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Shoo was a Twelve year old Indian boy who had been given the nickname of shoo by his gran mother because he was always chasing the birds and shouting shoo as he chased them which had made his gran mother laugh. After the death of his parents in a landslide in India he had been brought to London to live with his uncle who was a very rich man and owned a very big house with an indoor swimming pool. Shoo loved swimming in the swimming pool, the only thing Shoo did not like about living in London was the fact there were a lot of racists living there some of who were violent. Shoo had been bullied at school quite a few times by bullies, he knew that it was not worth reporting them as nothing was ever done and it just made the racist bullies worse. Shoo saw sixteen year old Amy walking towards the house, Shoo knew that she was one of the racist bullies because she had given him a lot of abuse, shoo also knew that Amy was on the school swimming team and was a good diver who it was expected would get a place in the British Olympic team. Shoo’s uncle would often let Amy practice at the house and not charge her for doing so. Shoo was sitting on the darkened balcony above the swimming pool and after seeing Amy enter the house waited for her to appear in the pool area and after twenty minutes Amy walked out into the pool area. As Amy walked out into the pool area shoo saw that Amy was not wearing the normal one piece costume that she wore instead she was wearing a two piece bikini. Shoo watched as Amy did some warm up exercises then watched her as she climbed to the top of the diving board then after a couple of minutes Amy dived from the boards doing various twists as she did before entering the water, as Amy surfaced shoo saw that her bikini top was down but could not see anything else as Amy swam to the side boo saw that Amy’s bottoms were half down as she climbed from the pool. Shoo had a good clear view of Amy’s bum, Amy adjusted he bikini and went back up to the top of the diving boards then dived in doing twist as she did, as Amy climbed out of the pool shoo saw that her bikini had come right off and she was naked shoo stared in awe at Amy’s bum and when she turned he admired her ample firm boobs and also her hair less love tube, shoo watched as the naked racist girl climbed to the top of the boards still naked and dived in again, he then spent half a hour watching as the naked Amy practiced her diving filming her as she did and thinking what a nice racist girl.

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