The Debt by Mr. Random

Hello This is Mr. Random and Today’s story is also another fan fiction so don’t take it seriously. This Story Is About Priya and how she was blackmailed and forced fucked by goons and she lost her virginity. Read The Story From Priya’s point of view.
Hi, I am Priya Dixit, age 17 years studying in class 12th. I was one of the hottest girl in my class and I used to be proud about it.
First I was kind of shy but something happened in last 3 months that changed my nature. Now I was a proud confident and sexy girl that every man would dream of fucking.

My School Dress was Red Skirt with A White half Shirt, a tie, a belt, blazer, shoes and socks. To make me look more sexy, I used to wear shorter skirt than usual so I could flaunt my white smooth milky legs.
The skirt barely covers my thighs and I loved the feeling when guys used to stare at my legs.
My shirt was more tighter than usual so it makes my boobs more bigger than usual. I used to wear stockings black as it was also allowed.
My Family was open minded so all short dresses ( including skirts, shorts, bodycon, bikini, crop top ) were allowed and I had a huge fan following on social networks. I was a girl with lots of money and white skin tone and a figure of 34-26-36. My boobs and ass were quite bigger than the usual girls of my age. I used to flaunt my body in public and loved when a handsome guy stare at it. But all this and I was a virgin and always wanted to loose it to someone special. I never had a boyfriend as all the boys I met just wanted to bang or screw me and nothing. I was just a piece of meat for them. So I decided I will give my virginity to someone special in my life. But fate had some different plans.
My family consists of 4 members – Me, dad, mom and my elder brother Rohan studying in college B Tech 2nd year. I was not sure but I think he was taking drugs and was deep in that gambling shit. I have seen him smoking and drinking but it was between 2 of us. I never thought it could become a problem. Some of his classmates and seniors also followed me on social network as they sometime come to our house to pay my bro a visit.

Today was a special day. I think I was going to meet the special guy after school, which I was dating for around 2 years and finally today maybe I could loose my virginity. To make thing more exciting I was not wearing any panties and had my pussy shaved. I was more than just ready today. I had done perfect makeup before school get over with a red lipstick and had untied my long hairs.

After school I just walked out of school gate, I saw a car in front of me. There were 2 men and they told me to get in. I didn’t recognize them so I refused. They Show me a photo of my brother tied to chair and was bleeding all over the face. They now threatened me to get in or brother dies. I had no choice. I got in the car. I was sitting at the back and the two guys were sitting in the front. They took me outside the city. I recognized the place, it was where my brother’s college located. The car went inside a garage. They ordered me to get out and go to Billal Bhai.

I did the same. I could see men everywhere holding weapons like guns, knifes, assault rifles, shotgun and other stuffs. I was walking towards the garage to the room they told me. I could see men staring at my boobies as I it was shaking while I was walking. I could also see men staring at my legs and some were trying to get a good look at my panties but unfortunately I didn’t wore any today. I could see many of them rubbing their crotch and I had never felt so violated but this was just the start.

I went inside the room, saw my brother and his friend tied to chairs and bleeding as someone had beaten them up. I saw Bilal sitting on his rocking chair. He was done and was wanted. I had heard rumours about him that he had support of some ministers and police was also afraid of him. He was in some serious crimes like extortion, money laundering, murder, rape, drugs seller, land mafia, weapons dealing, gambling etc. I had also heard that he was a big time pervert. He used to get girls mostly from colleges and schools and sometime office workers also. He either get girls by money or by force. Blackmailing and other stuff.

But I still could not understand why I was here. Bilal asked me

Bilal – Tum hi ho iss chutiye ki behan?

( All goons laughed )

Bilal – Sahi mein tum hi ho?

Me – Hmm, Mai hi hoon.

Bilal – Tumhe Pata hai tum yaha kyu ho?

Me – Nahi

Bilal – Tumhare Bhai aur uske dosto ne mujhse drugs khareede aur kaafi paise gambling pe laga diye mere. Total hisaab bithake ₹ 30,000 hoga. Lekin Drugs beechne ke bajaye inhone fuk diye aur mere paise gambling mein duba diye.

I was shocked to hear that My Brother was in gambling and drugs.

Bilal – Tere Bhai ne kaha ki ghar mein pata nahi chalna chahiye aur iske paas itne paise hai nahi, toh humne dusri option puchi.
Isne kaha mere behan hai uske paas honge paise.
Toh lao paisa do aur apne bhaiyo ko le jaao.

Me – Mere paas itne paise nahi hai. Mere Paas kuck ₹ 10,000 honge.

Bilal – Toh mere baaki ke paise kaha se aayenge?

And now he started to stare me in a different way.

Bilal – Ek teer se do shikar.

Me – Matlab?

Bilal – Matlab ki ek tarika hai jisse tere bhaiyo ko sabak milega aur inka loan bhi maaf ho jayega. Haan lekin voh ₹ 10,000 dene padenge.

I was excited and gave him ₹ 10,000 immediately.

Bilal laughed and took the money.

Bilal – Tareeka toh suun lo mere jaan.

I felt weirdness in his voice.

Bilal – Mai Tujhe Yahi Inn Sab ke saamne chodunga.

