Jessy’s Movie night – New Sex Story

Wednesday night.

Well dinner was nice, we cleaned up. I went to my bedroom and moisturised my body with coconut
Moisturiser, I put on my favourite perfume. Mum did the same.

Dad sat on the sofa. He had the snacks all ready for us. I really could not wait for the sex afterwards.

Mum sat next to Dad, I sat on the other side placing my legs over his lap, my thighs on his thighs and my calfs and ankles on Mum’s. He put the blanket over my legs and rested the snacks on top of it using my legs across his lap as a table.

The curtains closed it was dark. The movie started. It was so nice. I felt Mum’s hand on my ankle under the blanket, Dads hand rested on top of my thigh by my hip. I could feel his cock against the bottom of my thigh. Again it felt nice.

Halfway through the movie I felt Dads hand slowly move on my thigh, his fingers rubbing the top of my thigh. I slowly adjusted my legs opening them slightly with my knees. Dads fingers slid down the inside of my thigh, his fingers grazing my outer labias, I took a quiet deep breath as his fingers rested against them. He moved his finger rubbing my pussy finding my inner labias. Fuck it felt nice.

I moved my hand under the blanket finding his huge erection between my thighs. I grabbed it and played with his cock as we watched the movie.

Dad looked at me and smiled, father and daughter playing with each other under the blanket while watching a movie with mum there.

My pussy was moist, my pussy dripping over Dads fingers, I could feel his precum on my thigh. His fingers now rubbing slowly over my clit.

I swung my legs off mum’s lap. I sat with I the same position as Mum and Dad. I leant forward pulling a ottaman closer lifting my feet onto it. I snuggled beside Dad leaning into him. His hand again on my thigh, mine on his.

” You ok dear? ” Mum said.

” Yeh fine. ” I said as my hand found Dads cock again and his hand found my pussy. One off my legs up resting on Dads thigh my lower legs dangling between Dads allowing him better discrete access to my groin. Not that we needed to be discrete around Mum.

My pussy, in fact my whole body responds to Dads touch. I looked up at him as he slowly slid a finger over the entrance to my vagina. He looked down and I squeezed his cock between my fingers, he pushed a finger in me. He looked at me smiling then leant in kissing my lips holding his finger inside my vagina.

I felt another hand on mine, a females hand. Mum slid her hand under the blanket and onto mine. I smiled at Dad. All this as we watched. I knew soon we all would be fucking, a threesome. Watching Mum and Dad sexually, I loved that, Dad loved watching Mum and I play with each other sexually, Mum loved watching Dad and I sexually.

I felt Dads other hand move under the blanket, Mum’s legs open. Dads other hand on Mum’s pussy. Mum and I resting our hands around Dads cock.

Dads fingers rubbing over and around my pussy. Fuck I had missed that. Dads fatherly hands on my naked body. I rested my head against his shoulder after I kissed it. It was so nice Mum wasn’t jealous of my relationship, sexually and emotionally with Dad.

The movie finished. We all stretched, Dads fingers coming out of my vagina.

I reached over turning on the little light by the sofa.

” Good movie. ” Mum said

” Yes. ” I replied. ” Think the sex scenes made Dad a little horny. ” I replied

” Yes, I knew you both were up to something under the blankets. ” Mum replied.

” You jealous Mum? Daddy playing with me during the movie ” I said smiling at her.

” No darling. ” I said.

” Well its 9 pm. I think its spa time. ” Dad said.

” Yes. I really have to piss, Dad fingering me during the movie has made my pussy quite aroused. ” I said.

” He just cant leave your pussy alone can he? ” Mum said.

” No its like its a long lost friend. ” I said standing as Dad put his fingers in his mouth sucking them. He then pulled them out.

” Well a pussy that tastes this good, cant blame me. ” Dad said looking up at me.

” So mine doesn’t. ” Mum said smiling at Dad. Dad put his other fingers in his mouth sucking them.

” Yes darling. ” He said.

” So who’s is nicer, mine or your daughters. ” Mum said.

” Yes Dad, who’s pussy tastes nicer, mine or mum’s. ” I said.

” Fuck ladies, ok you both have delicious pussies, you both have your own unique taste. So I like both just the same. ” He said.

” Oh father. ” I replied smiling.

” Ok. Well my pussy is so horny. ” I said.

” Well your fathers cock will sort that out soon dear. ” Mum said smiling.

” Hope so. ” I replied horny with the inticipation of been fucked soon.

Ten minutes later we were in the outdoor jacuzzi drinking wine. The cloudless sky. The stars twinkling above us. All three of us naked talking. I thought how horny I was sucking Dads cock in front of Mum a few hours earlier, making him cum in my mouth. Mum liked watching me swallow Dads semen. I loved the taste of his cum. I loved his cum over me. Over my mouth, my chin, my breasts. In my pussy. I loved Dad fucking me with no protection, creampieing my pussy.

Mum and I looked at each other, we sat closer to Dad, both of us placing our hands on his cock, his hard erection. Dad looked at me, we kissed, our lips touching, biting each others lips. Teasing with our tongues.

