One fire, two fires to Perfection

In Le Fides, California, a tiny bordello of lesbians convened for the night.

Their theme was leather bikinis with a embroidered draw-string fastener.

They drove in and dismounted from either their motor-bikes or cars.

Les Fides was a tiny town on the edge of Les Ceres, a municipal area adjoined to Les Spirites.

No one pays attention to this group of girls and women. Which was okay with them.

Each lesbian sported strong thighs and biceps. Overall, a strong physique and good musculatures. They carried a bag of some small devices. Their loin clothes had an open clasp of leather, easily fastened by strings. They placed their small devices into each clasp and drew their strings tight: securing their devices tightly to their groin.

On their bikini wear were sensors, like a flat-dish.

These lesbians moved through their private building near the beach, even to the beach, and sometimes into the foliage.

For those not familiar with the lesbians of Les Spirites, sometimes known as ‘lezians’, a large knowledge gap must be closed here. Frequently, or infrequently, depending on the year, lesbians convened about towns, dorms, and sometimes on the fringe of Les Spirites for their nightly games: sex games. Less commonly used in these games are remote devices used to simulate sex.

They banded and disbanded quite frequently. The lure of the game enough for one night, perhaps a dozen, before they abandon the practice altogether, due to fatigue and ennui.

This night, they had a renewal of interest in remote sex games. Some IT whiz in a relationship with lesbians invented a laser activated groin vibrator. Their new game involved roving and setting off their opponents groin packs first with a hand-held laser. Hardly original, but for their game tonight, it was a little revolution (defying any limits others said couldn’t be done in their sex games).

That night, Lesbians were having sex with nothing but remote packs and laser beams.

It was somewhat awe-stirring to see women of impressive form moving like shadows. Fast, powerful, and self-assured of their prowess. When spotted and ‘shot’ by a laser from a lesbian foe, the groin packs activated with quite a stir: bringing even the strongest lesbians groaning to their knees. After some minutes, subdued to a moan, the game concludes in victory for the few lesbians unaffected by their hand lasers.

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In practice, when a laser light hit a sensor fastened to the lesbian, it triggered their groin pack: the device itself was simple. One laser shot set off a vibrator, and two laser shots doubled its intensity. Lesbians made fast work of other lesbians this way: bringing them to their desired orgasm.

After two weeks, it was promptly abandoned. Only on occasion, when their boredom tweaked their longing for something less mundane than the ordinary sex of their dorms, they visited the beach at Les Fides town. (There, they broke out the packs and lasers: then it was a game with one laser, two laser shots to orgasm. Or as one of the lesbians liked to say, “one fire, two fire to perfection”).


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