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The government had been in power for nearly twenty years, the people of England knew that they were crooked and pocketing money, the country was in turnmoil. Other countries would no longer trade with England, many businesses had gone bankrupt because of the crooked government, a few riots started to break out with people being badly injured. Crime was at an all time high. When the general election came round everybody was expecting the crooked government to get back into power, some people did not bother to vote. When the government lost the election there was total surprise which quickly became shouts of joy. Two days after being elected the new prime minister announced that the former government and their families who had caused the turmoil in the country were nothing but a bunch of crooks and had stolen millions of pounds, then announced that as they had stolen public money they were to become public property and work for the public for nothing and would do what ever they were asked to do with no exception, he then said we mean any tasks.Sixteen year old Tracy who had been the daughter of a high ranking government minister was in school and getting lots of threats made, she was called to the heads office where she was told to report to the sex education class where she was to be a model, when she got there Tracy saw it was a class of ten boys who were all two years younger than her, the teacher said ” this will be better than having a cardboard cut out ” then looked at Tracy and told her to remove her clothes, Tracy hesitated untill the teacher told her that if she failed to obey she would be sent to prison, the boys all watched as Tracy stripped to her underwear, when the teacher told her to remove her underwear Tracy reluctantly did so and stood naked in front of the ten boys who were all staring hard at Tracy’s love tube and ample boobs. The teacher started to talk to the boys pointing to different parts of her body asked the question ” what do tits feel like ” and to Tracy’s horror the teacher said come and feel, Tracy sat in a chair as one by one the boys took turns to feel and rub Tracy’s boobs as well as her love tube at the end of the lesson the boys left the room , Tracy was allowed to dress and leave. Martin who dated Tracy and was the seventeen year old son of a former government minister was standing in front of a class of twenty Bengali girls all of which were staring at his naked body and admiring his nine inch erect hairy dick and when after being told to masturbate and he started to the girls all smiled and watched in awe and when Martin squirted his cum in four spurts the girls all clapped. Martin knew there was worse yet to come.

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