Dad then leant over to Mum kissing her lips. I rubbed his cock slowly up and down. Dad reached for Mum’s breasts caressing them as he kissed her.

Dad then sat up on the edge of the patio on a towel. His legs in the water. His amazing big cock standing proud. His purple circumcised knob oozing cum asking to be sucked.

Mum and I shared his cock kissing each side of his shaft, lightly kissing his knob as we fondled his balls. We each pressed our lips over half his cock each, our lips meeting. Together we moved them up and down his cock in unison our lips staying joined. Dad moaned watching his wife and daughter tease his cock. He held our heads as we sucked him.

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I love his cock, I know every vein, I know every millimetre of his shaft and knob. I can lie in bed when hes not there and taste his cum, taste his cock. Hes the only man I know that well. I wont say I’m in love with my father but we have a certain connection a very few father and daughter have.

Mum put her mouth over Dads knob sliding her lips down his big knob and shaft. I licked and sucked his testicles. Dad been waxed makes it even nicer.

” Oh fuck ladies. ” He said.

” Love that daddy? ” I said

” Oh fuck yes. ” He said moaning watching Mum suck his knob.

I sat up on the edge of the pool with his. We kissed, French kissing. I rubbed his chest. He fondled my breasts, he squeezed my nipples. I felt Mum’s hand on my thigh. I opened my legs as her hand reached my pussy. Her fingers rubbing my clit as she sucked Dads cock.

Dad pushed me down on my back. Mum moved from Dads cock to between my legs. Oral sex, Mum was going to give me oral sex.

” Yes Mum. ” I said as her tongue touched my clit circling it. There is nothing nicer than a female tongue working your pussy. Mum then kissed down my labias to my vagina, with her tongue she circled around my vaginal entrance. She pushed her tongue in me, I jumped with pleasure. Her tongue working my vagina, her fingers working my clit.

Before I knew it Dad was keeling over me above my head facing mum. I tilted my head back opening my mouth, his huge cock filling my mouth. I lifted my hands onto his hips as I sucked holding his cock with my mouth only.

I felt Dads fingers on my clit rubbing it as Mum pushed her fingers into my vagina slowly finger fucking me as she kissed over Dads fingers rubbing my clit. I sucked his cock harder. His yummy delicious cock.

Dad looked down at me and started fondling my breasts as I sucked his cock.

Mum’s super tongue working my pussy. Dad started pushing his cock in and out of my mouth. His super hard erection in my mouth.

Five minutes later we got out and dried off. We headed upstairs to the bedroom.

My pussy on fire, Mum’s magic tongue made me so wet and horny. Dad sat on the bed as Mum stepped up to me. She put her hands on my hips. I put mine on hers. We leant in kissing each others lips. We french kissed, we caressed each others breasts.

Dad sat on the bed, his hand on his hard cock as Mum and I kissed, our lips tasting each others lip gloss.

I pulled her to the bed and sat down. I opened my legs pulling mum between them. I looked up at her amazing breasts sliding my hands up caressing them. I leant in kissing her nipples as I squeezed them.

Mum held my head as she watched with dad. I slid my hand between her thighs rubbing her shaved pussy. My fingers rubbing her labias.

” Oh ladies. ” Dad said as Circled her clit.

I lay back, Mum knelt on the floor between my legs guiding her fingers down my wet labias. She leant in. I jumped in pleasure as her wet tongue circled my clit and her finger slowly slid inside my pussy.

” Oh fuck Mum. ” I said moaning as Dad leant over fondling my breast. He kissed my lips and then slid a hand to my pussy rubbing my clit as Mum licked down to my vaginal opening circling it with her tongue as she slowly fingered me.

Dad and I french kissing. Dad smiled as he got up kneeling on the bed above my head. He guided his cock into my mouth. I tilted my head back and sucked it holding his hips. He reached down squeezing my breasts.

Mum stood and walked to the wardrobe pulling out a container. I moaned as I saw her put on a strap on harness. She inserted a black dildo. She lubed it up and stepped towards me lubing my pussy.

” Your mother wants to fuck you. ” Dad said.

” Yes please. ” I said smiling at her. She leant in guiding the dildo to my pussy sliding it in. ” Ohhhhh fuuccck ” I moaned as she thrust me

” Like that darling? ” She asked.

” Ohh yes please. ” I said smiling at her. Dad leant over me getting a better view of the dildo thrusting my wet pussy. Dad and I now in a 69. His cock in my mouth. He leant in kissing my stomach and above my clit. I was so happy. Where I want to be. Naked been sexually intimate with my parents.

My mouth moving up and down Dads hard erection. Mum holding my legs open thrusting me. Dads fingers circling my clit. He looked up and started fondling mum’s breasts. My pussy on fire .

I had the taste of his cum in my mouth.

Mum pulled the dildo our of me. She lifted it to dads mouth making him suck it. I knew he could taste my pussy juices on it.

” Suck it darling. ” Mum said to him.

I was licking and sucking his cock. Teasing his cock.

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