Married lady fucked by multiple men – part 7

After making me topless they went for the next game. It was to guess my panty colour. They played it the same way but this time they kept my panty on. Rahman left his finger into my panty and he pinched my clit. I moaned in pain. He pinched hard again.. Then he left his fingers into my pussy and started finger fucking me. Uncontrollably I started moaning in a high pitch he turned my face and kissed my lips spitting saliva into my mouth I drank all those. His hands were pinching my nipples. He moved away and the next person came to his place Everyone had a chance to kiss me and manhandle my boob roughly. By this time they had made me so horny that I wanted to be fucked by them so hard. Mustafa carried me and placed me on a old sofa. He opened his lungi and out came a black monster. I was so horny so I grabbed it and started licking it. He held my hair. And after some time he said enough bitch let me get into you and he plunged his dick into my pussy. I felt a shock of pain through my body. He carried on fucking me. After 5 mins he cummed into me and moved away. Next everyone took a chance in fucking me. I was fucked twice by 5 men the whole night and rahman fucked me thrice he was my favourite cause he lasted long. The next morning I left to the hut. I was so tired and I feel asleep in the room. I was sound asleep when I felt someone waking me. I was shabnam. She asked me to fees the children. I was so sleepy but I had to obey her. So I went to her asking for the food plate. She said feed them milk. I didnt get her. She was asking me to feed them with my milk??. Yess go feed them. The children were of age 2, 3 and another child was 6 months old. I was asked to breast feed them. I called the children. I removed my pallu and lowered my blouse. The 3 yr old arish sat in my lap and he sucked my nipple and started drinking the milk. Thats when he noticed the bite marks on my breasts made by the men. He asked what happened momma, who bit u? She said my son bit me while feeding him beta. Arish said doesnt it pain momma. No beta. And he suddenly bit my breast. I let out a pain shriek. But he playfully bit me. Enough beta I said and I feedes the other two children. This was also a regular job in the house. I was asked to feed the children. And sometimes other wives fed them. Sometimes shabnam fed my baby boy. Arish was my favourtie child so he only drank milk if it was fed by me. He would always cling on to me. Ask me to carry him in my hip wherever I went. I felt so attached to arish that I loved him so much. Ahmed made love to me vigorously making me pregnant. I delivered a girl baby.

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