Tower Blocks Part 1 – New Sex Story

The two tower blocks of flats were located in the centre of a very old council estate in England, the estate was eighty years old and in need of some repairs, the estate was well known for trouble and racist hooligans. Sixteen year old Steve was the leader of a street gang that was well feared on the estate, they were racist and violent, people stayed clear of them, there were only six members in the gang all sixteen years of age, Steve lived in the top flat of one of towers, he lived with his mum who was an alcoholic and hardly ever at home, the flat that Steve lived in was on the roof of the block and was the only flat on the roof. The tower block opposite where Steve lived also had a single flat on the roof where Anjana and her family lived, Anjana was a ten year old Bengali girl who along with her family had received a lot of hassle from Steve and his mates. It was a hot afternoon and Anjana was alone in her family flat looking out her bedroom window, she looked towards the other tower block and got a surprise she could Steve and he was naked, it was the first time that she had seen a naked white boy and stared at Steve’s seven inch hairy dick thinking that is big, Anjana phoned her fourteen year old friend who was also Bengali and lived in the same block and told her what she could see, after a few minutes Anjan’s friend who had the nickname buzz because she often told people to buzz of arrived at Anjana’s flat, when she looked out the window and saw Steve she said ” oh yes look at that fucking cock it is massive ” the two girls stood watching as the naked white racist thug walked around both of the girls liked the way Steve’s dick was swaying about, after ten minutes Steve stopped and stood still using his phone totally unaware that he was being watched by two Bengali girls, the girls were loving what they were seeing, after a few minutes Buzz said ” look he is getting a hard on ” the girls watched in awe as Steve’s dick slowly grew to a full nine inch erection, Steve stood talking into his phone still unaware the girls were enjoying what they were seeing, the girls were watching Steve with eyes wide open enjoying the sight of a nine inch erection, buzz said ” he might have a wank ” and after a few minutes when Steve put his phone down and started to slowly stroke his dick buzz said ” cool ” , the girls watched as Steve slowly jerked his dick getting faster all the time then after five minutes the watching girls saw Steve’s knees bend and four spurts of cum shoot out of his dick, buzz said ” oh yes a white boys spunk. ” A few days later Anjana was on her own in her flat and again saw Steve naked but did not see him jerk, she saw Steve naked a few times after that and also saw his girlfriend naked, then one night Anjana saw Steve jerk off again and this time filmed it on her phone, by the end of the following day there were a lot of nine and ten year old Bengali girls who had watched the phone footage of Steve jerking and with in a few days most of the Bengali community had seen the footage and Anjana was suddenly getting lots of visitors who enjoyed watching the thug.

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