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At just sixteen years of age Steve had won quite a few cups and medals for boxing, his coach at the local gym where he trained had often said that one day Steve would be a world champion, Steve was well known in the small village where he lived he was well liked and well supported and he had many friends but his biggest supporter was his sister Tina who was four years younger than what he was, Tina went to every fight that Steve had and was sat in the front row s Steve took part in a title fight which the boxing world were saying would be a close call. The bell rang for the start of the first round the audience could not believe their eyes when Steve knocked his opponent out with the first punch of the bout, after getting the belt Steve headed to the dressing room where after getting rid of the support team Steve stripped and got in the shower, not long after being in the shower Steve heard a noise turned and saw Tina stood there, Steve said ” what are you doing in here ” , as he spoke he noticed that Tina was string straight at his seven inch dick, Tina told him that she was going home with her mate, and walked towards the door, as she did Steve noticed that she kept looking back he also noticed pokies appear in her tee shirt, the following day Steve was sat watching telly his mum and dad were out, Steve was wearing just shorts Tina was sat a foot away from him, after ten minutes Steve had developed a full erection he got up went to the fruit bowl and got a apple and stood eating it, as he did he saw Tina staring at the bulge in his shorts and asked her what she was looking at, Tina did not say anything Steve said ” yesterday when I was in the shower you kept staring at my cock now your looking at my bulge ” Tina did not make any reply she just kept looking at Steve’s bulge, Steve finished his apple then took his shorts off and stood naked he saw Tina’s eyes go wide when she saw his nine inch erection, Steve saw the pokies in her tee shirt and sat down right beside her, then said ” your my sister you should not be looking at my cock like you are ” Tina said but it is massive ” Steve put his hand round Tina then gently squeezed her nipples saying what are these as he did, Tina stood up and left the room, Steve thought shit I should not have done that and started to reach for his shorts when Tina walked back into the room, Steve smiled when he saw that she was naked her nipples on her developing boobs very erect, Tina walked over to the sofa and sat astride Steve’s knees, Steve placed a hand on each of Tina’s knees then slid his hands up her legs to the top and rested his thumbs on Tina’s love tube, Tina pushed his Steve’s hands away then took his dick in her hands and pulled it up straight then after raising herself up she lowered herself onto Steve’s dick, Steve felt his dick slide up his sisters wet tight love tube and sat still as she started to bounce up and down, Steve started to lick Tina’s nipples, after a few minutes Tina groaned as she did Steve felt her climax, not long after Tina stood up and left the room saying see you in the morning as she did. In the morning Steve heard his parents leaving to go and see his grandparents and knew they would be away till late at night, not long after they had gone Tina walked into Steve’s room completely naked and crawled under his duvet then took hold of his erect dick and started to jerk him, then after a minute sat up and sat astride Steve’s legs then continued to stroke his dick then after a few minutes Steve squirted his cum in four spurts, Tina smiled then to Steve’s surprise bent her head forward and licked all his cum off his body afterwards she got off Steve saying I like it straight out of the cock and left the room Steve thought wow I thought that she was pure and innocent and it will be great fun finding out what she will do.

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