Sexy mom exposed in group – 1

Hii everyone today I’m going to say about my mom affairs and lust,
My mom name is Sangeetha she had big boobs and assets she looks so fair, she had nice relationship with my father her height is 5.8.
The particular story is happened when I was in 7th std, my mom always wear saree when we go outside she will exposed her structure to other men, my father did not questioned about that, so when we go outside all other person attracted towards my mom structure, they will take look on belly, boobs and back side of my mom.
I think she is trying to get affairs with another person, I noticed that one day when my school management called a parents meeting, me and my mom went to parents meeting there my science sir get attracted to my mother structure and sir enjoyed my mom expose, sir introduced himself to my mom by hugging, my mom asked about my progress, my sir send me out side the class room I don’t know what they talked about, after five minutes suddenly I entered the classroom my mom was sitting behind the sir holding his hand I think they talked about making affair, when I entered classroom they hugged both my mom give kiss and sir return kissed my mom, they exchange their number, sir said that he will call daily in
5 pm.
Sir call to mom everyday in 5 pm they were talking until my father arrive. Then my mother clear all call history,

One day my father brought a good news to my mom, that he got promotion in office so that he have to move other state for long time, mom act like sad and said how can I leave u such long time, after my father went to washroom she started celebration, so she can get affairs so easily.
Me and my mom went to airport to send my, she saree and she try yo expose her self as usual. When we are out side of airport father’s 3 friends arrived in car to send my father, they introduced them self to my mom namely shiva, mohan, sundar. They also got attracted to my mom structure, finally time arrived we send my father.
After sending my father me and mom returned in bike, my mom always conscious about her beauty so when we go outside she normally take bath, after return to my home mom removed her dress in hall first she removed her saree, blouse, petticoat, and threw to sofa and moved to washroom without taking towel or dress.
After few minutes door ranged I opened the door I was surprised to see my father 3 friends, I welcomed them and I showed sofa to sit.
They all sighed at my mom removed dress and asked where is your mother I replied she went for bath they get so much interested about my mom.
My mom called my name from the room toilet I said ” What u want mom ” She asked who had arrived ” I replied father friends ” Again she asked to get towel ” I went to room and I gave towel
She closed her body with towel and she came to hall without any hesitate to talk with my father friends.
… To be continued

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