The Village Part 1 – New Sex Story

Mark was a young boy who was out of control, he hardly ever went to school, he caused trouble where ever he went, he had been banned from nearly every shop in the town where he lived, he had sprayed graffiti on many buildings in the town much to the annoyance of his fellow residents, his mum admitted that she could not control him, his dad had left home five years ago, his sister Amy was scared of him and her friends would no longer visit her at her house, then one night during an arguement with his sister Mark hit her in the mouth knocking out two of her teeth, this was the final straw for Mark’s mum she was not prepared to take anymore of Mark’s bad behaviour and arranged for him to go and stay with his gran in a small village, Mark’s gran was the only person that he had any respect for and he got on well with her. When Mark arrived in the village the first person he saw was Tracy who at sixteen years of age was four years older than what he was, Mark knew Tracy attended the same school as what he did and lived next door to his gran, Mark knew that Tracy had a sister who was two years older than he was but two years younger than Tracy. On the second day of living with his gran Mark looked out of the window and saw Tracy’s sister Karen in the garden putting rubbish in the bin, Mark saw that Karen was wearing just her bra and panties and smiled thinking cool, Mark went to the door opened it and said to Karen ” if your going to streak do it properly ” Mark was totally surprised when Karen took her bra off followed by her panties and stood naked, Mark looked at her firm boobs and hairless love tube, Mark stood looking with his eyes wide open, Karen walked to the joining fence and said ” go on have a feel of my tits ” Mike smiled then reached out and rubbed Karen’s boobs, after a minute Karen turned and walked to her house as she did Mark admired her bum thinking nice, later Mark went to the village shop where the shop owner said to him ” welcome to the village if you behave you will ok ” as he was speaking his daughter Sara who was in Mark’s class at school came out of the back room off the shop, Mark saw that she was naked he looked at her budding boobs and love tube thinking I am dreaming, Sara put a cup of ea on the counter for her dad and went back to the rear of the shop with Mark looking at her bum, Sara’s dad smiled and said to Mark ” you have a lot to learn about the village ” Mark left the village shop and started walking back to his gran’s house as he did he saw eighteen year old Pauline wearing a see through lace top her boobs fully visible, when Mark got to his gran’s house he saw Sandra one of Karen’s friends standing on the door step as Mark was part way down his garden path Sandra raised her jumper letting her naked boobs fall free, Mark smiled, Sandra went into Karen’s house, Mark went into his gran’s house and after giving he the milk he had fetched from the shop he went out to look round the village at the village green he saw sixteen year old Steve stood naked with an eight inch erection which he was jerking while nine year old Kelly stood watching, Mark saw Steve squirt cum in three spurts and saw Kelly smile then walk away, Mark carried on walking then saw Martin the school bully stood with his trousers wide open his seven inch erection on show and Sara kneeling on the ground, Mark watched in disbelieve as Sara started to suck Martin’s dick, Mark stood watching then after a few minutes he saw cum dribble from Sara’s mouth, after a minute Martin put his dick away and walk away, Sara stood wiped her mouth with the back of her hand looked at Mark said ” I will give you one later ” and walked away, Marked walked back home, when he got there he saw both Karen and Sandra naked on their hands and knees with a dick in each of their mouths and a dick up each of their bums, Mark watched for a few minutes before going into his grans where he saw a note telling him that his gran had gone to bingo, after a couple of minutes Tracy walked in through the open door, Mark saw that she was naked he looked at large boobs which he had dreamt about a lot and her bare love tube, Tracy smiled and said to Mark ” you have got a lot to learn about life in this village now take your clothes off ” Mark looked at Tracy and said to him ” if you want me to suck your cock then you had better get your clothes off hurry up ” Mark stood up and started to undress and after a few minutes he was standing naked his four inch erection sticking up in front of him, Mark watched as Tracy walked round the kitchen table and knelt down on the floor in front of him and after placing her hands on his hips Tracy took Marks dick into her mouth and started to suck it as she did Mark saw Karen and Sandra stood by the door still naked rubbing their love tubes after five minutes Mark had a dry climax not long after Tracy stood up smiled at Mark and walked out of the house, after a few minutes Mark heard Sandra groan looked at her and saw her gush then not long after he saw Karen gush not long after the two girls left the house, Later Mark was in the shower thinking this village is weird but I think I am am going to like living here.

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