Sex With My wife In a Hotel Room

I am an engineer by profession also a sex enthusiastic. I love sex. My wife and me enjoy sex mostly at night. Before our marriage firstly we went in to a hotel and we do leg fucking, foreplay, and ass fucking several times.

At that particular day she was on the bed wearing a saree inside a hotel room. Her beautiful face was up and eyes are closed.. After I came from wash room I gave my cock in to her mouth and she was doing blow job. Then I leaning on the bed with her and slowly I put my hand into her saree. Slowly I was rubbing her smooth thigh very slowly. After that I reached my hand until her pussy. Now she was full of thrill. I removed her pantie partly and fingering her vagina very slowly. While I was fingering I kissed her face. Then she stated to moan. Now I touched her pussy by my hand. She told me fuck hard while she was with her saree. Then I told her wait baby. I want to fuck you hard and I want your back side also. You have a good big buttock. You know baby ass fucking is my favorite. Wait a little. Then I put one of my fingers into her pussy and fingering very slowly. While I was fingering I kissed her. Baby I will give you a good fuck. Now she was in full thrill. She was whispering that “Baby fuck me please”. I never had this feel before baby.” I slowly spread her legs apart and rubbed hardly. Because I was also in my full mood. Now my dick was ready to fuck. Thigh fucking, vagina fucking and anal fucking! And I told her you please remove your saree baby. Then she stood up on the floor beside the bed and started to remove one by one. First her jacket and after that her bra. Then I stopped her and I touch her nipples. Now my dick was against her buttock. Then I removed her rest of the things one by one until the pantie. I touched her pussy against the pantie. Then I asked her to get a wash. “Baby wash your body properly especially pussy and back side. After you finish please tell me before wipe. Then she got into the wash room and took a wash then she told my “I finished now, shall I come out. Wait baby. Then I went into the wash room. At that time she was completely in nude. After I saw her nude body she covered her pussy by her both hands and she told me I am little shy. I went into the wash room and grab her body completely. Now I started to do thigh fucking in front. After several strokes of front side and touching her pussy by my cock, I put several strokes by my dick and turned to her back side. I ejected my dick into her anal slowly but not completely. Then she moaned. Then I said baby I love you. Your body is very cute and nice. You are beautiful slut. You looks like a Indian film star. I kissed her several times. I lick her clit and after that I kissed her lips while I grab her buttock and squeezed them by my both hands.

Then I went to the bed I waited till she come. After while she came out from the wash room. She was nude completely and her hairy pussy so was so beautiful. It was full of hair. I love it. I was in full mood and my dick was ready to do anything. Then she knelled and started to suck my dick. Her blow job was so good and I was so excited. Darling I love you. Now you are my slut. Bitch allow me to do whatever I need. If you do not allow me to fuck your anus I will tide you to this bed and I will do my anal fucking as much as I need. See that clothes I will clog your mouth then nobody can hear your screaming. But if you allow me to do anal fucking freely with your consent I do not want to tide you and clog your mouth with rag. I told her while rubbing her hair. My dick was dripping. No darling you can do as much as you need whether it was anal or front play. She told me darling I need front play first. Because my dick was ready to fuck. Ok bitch stand up. Now we both stand up against each other. Face to face while rubbing her buttock hardly. Then she told me it was painful. I told her darling I love your buttock than your face. Her face was like an Indian film star. I put my tong into her mouth and she sucked it slowly. Now she is very cleaned and I could do whatever I need. Then I sucked her two cheeks first and then neck. I squeezed her breast while rubbing her buttock slowly. I told her darling we can have foreplay first. Then I squeezed her vagina. I touched her clit very slowly. Then she moaned. Vagina was enlarged I could not hold it in my single hand. It was very nice. I touched her hairy vagina slowly. Then she whispered that do whatever you need. Then I sucked her nipples one after other. Darling your pussy is very beautiful and so nice. And I actually like your hairy pussy very much dear. `Hold me your pussy when I fuck you nicely. Hold my dick tightly when I fuck you inside your wet pussy. At this time I was rubbing and fingering her beautiful pussy by my hand. I love you darling. I was started to kiss from neck to naval. I put my tong to her naval. Then I kissed his hip and turned her around and kiss and suck her buttock. Kissed her ass nicely. Kiss! Kiss! And Kiss! One after the other. At this time she was still stood up. Then I turned around and knelled down started to kiss both thighs one after the other. Then I kissed her pussy and very nice fragrant came out from it. She was morning and at this time. I insert my tongue into her clit. I can’t wait any more darling. Fuck me quickly. Ok I will fuck you bitch!. Then I took her to my lap holding hand then her pussy was against my tummy. After that I put her to the bed. And I started to fuck her pussy. Because now her pussy was dripping. First I did foreplay. Then I was in heaven. Nice sound was coming from every stroke. At this time I was laid on her body completely and then kiss her face. Now she was against my body. So I could fuck nicely. Hold your pussy like a whore Indu. Nice! Nice! And nice!. I whisper to her ear her while she was moaning. Yes Indu I need Like this. I never had a fuck like this darling before. You are the best and best. While I was moaning she kissed my face and ear. Strike me hardly darling. Yes fuck me hard like that. Darling your every stroke is very nice. She was whispering. Fuck me! Fuck me! And Fuck me. While I was fucking she sighed hh! Hh! Hh! Hh ow..This sound was coming from her. After around ten minutes she had her first orgasm. She said it has gone to me darling. But do not stop. While I was hammered her I groaned her your pussy is nice and tight. Hold me like a whore Indu. Yes Anu pump me like that. Yes yes! Yes! Nobody has hearing your moaning darling Indu. Moan as you like loudly. Then my balls were touching onto her thighs. Then I put a pillow behind her buttock. And again I stroked her hardly and moaned again. This time she made her another orgasm. Telling me yes darling it is going to go me again.

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Throughout 30 minutes this missionary position foreplay was go on like that. Finally I put my sperm into her pussy. Then I moaned darling it is going. We both climaxed at the same time. She was in very happy mood. Then I kissed her face and put my dick out from her pussy.

We both washed again and started to thigh fucking. For this I put several pages of newspapers on the floor and I asked her to lay down on it. I applied some coconut oil on her both legs underneath her pussy and massaged. Then I was started to thigh fucking. A nice sound came while I was fucking her legs. Then after several minutes I was in climax and orgasm and I put my full load between her sweet legs. Then I wipe them with a rag.

Then I asked her to stand up against the full body mirror in the room. Then behind I thigh fucked again several minutes.

Then I asked her to bend against and I fucked her in doggy style. We had doggy style fucking around thirty minutes. And she made orgasm several time during this period. I fucked her while she was moaning.

After that my favorite mission came. It was anal fucking. I applied oil her buttock and ass hole thoroughly.

Then I asked her to lay down on the bed. Face down on the pillow. I put one pillow on to pussy. Now her legs and buttock were full of oil. I eject my dick slowly and very slowly in to her nice ass hole. Then she cried loudly. I stop ass fucking for a while I kissed her both sides of her buttock and put my tong in to her pussy behind. When she bent down I applied some oil her pussy hole and asshole together. Again now she was thrilling and moaned. At this time I took my chance. And I put my dick into her ass hole. This time it was gone nicely. After thirty minutes I put my load into her hole.

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