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Anjana was a sixteen year old girl who was now living in England with her uncle. Anjana was a girl who was often in trouble with her family, her parents could not control her, she would stay out late at night and some times all night, she often got into fights and bunked school, so her parents sent her live with her uncle in England in the hope that he would be able to control her and help her to sort her life out and lead a better life, two days after being in England and living with her uncle Anjana had a fight with a boy from her knew school and easily beat him. Anjana was walking home from school taking a short cut through the woods, half way through the woods she saw sixteen year old Steve a local thug who lived in the house next door to her uncle, Anjana smiled when she saw that Steve was having a pee, Anjana knew that Steve was racist and had given her cousin abuse, Steve saw Anjana looking and yelled ” what the fuck you looking at ” Anjana yelled back ” your fucking cock ” Steve turned his back on Anjana and after putting his dick away went to Anjana and pushed her calling her a dirty slag as he did, When Anjana retaliated and thump Steve hard in the face knocking to the ground where he lay dazed, Steve lay on the ground hardly knowing what was happening then after a few minutes Steve was fully alert again and soon realised that he had been stripped naked and that Anjana was standing over him, Anjana smiled and said ” a naked white boy with a decent sized cock ” Steve covered his seven inch dick with his hands, Anjana said ” to late I seen it and it is a good one and I want it ” Steve said ” fuck off I am not fucking you ” Anjana just smiled then sat astride Steve’s lower legs and pulled his hands away from his dick the started to rub it, after a few minutes Steve had a full nine inch erection. Anjana raised her skirt, Steve saw that she had no panties on and could see her love tube, Anjana held Steve’s dick up moved forward and lowered herself onto it, Steve felt his dick sliding into Anjana’s love tube and felt her grinding onto it, Anjana smiled at Steve and started to bounce up and down on Steve’s dick, Steve could do nothing to stop her and after a few minutes he felt Anjana cum, not long after Anjana got off Steve’s dick and stood up, Steve then saw Anjana’s cousin who was six years younger than what he was stood staring and when Anjana said to her ” you can play with it if you want ” the girl said ” cool ” knelt down and started to jerk Steve after a few minutes Steve squirted his cum in four spurts, both girls were smiling, Anjana said ” there are a few more Bengali girls who want to get hold of your cock and I will help them get it ” then left with her cousin following, after finding his clothes Steve dressed and walked home thinking that bitch is going to regret that she ever fucked about with me.

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