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6.25 pm.

She knocked at the door and waited. She heard footsteps. The door opened.

” Kelly. ” She said

” Hi Sis ” Kelly said standing outside

” Hi, can I come in? ” Kelly said.

” Aggghhhh yeh sure. ” Sophie said to her younger sister opening the door. She lead her down the hallway to the kitchen..

She was greeted by the sight of a middle aged man sitting at the breakfast bar sipping a glass of wine.

” Andy. ” Sophie said. ” My sister Kelly. ”

” Hi nice to meet you. ” Andy said.

” Andy is my boss, hes just popped around to drop off next weeks files for me to look at this weekend. ” Sophie said.

” Oh ok. ” Kelly replied.

Kelly and Sophie were sisters.

Sophie was 23, she wore a red dress with a V neck the dress sitting just above her knees. Sophie’s D cup bust tight in the dress her cleavage showing in her red bra.

Kelly was 17, she wore her school uniform.

So whats up sis? ” Sophie said smiling at Kelly. Kelly often dropped around to see her sister. ” I thought you were away this weekend? ”

” The trip was cancelled, the weather is supposed to be bad. ” Kelly replied.

” Oh. ” Sophie said looking at Andy. Kelly noticed a glance from them both, a we have been caught glance.

Andy was a tall well groomed gentleman, 52 and married. Short receding hair and a athletic build.

Kelly noticed Andy’s open zip on his trousers. She knew he wasn’t there to drop off files, Sophie had always liked older men, but her boss?

Their was another knock on the door, Sophie looked at Andy. ” That will be the pizza. ” Sophie said

” Pizza? ” Kelly replied looking at her sister. Sophie picked up her purse and walked out of the kitchen to the hallway. Kelly followed her sister to the door. Sophie paid for the pizza and closed the door. They stood outside

” Are you….. ” Kelly whispered

” What? ” Sophie said.

” Fucking him? ” Kelly asked whispering

” Its complicated, please don’t….. ”

” Are you? ” Kelly asked.

” Ok yes, I am. ” Sophie said.

” Hes your boss, hes married? ” Kelly asked.

” Yes to both, Look please its…. ”

” Complicated? ” Kelly said.

” Please it has to be our secret, his wife cant find out ok. ” Sophie said.

” Wife, he has a wife Kelly. He’s having a affair with you, hes dads age. ” Kelly said.

” Yes I know, but he makes me happy, please babe, this has to be a secret ok. Its just fuckin sex that’s all. No commitment, just sex ok. Plus I like older men. ” Sophie said

” But Dads age. Sophie. ” Kelly said.

” Oh come on its not like I’m fucking Dad. ” Sophie said smiling.


They had pizza and sat on the couch. Andy went to the toilet.

” So Sis are you a virgin? ” Kelly asked her sister.

” Yes. ” Kelly said ” Why? ”

” Just wondering why you haven’t let your boyfriend hasn’t fuck you yet? ”

” No, its complicated. But I’ve let him touch my breast over my bra. ” Kelly said.

” Really? ” Kelly.

” We were kissing after school, I met him and we went for a bush walk. We kind of kissed against a tree. I let him put his hand in my blouse and he fondled my boob over my bra. ” Kelly replied

” Have you seen his dick? ” Sophie asked sipping her glass of wine.

” No. Why? ”

” Just wondering. You haven’t gone that far yet? ” Sophie asked.

” NO! ” Kelly snapped ” Gross ”

” Andy’s got a nice dick. ” Sophie said.

” Sophie gross. ” Kelly said.

Andy walked out again and picked up his jacket.

” I should go, my wife is expecting me soon. ” He said ” See you at work on Monday, look over the files this weekend. ” Andy said.

” Oh cut the bullshit, Kelly knows about us. ” Sophie said.

” What, she does? ” Andy said worried.

” Its fuckin obvious. ” Kelly said ” Your fucking my sister. ” Kelly added as she stood up. ” Its fine, its her body she can fuck who she likes. ”

” Shit. ” ” Andy said.

” Its ok. ” Kelly said ” Its out secret. ” Walking to the counter past Andy picking up a wine glass pouring herself a wine.

