The Hurricane – New Sex Story

The school had been closed early because of the weather forecasters saying there was a very heavy hurricane with wind speeds of over one hundred and fifty miles a hour and very heavy rain, residents of the small English town were advised to take shelter and stay of the streets, Tracy was a sixteen year old girl who never listened to anybody and always thought that she knew best and after ignoring the weather warnings was walking home along the narrow country lane as she walked she could feel the wind blowing quite strongly and could feel it getting stronger all the time, then the rain started to fall, soon Tracy was regretting not having stayed at the school, she was finding it hard to walk in the wind and she was soaking wet, she was having difficulties in keeping her loose fitting skirt down, a few times the skirt had blown right up, Tracy decided to head to the disused mine where she knew there was shelter. Winston was a boy two years younger than what Tracy was and original from Nigeria, he was bullied a lot at school and did not have many friends, like Tracy he had tried to walk home and was now regretting it, he had gone to the old mine for shelter where he had built a fire which soon warmed him up then not expecting anybody else he had rigged up a line and stripped out of his soaking wet clothes and was stood naked drying them. Tracy had seen the smoke rising from the chimney of the former miners lodge and went to it walking in with out knocking, as she entered the lodge she saw Winston and stopped in her tracks, she was staring at Winston’s eight inch soft dick the biggest she had ever seen and could not believe what she was looking at and thought white boys are not that big when they are on the hard. Tracy said ” oh good a fire can I share it ” Winston smiled and said ” of course ” Tracy undid her skirt letting it drop to the floor ” as she did the door blew open, Winston went and propped it shut when he turned he saw Tracy had taken her jumper and blouse of and had her hands behind her back, then when her bra fell off Winston stared at her big boobs and watched as Tracy took her panties off, Winston stared at Tracy’s hairless love tube and when she turned and put her clothes over the line Winston stared at her bum feeling his dick rising as he did, when Tracy turned back round Winston saw her nipples were erect, his dick was now semi erect sticking out straight, Tracy was amazed and when Winston got a full ten inch erection Tracy said ” fucking hell you have got a massive cock ” Winston smiled and said ” it is lost it is looking a friend to play with ” Tracy went over to Winston and got hold of his dick saying ” it has found somebody as she did ” Winston started to rub Tracy’s boobs, then after a few minutes lay Tracy on the floor then when he slid his dick into Tracy’s love tube she cried out, Winston pushed in as deep as he could, after only a few thrusts Winston felt Tracy cum, Winston carried on thrusting in and out of Tracy’s love tube feeling her cum again after a few minutes, Winston carried on with his thrusting and with in twenty minutes had felt Tracy cum four more times before he squirted his cum over the floor.. Winston lay on the floor beside Tracy thinking I hope that wind lasts a long time.

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