmy pulled out and the cum drooled from her red and open pussy!

Sharon had an orgasm just by watching all this and fisting June. She didn’t even have to touch herself.

This time they were all fucked out.

But they became very close families after that. And of course they fucked every chance they got.

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