” His wife is away this weekend, they are having a girls weekend. ” Sophie said

” So hes staying with you. ” Kelly asked standing arms folded sipping her wine.

” Yes, should you be drinking? ” Sophie asked.

” I drink when I come to stay. ” Kelly said.

” Ok, fill my glass up then sis. ” Sophie said standing walking over to Andy kissing his lips.

” Well yeh. ” Andy said smiling at Kelly.

” You mind if I stay tonight? ” Kelly asked. ” Had a fight with dads new wife. ”

” Sure babe ” Sophie said looking at Andy. ” She is bit of a bitch. ”

” Bitch, that’s a understatement. Wish mum was still here. ” Kelly replied.

” Yeh well she ran off with your teacher. ” Sophie said.

” Cant believe shes a lesbian now. ” Kelly said.

” Lesbian? ” Andy asked.

” Mum had a affair with my teacher, now they live together and are getting married. Dads new wife is a complete bitch. That’s why I stay here a lot. I cant stand the bitch. ” Kelly replied.

” I left home just in time. ” Sophie replied.

” Look you two just do what you do, I know your fucking so its fine, I wont tell anybody about it ok. ” Kelly said. ” I’m going to have a spa. ”

Kelly walked to the spare room where she stays often. She has a change of clothes and a spare bikini.

7.57 pm.

Kelly walked out into the lounge wearing a bikini. It was a white halterneck bikini with strings on the side of her hips holding the bottoms together and the same with the top. Her long auburn hair tied into a ponytail. She noticed Ian looking her up and down. She was 17 and a virgin.

She picked up a glass of wine and made her way to the private patio out the back.

Ten minuted later her sister appeared wearing a red bikini, Ian wearing a pair of Sophie’s beach shorts.


” This is so nice. ” Sophie said

” So how long have you been fucking? ” Kelly asked looking at Sophie and Ian.

Ian looked at Sophie, Sophie looked at Ian.

” Six months ” Sophie said. ” Look its….. ”

” …complicated? ” Kelly replied.

” Yes. ” Sophie said.

” How did it start? ” Kelly asked.

” At the office, we were alone and doing some paperwork together and I spilt water down my blouse. So I took it off and wore one of Ian’s work shirts. I wore it home and a week later Ian came around to pick it up. We ended up talking, had to much wine and had sex, he left afterwards to go home to his wife. I guess we haven’t stopped fucking. ” Sophie said.

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” Your boss? ” Kelly said.

” Yes. ” Andy replied.

” It its a good release for both of us, great sex, no commitment. ” Sophie said.

” Whats the sex like, it must be good? ” Kelly asked

” Its good. ” Sophie replied.

” Is my sister , my much younger sister, better than your wife? ” Kelly asked.

” Ummm. ” Andy said looking at Sophie.

” Kelly? ” Sophie said.

” Well, the sex must be better with you if its lasted six months. ” Kelly said.

” Well, she is pretty good in bed. ” Andy said.

” Is she better? ” Kelly asked.

Andy looked at Sophie and then at Kelly.

” So, ok we are fucking so what. Its just great sex for both of us. Like I said no commitment, just sex and a great tension release. ” Sophie replied standing up. Kelly admired her sisters amazing bust, her beautiful D cup breasts on her athletic size 14 frame. Her long dark hair in a ponytail. She looked at her b cup breasts. She was jealous her sisters breasts were twice the size as hers.

” We usually skinny dip. ” Sophie said to Kelly.

” Yes, no need for togs when its just us. ” Kelly said.

” Shall I go. ” Andy joked.

” No. ” Sophie said smiling at him sitting back down, Andy put his arm up across the back of the pool behind Sophie’s neck. Sophie nestled into her lovers side turning to him kissing his cheek. Andy turned finding her lips. They kissed.

Sophie turned to Kelly smiling. ” Sorry sis. ” She said.

” Don’t mind me. ” Kelly replied smiling.

