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Simon was walking home school happy that it was Friday which meant that there was no more school for two days, Simon decided to take a short cut through the derelict factory, not long after going into the factory Simon saw Steve who at sixteen years of age was two years older than what he was, Steve was standing smiling, when Simon got closer he saw that Steve had his trousers down round his ankles and Cindy who was the girlfriend of Simon’s older brother Mark was knelt sucking Steve’s dick Steve saw Simon and quickly pulled his dick out of Cindy’s mouth and after pulling his trousers up ran off, Simon knew that Steve and Mark hated each other and if Mark found out Steve would have major problems as would Cindy because Steve was a violent well feared thug. Simon looked at Cindy and after calling her a cock sucking slag told her that if Mark found out she would be badly hurt, Cindy begged Simon not to tell his brother, Simon smiled at Cindy and said to her ” you can suck my cock dry for starters and I will not tell Steve ” Cindy knew that Steve would hurt her if he found out and agreed, Simon undid his trousers letting his seven inch erection spring out, Cindy was surprised at the size of Simon’s dick but soon took it in her mouth and started to suck it, Simon held the back of Cindy’s head enjoying the attention his dick was getting then after ten minutes he squirted his cum into Cindy’s mouth which she swallowed, after five minutes Simon was walking away from Cindy who was wiping her mouth with the back of her hand after which she started to walk out of the building as she did she thought Simon’s cock is quite big for a boy his age nearly as big as Mark’s, Cindy then saw Abdul one of her classmates stood with his brother Asif who was four years younger than what she was, Abdul smiled at Cindy and said to her ” it is our turn to get our cocks sucked ” and undid his trousers letting his eight inch erection spring out, Cindy smiled knelt down and soon had Abdul’s dick in her mouth sucking it as she did she felt Asif cup her boobs then after a few minutes swallowed as Abdul squirted his cum into her mouth, after a couple of minutes Abdul moved back putting his dick back into his trousers, when Asif moved in front of her with his four inch erection out Cindy took it in her mouth and started sucking it feeling him dry cum after a few minutes, as the two boys walked away Cindy thought Simon is right I am a cock sucking slag I love sucking cock and swallowing the spunk Abdul always has loads of it one day his brother will have as well then smiled when she saw Steve stood waiting for her.

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