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The residents of the rundown council housing estate in the middle of London were all concerned, they had heard that a sex pest was moving onto the estate but had no idea if this was true or just an idle rumour, they tried to find out the truth behind the story from both the local police and the council but neither of them would tell the residents anything. There was three new families that had moved onto the estate and they were all treated with suspicion but nobody had any evidence as to who the sex pest was. Sixteen year old Emma and her sister Amy who was two years younger than what Emma was along with their mum had recently moved into a house on the estate, Emma was soon known as a racist loud mouthed girl while Amy was known as a polite quiet girl who was prepared to help people if she could, their mum was a wheel chair bound lady who attended a day centre. It was seven in the morning when Asif who was two years younger than what Amy was and the son of the local Indian owned corner shop was delivering the early morning papers, as he walked up the garden path towards the house where Amy lived he saw her through the kitchen window and his eyes went wide when he saw that she was topless with her naked ample boobs on full view, Asif thought very nice as he put the paper through the letter box, after completing delivering the papers Asif was on his way back to the shop when he saw Amy who approached him and said to him ” when you were at my house delivering the paper I know you saw my tits ” Asif smiled nodding his head, Amy then added ” please do not tell anybody that you saw them promise me that you will not and I will let you feel them ” Asif said ” OK I will not tell ” Amy said ” follow me ” and went up an alley where she raised her tee shirt, Asif stood looking at Amy’s boobs then cupped them in his hands and rubbed them for a couple of minutes before Amy lowered her tee shirt, Asif walked back to the shop happy that he had felt a white girls boobs and was hoping that he would get the chance to do it again, The following morning when he delivered the paper Asif saw Amy was wearing a dressing gown but Emma was in just skimpy panties and bra, Asif saw Emma stretch her hand towards Amy who took her gown off and gave it to her sister, Asif saw that Amy was now naked and he could see her love tube as well as her boobs and when she walked out of the room he saw her bum. Later in the shop Asif’s dad told him that the Iman had been to see him telling him that Amy and Emma were the sex pests and that they should be carefull, Asif thought cool two white girl sex pests, The following morning Asif saw Amy in her kitchen wearing a dressing gown he knocked on the door when Amy opened it Asif said ” the Iman has told us about you and your sister being sex pests ” Amy smiled and said ” you were willing to play with my tits ” and opened her gown, Asif stared at Amy’s boobs and love tube, as he did Emma walked in wearing a dressing gown, Amy said to her ” he knows ” then said to Asif ” you want me to suck your cock ” Emma then took her gown off and stood naked, Asif stared at her large boobs and hairless love tube, Amy started to undo Asif’s trousers and once they were undone pulled them right down the knelt and started to suck his four inch dick and after a few minutes felt him dry cum, After doing his trousers up Asif left hardly believing what had happened but very happy that it had happened. The following morning when he delivered the paper Asif saw the eighteen year old boy who lived next door to Amy with his hands up Amy’s tee shirt her jeans were round her ankles with another boy pushing his fingers in and out of her love tube and thought I wonder where Emma is, that evening Asif delivered a food order to the house when he got there he saw Amy laying naked on the kitchen table with one of her class mate thrusting his dick in and out of her love tube and a boy that he knew was three years younger than Amy sucking her nipples, Asif stood and watched for a few minutes before leaving. Later Amy was in the kitchen when Sara who was one of her class mates and open about being a lesbian turned up at the house and started to shout at Amy for having sex with her brother, Amy listened for a couple of minutes then said are you jealous and took her tee shirt off, Sara went quiet when she saw Amy’s naked boobs noticing the erect nipples as she looked, Amy reached out and lifted Sara’s tee shirt then after pulling Sara’s bra open started to lick her nipples while at the same time undid her jeans, Sara was totally surprised by what Amy was doing and after a few minutes was laying on the kitchen table naked with Amy licking her love tube and when Amy pushed her tongue inside Sara’s love tube Sara groaned and when Emma walked into the kitchen and started to suck her nipples Sara thought bliss, after five minutes Sara gushed getting Amy’s face wet as she did, after a minute Amy stood up straight but before Sara could sit up Emma was kneeling on the floor licking her love tube, Sara was soon groaning again and after ten minutes climaxed a second time soaking Emma’s face as she did. Twenty minutes later Sara was walking up the road thinking I know who the sex pests are and they are welcome to stay, there were a few boys who lived on the estate thought the same as Sara did at various times and visited the sisters quite often.

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