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The isolated farm stood five miles out side of the nearest town, the owners of the farm had gone on holiday for two weeks, leaving their only farm hand seventeen year old Steve to run the farm, Steve had a very bad reputation for being a racist homophobic violent thug who many people did not trust or like, the owner of the farm was one of the few people who trusted Steve, he thought that Steve was a hard worker who did his job well and let Steve stay rent free at the farm.. There had been a heat wave for the last three days and it was expected to last for at least another week, Steve was just finishing locking up the farm for the day, because of the heat Steve was wearing just a pair of shorts and trainers. Anjana who was a twelve year old Bengali girl was out gathering blackberries that grew wild in the hedge row round the farm, she was being very careful not to let Steve see her because she knew if Steve saw her he would shout a lot of racial abuse at her and also throw stuff at her. Steve locked the doors to the hay barn then went to the little cottage on the farm where he lived leaving the door open when he went in, once inside he took his trainers off followed by his shorts, he was totally unaware than Anjana could clearly see him and was watching wide eyed as he walked around naked, this was the first time that Anjana had seen a naked white boy and was looking in awe at the naked thug’s muscular body and liking the way Steve’s seven inch hairy dick swayed as he walked about, after making a cup of tea Steve stood by the open door drinking his tea, Anjana was standing watching Steve from behind some bushes admiring the white boy’s dick and when it started to thicken she thought cool and watched as it slowly grew to a full nine inch erection thinking that is massive and could not believe her eyes when Steve took his dick in his hand and started to slowly stroke, Steve stood stroking his dick still full unaware that he was being watched by a Bengali girl, he started to gather speed then after five minutes he bent at the knees slightly and he squirted four long spurts of cum followed by three shorter one’s as he did Anjana gasped thinking nice show, after a few minutes Steve turned and went back into the cottage, Anjana decided that she had enough blackberries and went home where she told her friend Pia what she had seen. The following day Anjana and three of her classmates were watching Steve from the bushes as he locked the farm up after which they were all smiling as Steve walked around his cottage naked but it was another two days before they saw him jerk off, they were soon making regular visits to the farm along with some of their other friends, Steve had no idea that he was now suddenly liked by many of the Bengali girls as well as the local very gay fourteen year old Mark and his nine year old sister July. Then one day while watching from the bushes Anjana and her mates saw sixteen year old Mark who was one of Steve’s mates and his girlfriend Sara arrive at the farm, the girls smiled at each other and by the time the girls left they had renamed the farm sex hole.

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