Sophie (Part 2) – New Sex Story

Semen shot into Sophie.

Neil’s thrusts slowed to short deep thrusts as his cum entered Sophie’s body. Neil pushed his groin deep into Sophie’s. His cock fully inside her, his semen spilling into Sophie’s wet young pussy.

Jenny sat up Sophie’s mouth still buried into Jenny’s wet juicy pussy. Sophie’s fingers grabbing Jenny’s hips her fingers digging into Jenny’s soft skin. Sophie arched her back as the tense orgasm shot like waves through her body.

Sophie closed her eyes, imaging, it seemed so serruel here she was naked, her best friend in a 69 with her. Her best friends father standing his cock deep in her pussy spilling semen in her.

Growing up spending time at Jenny’s since they were pre school. Now having a threesome.

She felt Jenny’s fingers rubbing her clit. Neil slowly pulled out and Jenny moved off Sophie. Neil lay on the bed, his wet erect cock resting on his groin covered in semen and pussy juices.

Sophie got up and sat on his lap. Her feet under his shoulders. She leant back resting her hands on his knees her legs open. Neil and Jenny watched as semen spilt from her pussy.

” Fuck that was so nice. ” Sophie said.

” It was. ” Neil said as Jenny stood up. Jenny reached behind her head adjusting her hair. Neil admiring her naked body.

” She has a nice body. ” Sophie said to Neil.

” Aye? ” Neil said. Sophie leant forward bending her legs now tucked under next to his side leaning over him her arms on his chest. Cum dripped onto Neil’s groin. Sophie kissed his lips.

” Jenny. ” Sophie said. ” She looks great naked don’t you think? ” .

Neil and Sophie both looked at Jenny. Her hourglass shape body, her c cup breasts, her peachy arse, her waxed pussy. Her wet engorged pussy lips.

” She does. ” Neil said.

Sophie leant in kissing him, she french kissed him, pushing her tongue into Neil’s mouth. For 30 seconds they kissed. Sophie broke the embrace. ” That’s what she tastes like. ” Sophie said. Neil could taste the remnants of his daughters pussy on Sophie’s lips.

Jenny smiled. ” You could just taste me from the source. ” Jenny said walking to the bed lifting her foot onto the bed opening her leg giving her father a good view of her pussy lips.

” You would let you father do that? ” Sophie said.

” If he wants to, I mean hes seen it enough times, I suppose he could get to know me better. ” Jenny said.

” Jenny ” Sophie said.

” Well he looks at me sexually so why not. ” Jenny said sitting next to them. She rubbed Sophie’s arse sliding her finger to Sophie’s vagina rubbing it feeling her fathers cum over her best friends pussy.

She pulled her finger from Sophie’s pussy and slipped it in her mouth, sucking it.

” Jenny. ” Sophie said.

Jenny smiled and lay down. Sophie moved off Neil and straddled Jenny. She leant in kissing her lips. The girls fondled each other and kissed. Neil lay next to them. Watching his daughter and friend kiss and play with each others breasts.

Sophie kissed down Jenny body, sucking her breasts on the way down. She licked around Jenny’s bust. She smiled at her as she kissed down her stomach. She got to Jenny’s clit circling her tongue around it. Jenny moaned as Neil stood up and headed to the shower.

He showered as the girls played with each other. Sophie’s pussy still dripping with Neil’s cum. ” Shall we go join him? ” Sophie said smiling.

” Yeh why not its not everyday you get to shower with your father. ” Jenny said.

They both stood up and walked into the bathroom. Neil standing at the toilet urinating.

” Girls. ” He said almost embarrassed.

” Oh that’s ok. ” Jenny said as Neil finished and flushed.

He walked into the shower, big walk in tiled wet room with two shower heads. Jenny followed him, naked father and daughter. They turned on both shower heads as Sophie sat on the toilet

” That’s nice daddy. ” Jenny said as she tied her long hair above her head. Sophie finished, stood and flushed. She tied her hair up as she walked behind the glass screens.

