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If education matters we need school and College but there teachers and students are like guide of your future with lot of knowledgeable tasks but if a teacher become obsessed with a student than what can happen! Ritu passed her bachelor’s degree first year examination and now promoted to second year with some new faces teaching us, so as it’s a women college it’s not necessary that even teachers will be of your sex that’s female and as our new session begins we students are bit serious about our study but no way Ritu is going to be disciplined and focused on her study only. Ritu is in classroom as sitting on first bench with a new face there as he stands straight with both his hands bend to introduce himself ” so listen, I am Alok Mukherjee as belongs to asansol and here I will teach you micro economics, so concentrate on your study ” and his first class for us is going on peacefully as my eyes are starring on his bulge, a 30-32 years Majumdar is handsome as his face is straight to us but not on me constantly, I have put a mini skirt with tops as my legs are crossed and twice he starred at my soft round boobs but I am bit shy while giving him a angered face to see, it’s my negative response to a guy like him but next day as I am in classroom with my sexy figure covered in a short dress, I am for sure looking vulgar as he is eyeing at me constantly while teaching us and as class happened he came straight to me ” meet me in staff room in recess ” as I was unaware of his call and in lunch break I walked to teacher’s room as some teachers were there, talking and having their lunch so like a scared student I walked inside and can see Alok sir sitting on chair as reading a book, so as I walked to him ” sir
( He looked at me ) oh Ritu sit here ” as on his left side a chair was vacant and there we two talked for sometime as lastly he asked ” if we can exchange our mobile numbers’ and both exchanged it, so as I left my college in the evening it’s a hot night with clouds hovering in the sky, so after having dinner as I came to my bed and slept with my mobile there, I took it in my hand as can see message on my whatsapp and looking there I felt angered as well as shy also that Alok sir have written ” you are too bold as well as hot and I have seen your innerwear as it was black ” , so how it happened? My miniskirt have been upto half of thighs and than also he know the colour of my panty, so as my mind moved to my classroom I can imagine teacher’s platform bit high as from front row it’s 20-25 feet distant, so he have seen my panty in an italic way. Next day I put my blue leggings with a sleeveless kurti as in his class I was not looking to him but put my face down, so at night I got whatsapp message again ” you are not so bold, love to be friends of bold peoples ” and that night on bed as I starts thinking about Alok sir, he is smart, attractive but age matters as he is 9-10 years elder to me but I am a sex addict as my virgin vagina become a swollen one after my dad fucked it for first time and as 7-8 men / guys have fucked me till today I made my mind to enjoy with him, Alok sir also.
Next morning I put my miniskirt again with a G string on my vagina as tops is on my body and as his class was just after lunch break I walked to washroom as I removed my G string and put it in my purse, so want to see my panty! You will have to see my nude vagina and than walked to classroom as sits comfortably on first row with my legs crossed and after a while as Alok sir entered inside, I starred at him and than after a while he starts giving us lecture but I put my legs stretched, so can see my Rossy labia as well as vagina and after a while I can see him starring forward with eyes straight to my body and than as our eyes sticks once I smiled and shows the direction With my fingers. Ritu gave him glimpses of her vagina and after class happened I moved to washroom with my purse as put my G string and at night, Alok sir send me whatsapp message ” so bold you are, will you send your nude pictures on my whatsapp
( I replied ) no sir sorry ” and next day in lunch break as I was in college canteen with my friends, I got message again ” want to meet you as I am in classroom at third floor ” and as I was drinking coffee my reddish face made my friends bit suspicious ” oh Ritu if something went wrong with you ” and I left them ‘ no friends ” as I moved to third floor and there I can’t see students as I am scared, lastly I can see him sitting on chair in a classroom as I moved inside ” yes sir you called me here
( He wake up as hold me and starts kissing ) yes baby you have seduced me while showing your cunt ” and showing my stiff resistance I pushed him back but he is more strong as he is kissing my face to neck and his hand is rubbing my soft butts, so under his control I hold his neck and kissed his lips as our romance blossoms, so our lips get locked as I starts pressing my boobs hard on his chest….. To be continued.

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