I was in shock and was taking steps back. While my brother was shouting no no please don’t do this.

Bilal’s men closed the door. Now only me, my brother and his 2 friends, bilal and 2 of his gooon with guns were there in the room.

Bilal told me – Bhaagne kaa sochna bhi maat. Chup chap maan jaa varna mein porn videos ke business mein hoon. Tere jaise ladkiyo ki porn clip banake bechta hoon.

I was in shock. I thought about it and could not see a way. It was the only way to save all of us.

I agreed. Bilal said – Tune mujhe 10,000 diye bacche 20,000. Aur tu maal toh kam se kam 25,000 ka hai.

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And bilal grabbed my waste and started kissing my lips. I could see My Brother closing his eye while his friend were enjoying it. Bilal kissed my lips for atleast 10 minutes. He saw my bro and told his men if he closes his eyes again, insert that screwdriver in my pussy.

Bilal pushed me on a bench and I was laying on it. He was kissing on my neck and moved his hand down to my boobs. He took his another hand to my legs and found I was not wearing any underwear. He laughed a bit but then said, tujhe nanga hone ka lagta hai jyada hi shauk hai and ripped my clothes off and burned it down. Now I was completely nude in front of stranger. He started licking my pussy. I was being harassed and body was being violated. He inserted his finger in my pussy and asked me I was a virgin? I nodded yes. He was so much happy. He told me how much he loved to fuck a virgin. He removed his finger and inserted his 8 inches cock in my love hole. I was in pain. He trusted it in and out. He kept changing positions ( doggy, missionary, 69, butterfly ). I was very sensitive and had cummed already. He kept fucking me licking my body over and over. I could feel his saliva all over me. He kept biting my nipples and finally he cummed inside me. He was not wearing any condom and I could feel the hot cum inside me dripping out. He told me – Pill le lena varna dusra bilal paida ho jayega.

And went back to his rocking chair. I could see my brother crying. I got up and went to bathroom to clean my self but suddenly his 2 guards stopped me and one of them made me bent down and inserted his dick in my anal. It was sooo much pain. I started crying and shouting in pain. The other guard took his dick and inserted in my mouth. I was double penetrated. 2 More people came and I was shocked to see that it was my brother’s friends. They Took out their dicks and asked me to hold it in my hands and wank them off meanwhile they were playing with my boobs. Bilal started to laugh. This kept going on and they kept changing their positions untill one of my Brother’s friend cummed in my mouth and one in my ass and other two cummed on my boobs and face.

I was fully covered in cumm. My brother was now also in a shock. It was a part of Bilal’s plan.

The plan was – 1 month ago My Brother’s Friend showed my pics to Bilal and now Bilal wanted me. He also knew my brother. He pushed my brother into his drug and gambling game so he could easily get under my skirt.

Bilal showed me bathroom. I took a shower and cleaned my self. Bilal’s men gave me a tight bodycon. Bilal told me it belongs to a famous news reporter. She tried to speak about Bilal in public and Bilal kidnapped her, undressed her, raped her and send her home nude without clothes. I took the dress and it fitted perfectly. Bilal said – Sexy Lag rahe ho. Kaho toh ek baar aur ho jaye and laughed.

He untied my brother and dropped us home.

Few weeks later there was a raid on Bilal’s Garage and in an encounter all of his men died. Bilal was captured and tortured by intelligence. They took out his eyes, chopped off his dick, hands and legs. Today Bilal is nothing but a street beggar.

So what was the story – I Priya Sharma and my brother and his friends were contacted by Intelligence 3 month ago. I was kind of shy as I told earlier and after these 3 months my life was changed. In these 3 months me, my brother and his friends were trained how to tackle in these situations. My Brother and his friends were trained how they will get inside Bilal’s lair and become his paddler and how My Brother’s friends were going to betray him as planned. I was trained to overcome my shyness and become confident as I was going to be a key element in this mission and I could also loose my virginity.

We were contacted because my brother and his friends were topper and most skilled people in college and Bilal wanted such kind of people. Also His College and Bilal’s lair were near each other so it was easy. They planted cameras and drones every where in his lair and My Brother’s Friend told him about me everyday and showed pictures and made him horny and one day he was so horny that he made a mistake. He threw my brother in gambling and drugs as planned and I was invited to repay the load as planned.
The ₹ 10,000 I gave Bilal were also chipped and were used to find the location where Bilal used to keep all his illegal money.

Bilal was an international threat as well as national threat as he used to sell girls, deals in weapons, prostitution, murder, rape, bombing and other threats. And for country we will do anything and can sacrifice anything.

Today after 1 year Bilal is no more and he died due to his poverty and madness. My Bro is studying in college 3rd year with his 2 best friends. I am in Fashion college 1st year and I am still in a relation with my special one. My brother’s friend always apologize was that fucking and wanking behaviour as it was a part to gain Bilal’s trust
and I always say that it is okay but seriously it took me months recovering from that trauma.

Today nobody no the work we have done, nobody know how much safer we had made this world for them and our sacrifices and we are also not allowed to talk about it with anyone, not even our parents.

But Its the least thing we could do for our country.

Jai Hind.

Mr. Random
Tribute to all those superheroes who fight for us in shadows.

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