Jenny stepped under the shower. Sophie joined Neil hugging him and kissing his lips.

” Fuck you know Jenny this the first time we have showered together. ” He said.

” We have when we go camping when hot water scarce ” Jenny replied.

” Are yes, but we had our togs on. Not naked. ” Neil said grabbing the soap.

” True. ” Jenny said.

Sophie started washing Neil’s re erect cock, moving her hands up and down his shaft with soap. Neil then grabbed her hips turning Sophie’s back to him pulling Sophie into him. Neil grabbed the soap and started washing her front. Sophie putting her head back into Neil’s shoulder as he massaged her front with soap.

He washed her breasts, her arms, her stomach down to her arse. Jenny stepped next to Sophie facing her she grabbed the soap and started washing her pussy.

” Ohhhh yes. ” Sophie said that’s so nice.

Jenny stepped closer pressing her body against Sophie’s. Jenny placed her hands on her dads hands resting on Sophie’s hips. Neil pulled his hands out placing his daughters hands directly onto Sophie’s. He placed his hands over Jenny’s.

Jenny started rubbing her body against Sophie, their breasts together pressed against each other. Jenny leant in kissing Sophie’s lips, the girls french kissing. Sophie placing her hands on Jenny’s hips pulling her arse towards her.

Neil stood Sophie’s back pressed up against him. Neil kissed Sophie’s neck, Sophie reached behind grabbing Neil’s hard cock with one hand, her other hand on Jenny’s hip pulling Jenny into her as their wet naked bodies were pressed up against each other. The girls kissed, moaning as their tongues danced in each others mouths. Their lips pressed against each other.

Jenny groped Sophie’s breasts squeezing them as she kissed down Sophie’s neck to her breast. Slowly Jenny moved to Sophie’s nipple taking it in her mouth sucking it. Circling her tongue around her erect nipple. She kissed down Sophie’s front to her groin.

Sophie lifted her leg onto the small tiled seat in the shower. Neil’s hands moving to Sophie’s breasts squeezing them, fondling them.

Sophie moaned as Jenny’s tongue found Sophie’s clit. Her fingers rubbing Sophie’s vagina. Jenny slid her fingers into Sophie’s cum filled pussy.

Jenny’s fingers lubricated by her fathers cum. Jenny licked over Sophie’s clit and labias as she slowly finger fucked Sophie’s cum filled pussy.

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” Ohhhh fuck yes babe. ” Sophie moaned as her friend fingered her, Neil’s hands groping her breasts, squeezing them.

Jenny’s tongue now licking over Sophie’s pussy, she didn’t care about the oozing cum from her father. It felt strange tasting her fathers cum on another females pussy. Jenny loved it, Sophie loved it, the girls had talked about it many times. The day Jenny caught her father and best friend in bed fucking a year ago.

Now here they were in the shower together.

” Oohhhh lick my pussy clean baby. ” Sophie moaned pressing her head into the shoulder of her lover behind her, her other lover. Only Jenny knew Sophie had two makes lovers over 50.

Been 23, Sophie had a thing for older men.

Jenny licked and kissed and sucked Sophie’s pussy clean. The taste of her fathers cum on her lips. On her tongue. Jenny stood up kissing Sophie’s lips. They looked at each other smiling.

” Why don’t we swap places? ” Sophie said smiling at Jenny.

” Pardon? ” Jenny said knowing what Sophie meant.

” Swap places. ” Sophie said stepping away from Neil. Jenny looked at her naked father. Neil looked at his naked daughter.

” Oh. ” Jenny said.

” Oh come on, you know you want to. ” Sophie replied looking at Neil smiling.

Sophie reached up letting her hair down. She put her head under the water letting it soak her long hair.

Jenny stepped up to her father looking at him. She put the palm of her hand on his chest. She looked down at his erection. She felt her fathers hands on her hips. Sophie watched as father and daughters eyes admired each others bodies. Jenny then turned her back to her father spinning in his hands. She stepped back feeling her fathers knob press into her arse. She reached down grabbing his cock.

