Kelly (Part 3) – New Sex Story

One week later

Friday 1 pm.

” Are you sure. ” Caleb said as Kelly put the key in the door.

” Yes, honestly she said its ok ” Kelly said pushing the door open leading Caleb in.

” Wow nice place. ” He said as they walked in the apartment. So you have your own room? ” Caleb asked.

” Yep, I will show you, this way. ” She grabbed his hand lead him to her room.

” Wow, huge bed. ” He said sitting down. Kelly placed the keys on the dresser.

” Its my second home, I have clothes here and I stay a lot. Its nice. ” Kelly said pulling the hair tie out of her hair, shaking it free.

” Cool, so let me get this straight. ” He said as Kelly stepped over to him. She stepped between his open legs. He lifted his hands onto her arse looking up her body. He had just turned 21.

” You sister said you can have me over to stay. ” He said.

” Yep. She said I’m 17 and she wants me to have a safe place to use, so here I am. ” Kelly said.

” How olds your sister? ” Caleb asked.

” 23. ” Kelly said.

He smiled, I’m 21 two years younger than her, your 17, I’m closer in age to your sister ” he said sliding a hand down her skirt placing it on her skin.

Kelly wore her school uniform. The skirt sat mid thigh, she wore a white short sleeved blouse.

Caleb was 21, he worked at a local computer shop. He had the afternoon off work. He picked Kelly up from school.

” You are so sexy? ” He said looking up at her.

” Thanks. ” She said as he slid his hand up her skirt. His fingers touching her underwear. He slid them up onto her buttock. She placed her hand on his shoulders. She was nervous about sex for the first time.

She thought about Andy, his touch, the first man to touch and see her breasts, the first cock she felt, even if it was under his shorts, she was sure her sister knew something had happened that night.

Caleb stood. He put his hands on her hips, he leant in kissing her lips. She kissed back her hands on his chest. He slid a hand up onto her bust squeezing her breast over her blouse.

They french kissed. He undid a button on her blouse. Then another one exposing the lace of her white bra. She stepped back breaking their embrace

” Whats up? ” He said.

” Look nothing. Can we take it slow, I mean I’m a virgin and I want to take it slowly. Do you want a drink. ” She said.

” Thanks babe. ” He said. ” Sorry. ” He added.

” That’s ok, ” she said leading him to the kitchen.

” What do you want? ” She asked.

” What is there? ” He asked walking into the kitchen.

” Juice, lemonade, maybe a naughty glass of wine. ” She said.

” Ok a naughty glass of wine sounds good he said stepping behind her sliding his hands over her hips to her front. He kissed her neck.

” Go sit down. ” She said.

He walked into the lounge. He saw a pile of washing on the chair. Kelly poured two glasses of wine. Caleb picked up a black bra opening it.

” This your sisters? ” He said to Kelly holding it up.

” Caleb, put it back. Yes it is. ” Kelly said he put it down and picked up Sophie’s black g string. ” Nice and sexy. ” He said looking at it.

” Caleb, its my sisters. ” Kelly said sitting down.

” She must have big tits. ” He said.

” Yes bigger than mine. Shes a D cup, I’m a B cup. ” Kelly said handing Caleb his wine.

They sat a sipped their wine. Kelly slowly relaxing. She smiled she sat in the same spot Andy had groped her last Saturday morning. She noticed Andy’s underwear and shorts and a shirt in a separate pile. ‘Just casual’ aye. She thought, your doing his fuckin washing. She imagined Sophie and Andy at work together trying to hide their affair from the other staff.

Sophie feeling more important because shes fucking the boss.

” Wine at 1.30. With a beautiful girl, a school girl at that. ” Caleb said

” Naughty aye. ” Kelly said sipping her wine.

They talked for a while.

” What time does your sister get home? ” Caleb asked.

” She finishes work at 4.30, goes for drinks with work colleagues. Gets home about 7 o’clock ” Kelly said.

” Cool. ” Caleb said.

They started kissing. French kissing. Their hands on each others thighs. Their tongues dancing in each others mouths. She felt his hand on her stomach. It slid up to under her breast and stopped. Slowly he pushed it over her bust cupping her bosom. He slowly undid her buttons revealing more of her bra. He slid his hand inside again cupping her bra. She kept thinking of Andy. She knew she couldn’t have him. For starters he was 52. 35 Yrs older than her.

” Lets go to the bedroom. ” Caleb said.

They both stood and held hands walking to the bedroom. They stood kissing. She slid her blouse off dropping it to the floor. Caleb’s hand groping and fondling her breast over her bra. He stood back taking his shirt off. She admired his chest. The small tattoo of a dragon on his shoulder. They kissed. She knew she should be at school. Caleb reached behind her back as he embraced her. He unclipped her bra. He pulled it forward taking it off. Her breasts free. Caleb stood looking down at her breasts. He caressed them kissing her neck. She held his head into her feeling his lips on her neck, his hands squeezing her bare breasts.

They sat down kissing. She lay back on the bed. Caleb next to her kissing her breasts. Feeling her nipples. Sucking her nipples.

” You have nice breasts. ” He said.

” Thank you. ” She said.

He slid his hand down to her thigh she braced herself as it moved up to her groin. His fingers over her underwear over her pussy. Her wet virgin pussy.

” Ummmmm. ” She moaned as his fingers pleasured her groin.

” I love you Kelly. ” He said smiling kissing her lips..

” I’ll get a condom. ” She said sitting up.

