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The residents of the small country village were not very happy, during the night a group of gypsies had moved into the village and set up camp on the village cricket pitch, when sixteen year old Steve was walking to the village shop early in the morning to get the papers that he delivered each morning when he saw the camp, after telling the shop keeper of the camp she started to phone other local residents and before long there were a few residents of the village looking on at the gypsy camp, the police were called who attended and informed the residents that they had no legal powers to move the gypsies and the villagers would have to apply to the court to get a court order to evict the gypsies, the police left the village leaving the villagers trying to decide what to do. Steve and his mate Martin went to the other side of the pitch where there were trees lining the edge of the ground from where they saw an elderly gypsy sitting in a rocking chair, Martin looked at her then shouted ” get out of here you old hag ” the woman looked at Martin but said nothing, Martin felt uncomfortable at the way the woman was staring at him, Steve gave the woman the v sign yelling out piss off as he did, a group of young gypsy girls appeared, the woman just sat staring at the boys, Martin then undid his trousers letting his five inch dick appear, Steve then did the same the girls stood, the girls stood smiling as they looked at the two dicks, one girl said ” it looks like the people here are going to get a nasty surprise while we get some good views ” after a few minutes the two boys put their dicks away and walked home, after two days the residents of the village had tried talking with the gypsies trying to get them to move but failed in their attempts, the elderly lady from the camp started walking around the village staring at people as she went, the following day Steve walked to the paper shop in the morning completely naked inside the shop the shop keeper and his daughter who was six years younger than Steve were walking around naked, as Steve delivered the papers he saw a lot of the villagers were naked, that evening the villagers gathered in the village hall for a meeting concerning the gypsies everyone was naked all the teen boys had full erections while the girls had erect nipples, after the meeting had finished all the youngsters went to the gypsy camp where all the gypsies had gathered in the middle of the camp, then one by one each of the eight boys from the village jerked off squirting their cum for everyone to see, then the four girls all lay on the ground and masturbated while every one watched. The following day the gypsies had left the village leaving behind a lot of dazed villagers who all remembered what had happened but had no idea what had caused them to do what they had done, they were just glad that all of the gypsies had gone and that they had their cricket pitch back, life in the village changed there was a lot of nudity in the village and a lot of sex taking place in the open.

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