My elder sister impregnated by me

This is a real story, I was 19 at that time I stayed at my elder sister’s home my elder sister name was Preethi she was 24. At first I hated her didn’t have an idea of having sex with her. Before 2 years I went to her home at that time she was waiting in rain when she went to her college I went to pick her up that moment changed my whole thinking about her she is truly a sex goddess her boobs were so big as footballs her ass was juicy then I started jerking off by watching her picture then she was being forced to be married then after 3 days I was jerking by seeing her pic in my bedroom then I made my mind to talk to her about my thinking and my wish I called her to the terrace to talk she came then I told “Preethi you need to grant my wish please”; Preethi asked curiously “what is your wish I will do anything for you” she was in saree so my cock is already in a boner I hide it and slowly stammered and said “I.. I want to hav.. Have sex with you” Preethi was shocked and said “hey why what happened to you” I said “will you grant my wish or not Preethi said after thinking long time “yes you can have sex with me but it should be weekly and should impress me” I asked “tell me when and where to come” she said “coming Sunday at taj hotel if u want bring only one condom I don’t like condoms to have sex” she said I was in a happy mood thinking of her because tomorrow is Sunday tomorrow will be a day full of sex at Saturday night she called me and said “hey come to taj hotel we will have sex from Saturday night” I hurried and got ready took my bike and raced to taj hotel she was in a full mood she asked what to wear I said a saree with ponytail hairstyle she whatsapped me her pic she was so so so hot I thought I am the special one and gone to reception booked a room for 2 days she was getting ready I was also getting ready outside the room then she called me she was in a very very hot and sexy dress my cock was jumping in joy then she came hugged me and she kissed my neck smoothly I too kissed her. Our breath was too hot as fire and I kissed in her lips smoothly she stopped it and pulled me to a hardcore french kiss both of tongue was in others mouth we kissed smoothly and slowly got into the bed she slowly removed my pant zip and my cock jumped out she wondered and slurped it and she started blowing it and I stared at her then she stood up and I started to lick her tits it was so tasty and she was in doggy pose I started to lick her asshole first it was stinking then it became easy then she lied down and she commanded me to lick her pussy and I followed it. Then she asked me to spit on her mouth I spat on her mouth she was too happy then I sat on a chair with my erect cock and she faced me and inserted her pussy above my cock she was gliding above my cock so fast then she got onto bed so that she will be fucked on her asshole she told me to fuck her on doggy style then I fucked her very furiously and I told I am cumming she told hey cum on my pussy I cummed on her pussy and after that we was sleeping nude and hugged each other and I inserted my cock and left it to stay on her pussy for a day the next morning my cock was so sticky and her pussy was also sticky I told her hey Preethi I will fuck you with condom in morning alone she said ok we made a bubble bathtub she blowed my cock and I wore my condom we had sex 3 times that day and we cleaned off our genitals and we gone to work after a month a news shook me that is Preethi is pregnant before marriage and she told all the truth to our parents and they beat me to pulp and said you should marry her and live with her and I told ok and we got married and now we are having 2 boys and 2 girl babies now everything is fine and we are having sex every week but with condom.

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The end

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