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Only in Le Grond, did the covert Lesbian see any continuity in her day-to-day affair.

As a cul-de-sac suburban queen, she surveyed lawns, beautiful winding streets, and all she sees. The glory of California coasts, the majesty of its mountains. All sprawled before her, West Coast Divine.

Outside Le Grond, in a city perhaps like Les Spirites, lesbians convened by night, like shadows. Perhaps it was the forbidden aura of lesbianism that drew them together: a sense of the forbidden, mysterious, new, and exotic.

But culturally, lesbians were the most inconstant creatures of the night: going through as many partners in a year as a girl had shoes in her closet. Some came together to cure their ennui, others to fulfill a longing, and some for curiosity. They stood sprawled on couches and beds, as their partners applied lips to their forms: on all parts, with almost no exceptions.

By their generation’s end, no lesbian left behind a heir.

Perhaps two exceptions lived in Les Grond’s quiet neighborhoods. Some with a partner, usually a member of the gay community or the brother of their lesbian love. It was future and legacy that drew these lesbians into a compact. By night, they drew pleasure from their lips. By day, they weaved fortune and relationships.

Because of the nature of life, two members consisting of all the necessary qualities to ensure a future came together: it was timely that they carry on the future. And it was not prejudice on any level to think: life must go on.

For that reason, lesbians in any society confounded the world. It was unthinkable not to go on: to not leave a heir. For that reason, lesbians were rebels. On some level, their charm endeared them to friends. Their endearing qualities lasted through life.

So tempestuous like a glorious mayfly, in the evening of life, the lesbian arched and bend around other lesbians. In shadows, their full form sprawled to glory. Then, into the next life. Like a mayfly: silent, noble, and still.

Perhaps thousands of years ago, they formed amazons. They warred with male societies. When the sons of their foes came to finish the war on amazons, the amazon left their camps and their hills and woods without so much as a little child or youth to guard old haunts. As strength left them, as it did their male foes, sons took up the cause, and women bore the children of men into the future.

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A reader can admire the amazon, noble and strong: today known as the lesbian, for their sublime forms, their strength, their ability to move, climb, swim, and fight exceptionally well. If a heir learned from them: that heir would be twice blessed, and thrice strengthened. Sadly, amazons left behind only ghosts and myths and legends.

Sprawled in hills and woods, in darkness, with lips pressed against their first lips or second lips, they loved for a twilight, and were no more.

Now to the present: covert, or proudly lesbians, the same quagmire faced them: their future. They long for a future, and in the quiet place of Le Grond, a few labored in secret for the future: with a daughter at home. It was perhaps a silent victory: the best no one would learn of, or suspect.

Where a few lesbians who loved just in secret: as a luxury, and then by day, to secure their rights to a future, with a family at home: they are in small part,

‘The Lesbian Dynasties’

* * *

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