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Tina was the daughter of the richest man in England, she lived with her parents in a twelve bedroom house on the edge of a small English town where she was well known and well liked, Tina was known to help anybody if she could. It was two days after Tina’s sixteenth birthday her parents had gone abroad on a business trip leaving Tina on her own, as was normal when they went away for long periods of time Tina’s parents had given all the staff time off, so Tina was in the house on her own which she did not mind at all and thought that it was cool because she could have more friends round to stay. Guy who was four years younger than what Tina was delivered the early morning and early evening papers to the house where Tina lived it was the last house on his paper round, Guy liked delivering to the house because he quite often got tit bits from the kitchen. Guy had just arrived at the house with the evening paper as he got off his bike letting it fall to the ground as he did he saw Tina through the glass panel of the door she was stood talking on her phone wearing only a pair of shorts her naked ample boobs on full view, Guy could not believe his luck and was thinking super sight, Tina turned and walked up the stairs, as she went Guy could see the tip of her bum over her shorts after Tina had gone out of sight Guy pushed the paper through the letter box and cycled home happy at what he had seen, the following morning as Guy was putting the morning paper through the letter box Guy saw Tina appear at the top of the stairs Guy saw that she was naked not only could he see her boobs but he could see her love tube as well and thought this is lucky well cool, Tina walked down the stairs when she turned at the bottom of the stairs to go towards the kitchen Guy admired her bum, as Guy cycled away he saw his class mate Donald and told him what he had seen, Donald said ” lucky bastard she is well cute ” that night Guy met with Donald who went with him to deliver the evening paper both boys stared as they saw Tina inside the house naked sitting on the stairs using her phones, Guy noticed that Tina had erect nipples, both boys saw Tina lay back slightly then start to rub her love tube, then watched in awe as Tina slid her fingers into her love tube and start to masturbate the two boys stood watching in awe as Tina pleasured herself and after five minutes saw her gush, as the boys left the house Donald said ” she is a flasher ” Guy said ” I do not care I will help her ” the following morning Guy was watching again as a naked Tina masturbated after she had finished Guy cycled away thinking I will always deliver the paper here there is so much to see wonder if Tina needs help because if she needs any help I will be in there as quick as I can be and help her.

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