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Through Le Grond, les Spirites, and Le Fides, California, lesbians came and went. They formed groups and disbanded promptly. For either days or years, they engaged in their own sex: suppine in the safety of their homes.

Some formed groups of divas. They worshipped each other in the night, wearing jewels and rings; they decorated their thighs, waist, wrists, and arms with gold, silver, or silvery elastics bespeckled with gems. They adored each other, and together, they had one mind and one heart.

By day, they worked. By night, they adorned themselves with bracelets and arm bands, and rubbed oil into their skins and muscle to accentuate their form, their arms and legs glistening in the lights.

They owned the eastern end of Les Spirites. They were the hedonists of lesbians. In liberal California, only a little less licentious and lustful than Caligula, very little if anything of these lesbians were out of place.

Others lesbians formed an athletes group and pursued sports: dance, physical exercise, sometimes pole dancing, to build strength and flaunt their agility, pose, and power. Some climbed mountains, others swam, and others found their own sports to empower their own physique.

On the western end, a place named the “Lesbian Emporium”, lesbians gathered. Some held tournaments: competed or showed off their skills. Because their peers were lesbians, their accord and conventions were uniquely theirs. They upsurbed nothing proper to Earth, and convened periodically in the night. In lounges, with legs spread, some lesbians ‘drank’ as it were from the uniquely beautiful loins of their partners.

Lesbianism and its lesbian sports were not merely desired, but celebrated.

Other lesbians, sometimes known as ‘the gamers’ convened in the emporium; they bought sex toys, remotes, devices crafted for their unique games. They did so for sport or money, by their choice alone. In one instance, they formed packs that eluded a single lesbian: usually designated a ‘hunter’ . She carried a master control that remotely set off vibrator packs nestled in the loins of lesbians. But she needed a line of sight. So in a scurry, lesbians darted here and there. Up stairs or through rooms designed with bars and ladders: in artful displays of gymastics, lesbians evaded detection with physical prowess alone. Only when spotted and activated by the ‘hunter’s’ remote, did one lesbian’s groin pack activate. With grunts, and struggle to evade for minutes, a lesbian eventually swooned from pleasure to the ground. Divas disdained this sports, deriding it as humiliating. Lesbian gamers found it their own game: unique and addictive. And they couldn’t part from the money they occassionaly made through it.

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In the lesbian culture, it was a beautiful life in some ways. They asked all love and pleasure from each other, and by day, pushed each other to their full promise and strength. They found occassional escape and a unique way of expression in their respective groups.

It was a flurry of love, lesbianism, lesbian divas, athletes, their sports, tempestuous sex affairs, and games:

All in “The Lesbian Emporium”


Devised by a Lesbian Creative Lesbian Group, by Kelly Strong. Free to use and share.

Submitted with permission to newsexstory dot com

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