Spanked by a Hot Stranger (Part 1)

I had never really been properly spanked growing up. I only ever remember it happening once and it was like 3 smacks so it was never really bad. Nevertheless, once I got into College that changed quite a bit as a woman was going to make sure I was properly disciplined.

One day when I was in College, I was walking back from my classes to my dorm room. Near the school was this small neighborhood, and I passed it everyday on the walk back to my room. This time however, something different happened as a rather attractive woman walked up to me as I was walking the sidewalk. She had short, blonde hair that was wavy and wore a black sweater and jeans with a belt. I didn’t have much time to appreciate her looks however as she seemed quite angry with me. She came up to me and accused me of having cake into her front lawn and breaking one of her potted plants. Looking over her shoulder I could see a house that did in fact have a broken pot in the front, dirt and clay pieces scattered everywhere. Naturally I denied this as I hadn’t done it, but she said her neighbor had described someone who looked like me who did it. Being in a College Campus I figured it could’ve been anybody from there but this woman was insistent that I pay for a new pot. When I refused she got even more angry. “You little punk, I should take you in my house and spank you over my knee for this!” I hadn’t actually heard what she said clearly as I was getting pretty angry myself and responded. “Yeah, I’d like to see you try!” That was a mistake as she grabbed me by the ear like she was my mother and started to drag me towards her house. I tried to pull away but she kept her grip as we walked into her home.

She pretty much power walked through the front door with me in tow and led me into the kitchen of her house. She pulled out a chair from the table and sat down, telling me to get over her knee. At this point I realized what was going on and started to get a bit nervous. I told her I hadn’t really been spanked before and she responded, “Well maybe if you had I wouldn’t have to do it now. Now over my knee.” She had a rather commanding tone to her voice that made me a bit frightened and so I did as told, lowering myself across her knee. She wastes little time in starting to deliver hard smacks across the seat of my pants as I struggled to not fall off her lap into the kitchen floor. “You damn teenagers always thinking you can get away with anything, you all need a good trip over the knee to remind you who’s in charge!” I yelped out with each smack even though it didn’t hurt too bad at first, my jeans protecting legs nicely. Unfortunately she seemed to have noticed this too and soon unbuttoned my pants and slid them down to my ankles along with my underwear. The bare bottom spanking was much worse as I could now feel the full force of her hand slapping against my unprotected ass, the pain 10 times as worse as before. I kicked my legs up from the pain as I moaned and cried out from the burning feeling that was starting to build in my butt. “Not so tough now are you? You can cry if you want, but it won’t stop me from punishing you!” Her hand’s slapping echoes through her house as she continued to beat my ass, I thought I could endure it, but the pain was really getting to me as tears started to form in my eyes. After what was probably 10 minutes of non-stop hand spanking, she must’ve gotten tired as she stopped and rubbed my ass a bit with her hand. “I’m not finished with you yet young man, go up to my bedroom and stand with your nose in the corner, and no rubbing that butt! I’ll be up to finish your punishment in a bit.” I vehemently agreed wanting to get up from this angry woman’s lap as I sniffled and made my way upstairs.

Walking up the stairs with my red butt still exposed was embarrassing as I could feel her watching me as I made my way up. I didn’t actually know which one was her room so I had to look around for a moment before figuring I had found it, with a Queen size bed inside. The only open corner was one by the door that meant my butt would be facing out the window. I whimpered are this thought but didn’t want another trip over that woman’s knee for disobeying her so I stood in the corner as instructed, my hands at my sides and my nose near the wall. I did turn my head back occasionally, and I could see from a mirror on the dresser that my ass was now a nice cherry red color. After nearly 15 minutes of waiting in the corner she came back upstairs, her face a little less angry as she was seemingly satisfied at having properly disciplined me. “Now then, lay across the bed young man. You’re going to get 50 with my belt.” I tried to protest that that was too much but she wouldn’t have it, and I reluctantly laid across her bed on my stomach. I could hear her unbuckle her belt from her jeans and fold it, cracking it in the air a few times. She rested the leather belt against my sore ass for a few seconds before reeling back and cracking it hard against my bottom. The pain was even more intense than I thought and my whole back arched as I cried out from the pain. She didn’t give me much of a chance to recover though as she cracked the belt against my ass over and over again while I held onto a pillow for dear life. “Punks like you need a good belt whooping once in a while to keep you in line, if I have to do it then I will!” She was merciless as she beat my ass over and over again with the belt, making my tears fall freely now as the pain became too much to bear, eventually the final stroke of the belt cracked against me and I was left a sobbing mess on her bed. “Hoo… Let that be a lesson not to break other people’s stuff.” She dragged me up from the bed and ordered me to stand in the corner again, which I blindly obeyed in order to not be punished again.

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After spending nearly an hour in the corner with a very sore butt she came back upstairs. She once again asked me to pay for a new flowerpot but I told her I didn’t have the money to get a replacement for her. She sighed and told me then that I’d have to come back to her house every day for a month for more spankings as repayment instead. I didn’t really want more spankings, but I didn’t have money to give her and I couldn’t take a different route home so I begrudgingly agreed. She handed me a broom and garbage bag and told me to go out and clean up the broken pot and dirt. I had to do this bottomless as well so everyone could see my beaten butt. It took me over 20 minutes to get it all cleaned up and several of her neighbors saw me like that. Once I was done there she made me write out a long and detailed confession and apology letter about breaking her pot, and also made me apologize verbally too. I then had to do a few chores around her house before she finally sent me home with a very sore butt, and the knowledge that this was not the last time this’d happen to me.

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