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Twelve year old Anjana was sitting on the train which was known as the slow train because it took two hours to reach the end of the journey with there being only one stop, Anjana thought the trains in her home country of Bangladesh were bad enough, but the trains in England were nearly as bad. Anjana looked at her watch and sighed thinking only two hours to go at least the train is not packed. There were only two other people in the carriage that Anjana was in, Steve and his girlfriend Sara who were both sixteen years of age, the pair were snogging. Sara got up from her seat went up to Anjana and said to her, ” do you mind if we strip naked and fuck ” Anjana was surprised by the question but after a minute said ” no do what you want to do I do not care ” After saying thanks Sara turned and said to Steve ” she said do what we want so strip and fuck me ” Anjana saw Steve stand up and start to take his clothes off, she thought Sara had been joking and was not expecting the pair to do what Sara had said but after a few minutes when Steve was standing naked and Anjana had a very good view of his seven inch hairy dick she thought cool, then she saw Sara was also naked when the pair started to snog Anjana just sat watching hardly believing what she was seeing, she saw Steve’s dick twitch and watched in awe as it grew to a full nine inch erection and watched as Sara slowly stroked it while Steve licked and sucked Sara’s erect nipples, after a few minutes Sara lay down on the carriage floor, Steve stood over her, Anjana stared at his erect dick, Sara said ” come on get down her and get your cock right up my cunt and fuck me ” Steve knelt down between Sara’s legs and while Anjana watched he slid his dick right up Sara’s love tube then started to thrust in and out, Anjana could hear Sara groaning softly as Steve thrust away into her love tube, then after ten minutes Sara cried out ” yes oh yes ” not long after Steve pulled his dick out and squirted cum in five spurts over the floor, While the pair lay on the floor Anjana thought the British Trains are much better than those in Bangladesh, entertainment is far better.

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