” Condom? ” He said.

” Yes, I don’t want to get pregnant. ” She said.

” Pregnant, come on babe do we need one, you wont get pregnant.

” I don’t want to take the risk Caleb. ” Kelly replied.

” Come on baby, its so much nicer with no rubber. ” He said.

” Caleb please. ” Kelly replied

” Fuck ok. ” Caleb said. ” If I have to. ” He said.

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” Piss off. ” Kelly snapped.

” Pardon babe. ” He replied

Kelly stood up grabbing a tee shirt off the floor turning her back to him. She slid it over her head.

” Go please. ” She said turning around. She realised her perky nipples were visible through the fabric.

” Because I have wear a fuckin condom. ” He said

” Yes, if you wont wear one then fuck off. ” She said.

” Fine, want a girl with bigger tits anyway. ” He snapped standing up.

” FUCK OFF. ” She yelled as he made his way to the door. He opened it and walked out. She slammed it behind him. She stood against the wall and slid down it sitting on the floor.

She sat for ten minutes crying. She stood up and went to her room. She opened her drawer and found a small package in it. She opened the card and read the message.

” Just in case, have fun babe. Sophie.

Kelly picked up the small package and opened it, she smiled at the gift. A box of condoms. She stood walking to her dresser opening the top drawer. She placed them in with the other box of condoms she had next to her underwear.

” That went well. ” She said.

She sighed as she walked into the hallway and into her sisters room. She took off her t shirt and stood topless, she noticed a black bra on the bed, matching g string. A card on top. She picked up the card and read the note.

‘To my sexy lover, hope you like these. Always their for you, These last 6 months have been fantastic. In fact I love you. Andy’

” Wow. ” Kelly said picking up the bra sliding it up her arms, she reached behind doing up the clip. It was to big for her. Her breasts not filling the cups. She took it off and lay down.

She fell asleep on the bed topless.

She woke an hour later to the front door opening. She sat up she heard her sisters voice

” Come fuck my brains out. ” Sophie said.

” My pleasure, ” she heard Andy say.

” Shit. ” Kelly said. She stood darted into the hallway as Andy and Sophie walked around the corner.

” Fuck. ” Sophie said seeing her topless sister.

” Oh. ” Andy said seeing Kelly’s breasts. Kelly covered up and ran into her room.

” Make a coffee ” Sophie said to Andy. Andy went into the kitchen. Sophie knocked on Kelly’s door knowing she was crying.

” What. ” Kelly said as Sophie walked in.

” Whats up babe? ” Sophie said. Shouldn’t you be at school? ”

” Shouldn’t you be at work? ” Kelly said

” Yeh, we slipped away. ”

” To come home and fuck. ” Kelly said.

” Yes. ” Sophie said. ” We often do. So why are you home? ”

” I brought Caleb here to…. ”

” Have sex? ” Sophie said.

” Yes, we had a fight, he refused to wear a condom. Said its better without them. On the way out he said he wanted a girl with bigger tits anyway. ” Kelly said.

” Oh babe, so he saw your boobs? ” Sophie asked.

” Yep, I was topless. He was playing with them and sucking my nipples. His hand up my skirt rubbing my pussy over my underwear. I got up to get a rubber and he said he didn’t want to use one. I told him he had to, he got pissed off and I kicked him out. ” Kelly replied looking at the floor.

” Oh babe, he doesn’t deserve you, what a arsehole. ”

Andy walked in and sat next to Sophie.

” You alright? ” He asked.

” He got pissed off because he had to wear a condom ” Sophie replied

” Really? ” Andy said putting his hand on Sophie’s knee.

Sophie wore a high waisted pencil skirt and a red sleeveless V Neck blouse

” Sorry, you two came home to have sex, I will go. ” Kelly said.

” No babe, its fine. Andy wont mind. ” Sophie said looking at Andy.

” Yeh no, fine. ” Andy said.

” No go on, I will be fine, I’m going to take a shower anyway, was Caleb off me. ” She said.

” Caleb? ” Andy said ” Is that his name? ”

” Yeh, Go have sex. ” Kelly said.

” Sure? ” Sophie said.

” Yes go please. ” Kelly said standing.

She opened her drawer pulling out a pair of underwear and a bra and a dress. Andy catching a glimpse of her underwear in her hand. She smiled as she walked to the bathroom.

Sophie and Andy walked to the bedroom embracing, they kissed.

” Poor thing ” Andy said.

” Yeh, she is so hurt by him. ” Sophie said looking up at Andy.

Kelly took off her tee shirt, she unzipped her skirt dropping it to the floor and took off her underwear. She stepped in the shower and washed her breasts soaping them and washing them numerous times, she wanted to get Caleb’s saliva off her. Although she felt horny, she decided she would hold off losing her virginity. She wanted too.

Andy undid Sophie’s blouse he undid her skirt and pushed it to the floor. Sophie slid to her knees unzipping Andy’s trousers pulling his erection out. She slid her lips over his knob and sucked up and down his shaft.

” Oh Sophie. ” He moaned. ” My wife wont give me a blowjob. ”

Sophie took his cock out and looked up at him.

” Lucky you have a lover that dose. ” Sophie said sliding her mouth back down Andy’s cock aware of her 17 yr old sister in the shower.

” Oh fuck yes. ” He said looking down watching Sophie pleasure his hard cock.

Kelly sat in the shower thinking of her sister fucking her older lover in the next room. Kelly felt very jealous.

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