Taught A Lesson Part One

Adam was sitting in the kitchen of the former farm house where he lived with his mum who was away from home for a couple of weeks, Adam liked living in the former farm house as it was two miles from town and the nearest house, it was quiet and hardly anybody ever came that far from town. Adam was not liked in the town because he was a flasher and often got hassle but he felt safe living in the from house with his mum. Adam had not long been home from school when through the kitchen window he saw Tracy walk into the yard, Adam knew that at sixteen years of age Tracy was two years older than what he was he also knew that she was a violent thug who most people were scared of and stayed out of her way, Adam went to the door and when he opened it Tracy shoved very hard in the chest sending him back wards into the house causing him to fall over a chair and land flat on his back, Tracy closed the door locking it after she had then stood over Adam and said to him ” you flashed your cock at Tina ” Adam remembered that he had and liked the way she had stared at his eight inch erection, Adam knew that she was two years younger than what he was, Tracy then said ” Tina is my cousin I am going to teach you a lesson ” then to Adam’s surprise Tracy undid her skirt let it fall to the floor and stepped out of it, Adam saw that she was not wearing any panties and he smiled when he saw her hairless love tube, Tracy then lifted her tee shirt up over her head and off, Adam could not believe his eyes Tracy had no bra on and was stood naked the nipples on her large boobs were erect, Tracy reached down grabbed Adam’s trousers and along with his under pants pulled then down and off as she dick his throbbing solid dick sprung up, Tracy stood astride Adam.s hips then sat on the top of his legs took his dick in her hand and held it up straight then raised herself a bit and sat on Adam’s dick, Adam felt his dick slide up Tracy’s wet love tube and thought this is some lesson, Tracy started to ride up and down on Adam’s dick as she did Adam saw her boobs bouncing about and noticed that her nipples had become more erect and was glad that he had taken the pills from the herbal medicine shop that delays men from coming after five minutes Adam felt Tracy cum hearing her let out a deep sigh as she did, after a few minutes Tracy sat still but after a short time started to bounce up and down on Adam’s dick again, Adam just lay enjoying having Tracy ride his dick, after half a hour Adam had felt Tracy cum twice more before she got off his dick and stood up looked down at Adam and said to him ” do you ever spunk up most boys do so quickly ” then got dressed, as she left Tracy said ” you show Tina your cock again and you will get the same ” Adam stood up and looked out the window he saw Tracy speaking to Tina by the gate, after a minute Tracy walked away, Adam saw Tina walking towards the house he took the rest of his clothes off and stood naked his dick still fully erect, Tina did not knock on the door she just walked straight in, when she saw Adam she said ” you are a dirty pervert ” Adam said ” your cousin tried to teach me a lesson but failed are you going to teach me a lesson ” then lay on the floor, Tina said ” I will teach you a lesson ” and started to undo her blouse after a couple of minutes Adam was smiling as he looked at Tina’s naked body admiring her budding boobs and her love tube, Tina sat on Adam’s legs bent forward and started to suck his dick, after twenty minutes Tina stopped sucking and sat up straight, Adam sat up got hold of Tina and rolled her onto the floor and started licking her little nipples while rubbing her love tube, then after a few minutes moved round placed his head between Tina’s legs and pushed his tongue into her love tube and started to tongue her then after five minutes heard Tina groan loudly as she gushed getting his face wet as she did, after half a hour Tina was leaving as she went she said Tracy my friend and me will teach you, Adam thought I will be really bad tomorrow.

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