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Krishna came into my room, I lifted her and lay her on my bed, I leaned on her and kissed her Lips she kissed me back ” बाबू जी दरवाज़ा और लाइट बंद कर दो ” , I closed the door ” लाइट बंद कर दी तो तुझे कैसे देखूंगा? ” . I lay beside her and groped her perky tits, she was not wearing a Bra and her nipples strained against the Fabric, she sighed ” उह्ह्ह ” as I teased her nipples, I kissed her again ” अब दस दिनों तक मेरे साथ ही रहेगी! ” . Krishna ” बाबू ऐसे रात को ठीख है, कोई देख न ले ” , I slid my hand into her top and groped her tit ” रानी को तो पता है? ” . She held my hand ” बाबू जी रेखा भी तो है ” . I caressed her tits ” कृष्णा इसे उतार ” , she took off her top and I kissed her tits and teased her nipples with my tongue ” तेरे मुम्मे बड़े अच्छे और टाइट है ” her nipple became hard instantly, I untied her salwar and touched her bald pussy ” कुछ भी बोल तू है बहुत चिकनी ” , I took her salwar and undressed quickly m she looked at my dangling cock and smiled ” आपका खड़ा नहीं हुआ? मेरे आदमी का तो इतनी देर में निकल जाता! ” , I lay beside her and guided her hand to my cock ” सब रानी का सिखाया हुआ है, अपने आदमी का मुँह में लेती है? ” , She shyly held my cock ” एक बार लिया था, मुँह में ही निकल गया उसका, उसके बाद नहीं ” . I kissed her and fingered her slit, she was fully wet and twitched as I touched her clit ” अह्ह्ह बाबू मुँह से करो ना ” . I moved down kissing her body and spread her lels, her bald pussy looked amazing and wet, I gave her a long slow lick, she shivered with pleasure and gently grabbed my hair ” ुह्ह्हह्ह बाबू जी! ” , She hissed, she spread her pussy lips giving me more access to her erect clit, I poked my tongue into her dripping pussy, she moaned loudly ” अहह हम्म्म्म ” , I steadily licked her clit, she whispered ” बाबू आप ऐसे आओ मुझे भी करना है आपको ” , I got her into position 69, I shivered as I felt her lips around my top, I pleasured her from below while she tried to keep up, she slowly kneaded my balls getting me Hard in her mouth, she hissed ” आपका लौड़ा बहुत अच्छा है ” , I gently fingered her leaking twat ” और तेरी चूत बड़ी मस्त लगती है मुझे ” , she gently bit my top ” बाबू जी मुझे हो जाएगा करते रहो! अह्ह्ह हहहह ” , she started shaking and orgasmed loudly on my Face, she bit my swollen top gently and engulfed it into her mouth, she got of and started sucking me, I held her face ” बस कर आजा अब ” , she kept going ” थोड़ी देर और करने अच्छा लग रहा है ” , she played with my cock having her fill, she lay beside me and I got on top and she placed my cock head to her pussy and held it tight ” डालो बाबू ” , I pushed slowly, she sighed loudly as my thick top stretched her tight pussy ” ूई माँ अह्ह्ह्ह ” , I stopped as her pussy clasped around my cock and kissed her open lips ” दर्द हो रहा है? ” , She gasped due to pain ” हम्म्म बाबू धीरे धीरे करते रहो ” , I worked her slowly and soon my piston was honing her cylinder she gasped at every stroke ” अहहह हह हह हह, ओह्ह बाबू अन्दर तक जाओ ” , I drove deeper and she cried out ” हऐ अह्ह्ह्ह ” . I was fucking her fast and hard, her tightness was overwhelming and I was nearing orgasm, she was also thrusting from below, I kissed her hard ” मुझे होने वाला है ” , she moaned loudly ” हम्म्म हाँ मुझे भी करते रहो अह्ह्ह ुह्ह्हह्ह ” , she clamped her legs around me, I shot my cum inside her and she too started cumming as I emptied 15 days of cum inside her, she was murmured ” ओह्ह्ह बाबू दो साल बाद पूरी औरत बानी हूँ. She was fully satisfied, I quickly made her sit up ” औरत तो बन गई अब माँ मत बन जाना ” , she stood up ” नहीं बाबू पता है मुझे ” . I handed her some tissues ” कृष्णा अच्छा लगा ” , she wiped semen oozing with some blood ” फिर खून निकला पर बहुत अच्छा लगा ” . We cleaned up together and we were ready again, I carried her to the bed and this time she wanted to on top again we had good sex and I honed her pussy thrice that Day…

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