” Do you have a boyfriend? Andy asked. ” Your a attractive girl like your sister. ” Andy added ” You must have them lining up. ”

” Well not so much a boyfriend, he’s more a friend that I am with. I like him but….. I don’t know if he’s the one. ”

” He touched her boob. ” Sophie said.

” Oh well. ” Andy said.

” Over my bra. ” Kelly said looking at Sophie ” He touched my bra, not my boob. ”

” Did he fondle and squeeze? ” Sophie asked.

” Yes. ” He did.

” Did you enjoy it. ” Andy asked.

Kelly thought for a second looking down at her cleavage. ” Yeh I did. I was fuckin nervous, but yes I did. ”

” Do you want to sleep with him? ” Sophie said looking at her sister.

” No not really, but I enjoyed him touching my bra. ” Kelly said

” She’s a virgin. ” Sophie said looking at Andy.

” Sophie ! ” Kelly said.

” Its ok Kelly. ” Andy said ” Good on you. ” He said.

” She’s had boob envy as well growing up. ” Sophie said smiling at her sister.

” Boob envy? ” Andy asked.

” Sophie shut up. ” Kelly snapped.

” My tits are bigger than hers. ” Sophie said.

” Bitch. ” Kelly snapped.

Andy glanced at Kelly’s cleavage and smiled at her. ” I’m sure they are nice. ” He said. ” Big or small all breasts are beautiful. ” He added.

” Thank you Andy. ” Kelly said.

” Andy likes mine, aye baby. ” Sophie said.

” Casual sex aye, you guys are starting to act like a couple. ” Kelly said.

” Oh come on, we cant be intimate when we are together. ” Sophie replied.

” I didn’t say that. ” Kelly replied.

” Do you have children Andy? ” Kelly asked.

Andy looked at Sophie. ” Yes I have two daughters and a son. ” Andy said.

” Oh how old? ” Kelly asked

” My daughters are 27 and 29 and my son is 20. ” Andy said.

” Ok. ” Kelly replied.

” You know Dad cant find out about Andy. ” Sophie said smiling.

” No. ” Kelly said. ” Our secret remember. I remember when Sophie lost her virginity. ” Kelly added.

” Do you? ” Sophie said.

” Yeh Adam Morgan. ” Kelly said

” Oh yes Adam Morgan. ” Kelly said looking at the sky.

” Who’s that? ” Andy asked.

” Ok, ” Kelly said. ” When Sophie was 17 and I was 11 she was baby sitting me. I was in bed and Sophie let a boy come over. She wasn’t allowed to. Anyway I woke up it was about 9 pm. I heard noises in Sophie’s room. I didn’t know about ‘ sex noises’ I thought she was been beaten or someone was murdering her. I got up and went to her room……. ”

” Oh shit. ” Sophie said.

” What? ” Andy said.

” Ok I opened the door, their was Sophie stark naked, Adam stark naked on the bed fucking. I watched for a minute, just as he cum Sophie saw me, so their was Adam looking to enjoy the moment, and Sophie pushing him off with her younger sister in the doorway. ”

” Oh shit. ” Andy said.

” I bribed her with lollies so I wouldn’t tell mum and dad. ” Kelly replied.

” So that was your first time having sex? ” Andy said.

” Yes. I lost my virginity that night with Adam. ” Sophie said.

” Adam was our neighbour, he was 21. ” Sophie added. ” So I guess I have always had something for older men. ”

” The sex is better. ” Andy said smiling

” I wouldn’t know. ” Kelly said.

” Only one way to find out sis. ” Sophie replied smiling at her younger sister.

” Oh really. Fuck Adam Morgan was the first dick I ever saw. ” Kelly replied.

” So how many has she had since then? ” Andy asked Kelly.

” Two many to count. ” Kelly joked smiling at Sophie.

” No, not that many, I not a slut. ” Sophie snapped. I’ve had steady relationships. It just made me realize I’m not the relationship kind of girl. I like my freedom. Especially sexually. Adam and I have agreed this is a temporary thing until one decides to end it. So no strings attached casual sex. ” Sophie replied.

” Not sure if I’m ready to have sex. I suppose I will know. ” Kelly said smiling at Andy.

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