Sissy Slave of Mom and her Friends

This is the real incident which happened with me an years back..
Now come to the real lady of this story who changed my life.. My hottie mommy Sujata… She is 46 years old… Quite chubby… Her statistics is 38-36-38… She is fatty women but a real sex bomb.. Whenever she walks on a road every man watch her bulky ass..

I live with my mom only in Mumbai because my father had passed away when I was in 10th… After that my mom was totally depressed but as days were passing I seems like mom seems to be happy..
She started going for parties with her female friends…. I felt very drastic change in my mom.. She started wearing very tight sarees and dresses… She was a very strict lady I was afraid to ask her where she goes and why she wears such type of clothes now a days..
She was very cruel she made me to wash all the clothes and clean all the house and she want me to do all the household work… And if I refused or didn’t complete with my work she used to slap me and bitten me with belts… I was very frustrated and wanted to leave that house… But only that day she said that there will be her friends in our house for kitty parties..

Mom: Niraj, my friends will be home in couple of hours.. Clean all the house as soon as possible… Go to wine shop and bring some vodka and cold-drinks, and snacks and pizza for party..

Me: yes mom, but liquor is not good for health..

Mom: ( she started laughing ) hahahaha, mere bache ( and changed mood within a second and slapped me so hard that I fall on ground )

I was rubbing my chicks with my hands… Because it was paining a lot.. And she continued..

Mom: don’t teach your mom what to do.. Just go and bring all the things what I said you fucking bastard..

I apologise her

Me: sorry mom I ll bring all the stuff..

I cleaned house and moved out for bringing all the stuff for which mom ordered me..
After shopping I came back at my place and there were already 7-8 female sitting over there… They all were of same age.. Around 40-45… All were in sexy one pieces looking hot…
As soon as enter they all started laughing at me…. I left living room for keeping drinks and all stuff in the kitchen… And get back to my room… I heard one lady was appreciating me..

Lady1: Sujata, your son is such a cute! He should be a girl… If he were a girl we also had enjoyed a party with him today

( All started laughing )

Mom: can’t we enjoy him as boy? I have an idea ladies… Can we make him our sissy slave
at first I didn’t understand what sissy actually means… After that conversation All ladies were so happy with that idea and they all started laughing… And my mom and one of her friend ( named Pallavi ) came into my room.. As soon as they enter Pallavi slapped me hard in the face and held my face with her both the hands and were looking straight into my voice with the cruel face

Pallavi: You bloody bitch…. Did you heard what is our planning for today’s party…

I was already in a shock of that slapped didn’t understand what to answered…

Mom: hahahaha Niraj… You will be our sissy slave for tonight’s party.. Hahahaha…

And Pallavi split on my face…. I really in a shock I really don’t know what to do and she again slapped me..

Me: ( crying ) what actually sissy slave means…?

Pallavi: You bitch you’ll have to do what we ask you to do only.. Always call us mistress.. Don’t say NO to us.. Else we will punish you bastard… Now you bitch.. You r our slave you’ll have to do as per we will say… Say yes to mistress

Me: ( scared ) yes mistress

N she started pulling my hairs… It was paining a lot.. And mom go near her wardrobe and was finding something… And she pulled out her blue cupped bra and panties and her wig from wardrobe and throw it on me..

Mom: you son of a bitch wear it…

Me: how can I change myself infront of you…?

Pallavi slapped me again..

Pallavi: don’t ask your mistress any questions you bitch wear it..

N I started to undress myself.. I got fully nude infront of my mom and Pallavi.. They both stared at my dick and started laughing because my dick is not good in length… My mom help to get into the bra because I really don’t know how to wear it.. And I wore her panty too.. It perfectly fit me.. And they both started appreciating me… After that mom made me to wear her wig and after that she applied some make up on me… After that they both started laughing at me… At the time I found myself in mirror and to my shock I was looking stunningly beautiful…. I have no hairs on my body that’s why I was looking a perfect girl in my moms cloths… I looked twice in mirror and inside it was making me happy don’t know what happened to me but suddenly I started walking like girls.. Mom then gave me her heels shoes and asked me to wear it to..

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As soon as get into it… Shape of my ass became more beautiful than earlier… Now I got ready for them as their sissy… Now Pallavi get me to the living room where all the ladies were sitting and gossiping as soon as entered in the room in my moms hot bra and panties they all started giggling and laughing and said

You pretty fucking bitch… Looking damn cute,…

Mom: you slave served us a drinks now…

I couldn’t walk properly in heels but I somehow managed it and started serving drinks to my moms friends… After serving drinks one of my moms friend stand up… She asked me to be like a dog on knees and she pulled my hair and she sat down again she looked into my eyes and said “you fucking bitch lick my toes”

At first I was started thinking how can lick a toes? But in that time she forcefully put her toes in my mouth and closed my nose with her hands… I was not able to take a breath and I started licking her toes…
Everyone was laughing at my condition there… Specially my mom..

Mom: enjoy the parties ladies… Made this bitch your slave… Do whatever you wanted to do with him

Tears rolled from my eyes bt they didn’t stopped their laughing and partying… After one peg they started a song “baby doll me sone di” and asked me to dance like Sunny Leone only…

I started dancing on that song… I was not good at dance and mom came to me slapped me and said dance well else she will punished you infront of all.. She was quite high because of her drinks now… But I didn’t worked on it properly now she got really angry on me… She made me to lie on the floor call one of her friend ( Priyanka ) and said something in her ears… After that Priyanka get on me… And she started to remove her dress and get nude in front of all and they started cheering her… Pallavi held my head with her hands and priyanka placed her pussy in my mouth..

Mom: you bitch now your punishment is to drink all the urine of her… If you didn’t make is properly you will have to drink urine of all of us… And all started laughing

Priyanka started urinating in my mouth and I started drinking each and every drops but somehow 4-5 drops rolled out of my mouth and mom made me to stand and started spanking me and all ladies stood up and started spanking me one by one on my panties…

After they drank one more shots of vodka and got nude and again started with urinating one by one.. They all were out of there mind now because of there drinks…

Mom get back to the room and bring another set of bra and panties which was pink in colour they all made me to wear that again and started appreciating my beauty one of my moms friend come to me and started pressing my manboobs hardly… It was paining a lot… Priyanka stood up and go to my mom and asked me to blindfold myself… Mom made me blindfolded…

After a while they made me to be in doggy style… All were laughing at me I was feeling like someone is pulling my panties off… And applying some creams on my asshole… I was got really scared now…. I was feeling something wrong and suddenly something very big get into my ass… I screamed in pain and someone slapped me and say not to make any noise… After sometime someone was banging my ass and Priyanka came and unblindfold me…

What I saw was just unpredictable my mom was fucking me with strapon and 2-3 ladies were shooting me with their cameras… It was paining a lot… They all were cheering my mom…
“Yeahh look at this scene… Mom fucking her sissy slut”… I was in real pain/. After that they also made me to drink 2-3 shots of vodka… And whole night all ladies were fucking me in my ass… I really don’t know what happened later because I was in sleep because of drinks…

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