” Shit. ” She said stepping back against her father feeling his chest on her back, his cock in her hand. Her fathers hands in her hips.

” Hows that babe?’ Sophie said stepping up to Jenny cupping her breasts leaning in kissing her lips.

” Ummm yeh, I’ve just touched my fathers cock. ” She said giggling.

Sophie kissed her friend, groping her breasts. Jenny reached behind her head letting her hair go. I fell down her back. She rested her head back onto Neil’s shoulder. Neil’s hands on her hips. Sophie kissed down Jenny’s neck to her chest, caressing and groping her breasts. Jenny’s hands on Sophie’s sides sliding up to Sophie’s breast. The girls moaning.

Neil’s hands slid around Sophie’s stomach over her belly button.

Sophie’s tongue now circling Jenny’s breast, her nipples. Sophie’s left hand sliding to Jenny’s groin finding her clit rubbing it as she groped and fondled her right breast sucking her left breast.

” Ohhhh fuck yes. ” Jenny moaned as Sophie’s fingers made their way down Jenny’s labias. Sophie kissed her way down Jenny’s stomach to her clit. Sophie knelt on the floor lifting Jenny’s leg, Jenny put her foot up on the plinth . She leant back onto her father more pressing her body into him. Not worried his cock was pressed into her buttocks.

Sophie’s tongue now finding her labias and vagina opening. Her tongue pushing up into Jenny’s hole.

Jenny felt her fathers hands slowly move up her sides getting closer to her breast. She knew soon her father would be groping her bosom.

She didn’t really care. She wanted it.

Neil slowly moved his hands, stopping every inch expecting his daughter to move his hands. He looked over her shoulder. Her beautiful breasts. He wanted to touch, but did she? Did she want him to touch them.

Slowly he moved them again. His thumbs touching under her breast, his heard skipped a beat. He was tense, she didn’t seem to mind. He could feel her soft skin, her hard breast.

” Oh yes daddy. ” She moaned. Neil took that as a invitation, she didn’t mind. He counted to three them moved them up slowly cupping under them, holding them like a bra.

Sophie glanced up, Jenny looking up at the ceiling eyes closed, her head against her fathers shoulder. Sophie saw Neil’s hands move up further now cupping his daughters breasts over her nipples. He started squeezing them.

Moans of appreciation from Jenny as her father fondled and groped her bosom. Sophie licking and sucking her pussy. Sophie’s fingers moving in and out of her wet moist cunt.

” Ohhh fuuck yes don’t stop daddy, don’t stop Sophie. ” She moaned her eyes closed. Neil leant in kissing Jennys neck.

” Yes daddy. ” She moaned lifting a hand to Neil’s head pulling him into her neck.. Neil’s hands squeezing and teasing his daughters bosom.

Jenny slid a hand to her fathers groin picking up his cock stroking it slowly, feeling it move over her buttocks.

” Make me cum. ” Jenny moaned as Neil squeezed and fondled her breasts more. Sophie’s fingers moving faster in her pussy as she licked her clit.

” Ohhhhhh yeeessss pllease. ” Jenny moaned.

Sophie pushed her tongue harder against Jenny’s clit and labias. Neil now kissing his daughters neck and cheek. Jenny playing with her fathers erection. She moaned louder her body tensed.

” Ohhhh fuuuckkkk yeeessss. ” She moaned again.

” Fuck fuck yes. ” She moaned squeezing her fathers cock tight. Pulling her fathers head into her.

” Cum bitch. ” Sophie said

” Yess ” Jenny said as a wave shot through her body. She shook as she orgasmed.

” Good girl. ” Sophie said ” Good girl. ”

Sophie stood her fingers still in Jenny’s pussy.

Jenny opened her eyes looking and smiling at Sophie.

” Hows that bitch? ” Sophie asked.

” Ohhhh fuck great. ” Sophie replied. ” Great. ” She added.

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