The Dark Room: Part 2, Last Will & Testament

Grace walked through the door. Among shelves, was a desk, lamp, and chair.

On the desk was bare, with only a lamp and a paper on it.

Within seconds, Grace walked to the desk and read the paper: last will and testament of a lesbian.

Grace wasn’t quite a lesbian: but it piqued her interest. What did a lesbian think about in her final days? It was the x-files of LGBTQ culture. Western culture published obituary and even last testaments of ordinary souls. Lesbians were less known in the annals of history, due to their secretive lives.

Grace slept with lesbians: it was more opportunistic. As a pole dancer, stripper, she hustled anything and everything she could get her hands on: including taking money from lesbians in their nightly finger games. It once happened a whole group of strippers and pole dancers swept into one of the lesbian nightly games: and with impressive physique from hours on the pole, they cleaned out every lesbians. They didn’t understand lesbians per se, but they understood women and knew every aspect of a woman’s physique and secret longings better than most.

Why a lesbian would entrust her with a last will and testament was beyond Grace. As she read on, it made sense: she slept with Kimbly. Once. Grace had forgotten: Kimbly Pink apparently remembered the night into her death-bed.

She finished reading.

In conclusion, Grace divined from the will that she inherited some real estate and a job. Kimbly owned many estates apparently from relatives. She never managed them wisely, and crassly, to her own regret, used them only for her private bordello of lesbians. It was a regret she intended to remedy by passing on her fortunes to a select group of lesbians. Grace wasn’t lesbian: she was amendable to them, for money, favors, and estates.

With consultation with a lawyer, it was settled: Grace owned a portion of Pink’s impressive estates.

The next morning, Grace drove to her estate, in Les Spirites City. Within a stately old building was a manager, evidently one of Pink’s old partners. Her name was Eres and she sported short-hair and lesbian-esque physique with some tatoos on her arms. Eres led her to the top of the building: within was a rennovated interior, with a complete kitchen, living room, bedroom, and a wide view of the Western side of Les Spirites city. She drunk it in with her eyes. This side of the US, was quite beautiful, even incredible. As a dancer, she was used to a sense of power: her physique for nights allowed her to rule over her partners, even lesbians.

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But this gift: was something else. This present from Kimbly was something else. This lesbian was something else. What Kimbly partly squandered through idle games, she made up after death: by putting Grace at the top of a world.

* * *

Shared with permission by a local LBGTQ Creative Writing Group. Not licensed or copyrighted: free to use, reuse, modify, or copy without permission. No legal repercussions for sharing. All coincidences between characters in this story and real life characters are coincidental and not intentional. The authors make claims to the content of this story except to stipulate this disclaimer. All stories in this “The Dark Room” series, from Part 1 to the Final Story are copyright free and open for reuse or sharing.

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