lolilover meets lallololi and littleloli

I shall not disclose the sites where these two chicks are chatting. Lallololi has been active on a dating site for five years; now 25-years old. She posted several blog posts. The posts relate to little girls ranging from 7-years to 13-years. The blog spot started with a narration ” gram jalebi ” (गरम जलेबी), a special kind of sweetmeat. She also posted 4 pictures. One was very hot. As I wanted a private chat with her I got her email. She has currently 87 subscribers, the persons who chatted with her or usually chat with her.

The other chick ” little loli ” just started appearing on a different dating site in September 2020. She is 18-years according to her profile, but I imagine she may be a little younger.

I admired three posts of lallololi: ( 1 )garam jalebi [ गरम जलेबी ], ( 2 ) Lalli, Lallo, loli—lolita ki toli [ लल्ली, लल्लो, लोली : लोलिता की टोली ], and ( 3 ) Lollywood Kaa Lollipop Competition [ लोलीवुड का लोल्लीपॉप कांपिटीशन].

But I could not see a single post of little loli, perhaps she is too shy to post. I could not know about her much but saw that she is appearing in a box (a chat room) of babble sex, this box is meant for chatting with young girls; generally, old males chat here with school girls or so.

With some hard work, I was able to obtain her email address and when I mailed her I got her mobile phone number. I sent a message and in turn, I received a call. A young lady was calling me; she said that she is the eldest sister of little loli and manages her affairs with male inquirers. Then she told me frankly, ” Sorry, Sir, she is not available for physical sex. She is too young, she is only 15-years old. ” I tried to convince her sister that I am a genuine person, an honest one though lusty. But she did not attend my call.

The next day I sent a message that I do not wish ‘sex’ with little loli, I need only a voice chat with her if you agree. After waiting for 15 minutes I received a video call over my smartphone. It was little loli, smiling, she whispered a ” sweet hello ” to me, and our chat began well.

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After a short video call, she (little loli) switched to messages. Now I was exchanging sweet innocent messages with her. In one of the sweetest messages she wrote to me, ” please press my little boobs, Sir! ” . In return I wrote to her, ” my little loli, I would like to press hard your little buttocks ” . After the exchange of twenty such messages, I received a video call from her eldest sister, saying that ” little loli needs some little money, a sum of Rs. 7,000 Only; if you agree to pay, in return she will be stark naked on Cam for your pleasure ” . I sent that much money. Later I held a stark naked session with the little chick; she displayed her boobs, her buttocks, and the pussy to soothe my eyes. I also displayed my Cock, stark naked.

I conclude here that for just a sum of Rs. 7,000 I enjoyed her sex remotely for an hour. Not bad!

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