Punishment Part 1 – New Sex Story

Dawn was sat at the kitchen table knowing that she was in serious trouble with her mum, Dawn had been baby sitting her younger twelve year old sister the night before while her mum was working, during the night her best friend had called round and the pair had drank cheap cider and smoked a joint, the pair ended up getting well drunk and stoned, when Dawn’s mum arrived home from work she found the two girls passed out drunk on the lounge floor and after putting Dawn to bed got her friends parents to collect her, Dawn’s mum was very strict and when she walked into the kitchen she looked at Dawn and said ” you are sixteen years of age but last night you acted like a little kid and put your sister at risk, as punishment you will not be coming on holiday to Spain with us instead you will stay next door with Mr Khan and his family and I have told him to treat you like the kid you acted ” she then left the room, Dawn knew it was a waste of time arguing with her mum and accepted her fate ” Dawn’s friend July was stood listening to her mum as she told her off, their neighbour was sat listening, Colin her son who was two years younger than July sat smirking, July hated Colin she knew that he was a peeping tom and had spied on her a few times but had never seen anything, July’s mum finished shouting at July then told her that she would be in house time for two days starting from then, July looked in horror she knew that house time meant that for the next two days she was confined to the house and would have to be naked the whole time no matter who was in the house, July looked at her mum who said to her ” get ready now ” July knew if she argued the time would be increased, July undid her gown and took it off as she did she saw Colin’s eyes go wide as he saw her naked body, Colin sat staring straight at July’s ample boobs and her hairless love tube when July left the room Colin stared at her bum thinking very nice, July went and sat in the lounge wondering how Dawn was getting on, after twenty minutes Dawn’s twelve year old brother Simon walked into the lounge with two of his classmates, Colin said to his mates there you are I told you that she had big tits ” the boys stood looking at Dawn who after a couple of minutes got up and went to her room as she walked out of the room one of the boy’s said ” nice bum ” the other said ” her tits are super cute ” July knew that her brother would soon be bring more of his friends round to look at her and telling boys in the street to call in and see him by the end of the day July had been proven right with nearly every boy in her brothers class at school as well as boys from the street calling in and admiring July’s naked body. Dawn was now stood in Mr Khan’s house watching as her mum and sister drove off to the airport to catch their plane to Spain, After they had gone Mr Khan told his daughter Pia who was two years younger than Dawn and a lesbian to show Dawn where she would be sleeping, Dawn followed Pia up the stairs and was shown a room with very large mattress on the floor, Pia said ” we all sleep in here and we sleep naked ” when Dawn asked Pia where she was to sleep she was horrified to get the answer in here with us, Pia’s two brothers had now joined them, Dawn looked at Abdul who was two years younger than Dawn and Pia’s twin then at his brother Mo who was four years younger than what she was and thought, I can not sleep naked in the same bed as these three but knew that she had no option but to sleep there naked with the trio.

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