Jess is back (My lockdown story)


Well Monday came. Four days with my parents. Four naked days with them. It was so nice.

There didn’t seem to be sexual tension between Dad and I. It felt like a normal, as can be relationship between naked father and daughter.


Mum and Dad were at the table eating breakfast, yep naked. I had a meeting online so yes I was dressed.

I wore black short skirt and a red v neck cotton blouse, my hair straightened and make up on.

” Whens then meeting ? ” Mum asked

” Ten minutes ” I replied pushing bread into the toaster and pouring a coffee.

” Strange seeing you dressed. ” Dad said smiling.

” Prefer me naked do you? ” I asked grinning at my father.

” Well, yes dear, but you do look good dressed as well. ” He replied.

” Well then. Shit. ” I said sipping my coffee. ” Its a budget meeting. Boring. ” I said as my toast popped up. I buttered it and put on jam.

” Have fun honey. ” Dad said as I made my way upstairs.


The meeting finished. I logged off my computer and was in need for a cold drink. It was a hot day. Mum was in her painting studio painting. I went into the kitchen and poured a glass of wine. (Hey dad has a wine cellar full of wine) I looked out to the patio pool seeing Dad in it. I poured him a glass and stepped out to the patio.

” How was your meeting? ” Dad asked.

” Great as far as budget meetings go. ” I replied sipping my wine.

” Good darling are both those for you? ” He asked.

” Yes, I’m turned into a fuckin alcoholic. I need two glasses. ” I said looking at my naked father in the pool.

” Bit over dressed aren’t you? ” He said splashing me.

” Fuck off. ” I said handing him a wine.

” Go on strip for me, ” he said.

” Pardon? ” I replied.

” Strip for me, ” he replied.

” Yes it felt weird my father asking me to strip for him. Ah I didn’t mind, I knew eventually it would turn sexual. At last I thought. I put my glass on the table and started jirating my body, running my hands over my arse and up to my bust. I flicked my skirt up showing my bare arse, no knickers. I had my back to him.

” Darling. ” He said. I turned around slowly undid my blouse smiling at him, I opened it up taking it off, I threw it to him in the pool. He caught it and sniffed it. I caressed my breasts over my bra, squeezing and fondling them. I looked at him as I reached behind undoing my strap unclipping it. I turned my back to him, and turned my head looking behind me as I slid my bra off throwing it to him over my shoulder to him in the pool. I bent over my back to him then slid down my skirt. From where he was I knew he could see my pussy. I stepped out off my skirt flicking it up with my foot. I turned to face him. My fully naked body now there for my father to see in a sexual way.

I stood naked and took two steps towards the edge of the pool, Dad looking straight up at my pussy from the pool. I dived in and surfaced pushing my hair back. Relief from the hot day. My wet blouse, bra and skirt floating in the pool

Dad handed me my wine. I knew soon I would be having sex with him. I wanted to. I needed it.

” This is nice. ” I said standing close to Dad.

” It is darling. ” He said.

We talked for a while. He sat up on the edge of the pool. I stood in the pool in front of him. I looked at his cock between his legs.

” Haven’t seen that for a while. ” He said

” What? ” I said knowing what he meant.

” You know. ” He said looking down at me then his cock.

” Yeh well. ” I said. He opened his legs wider.

” Go on. ” Dad said.

” What? ” I replied knowing again what he meant.

I looked at him and reached our touching the top of his cock. A cock that had fucked me so many times.

” You know I remember the first time you fucked me. ” I said rotating my hand under his growing cock lifting it up.

” The Japanese businessman. ” Dad said. ” Yes what a night that was. ” Dad said looking down at me.

” You were so nervous. ” I replied looking up at him smiling.

” Of course you were my daughter darling. He didn’t know that. ” Dad said.

” Well, I had just fucked him, you watching. It was just sex. ” I said lifting his cock stroking it. He leant back sliding his arse over the edge of the pool. I stepped between his legs looking up at him as I kissed his knob. ” It was so kinky. ”

” Jess. ” He said. ” It was so kinky. ”

” Ummmm. ” I moaned as I slid my mouth down his erection.

” Shit, Jessica darling. ” He said looking down at me sucking up and down his shaft. Licking around his knob, tasting his precum. ”

I kept sucking and licking his cock occasionally deep throating him. He loves that. I wanted his cum in my mouth. I sucked and stroked faster. Dad moaning and moaning..

” I love sucking cock. ” I said taking it out of my mouth

” You do it well ” Dad said.

” I’ve been told I have a magic mouth. ” I said holding it kissing his shaft.

” You do darling. You know I remember the first time I touched your breasts. ” He said.

” Oh yeh, your fantasy wanting to watch Mum and I fuck a guy. Tony was his name wasn’t it? ” I said.

” Yes Tony. ” Dad said

” He had a big cock. ” I said. ” I remember as I lay down Tony pounding my pussy, you next to me fondling my tits. ”

” It felt strange, ” Dad said. You looked fuckin sexy in that red dress. ” He said.

” Yeh you kissed my cleavage. ” I said.

” I did. ” Dad said chuckling. ” Yes I did. ” He said as I slid my mouth down his cock sucking it.

” Fuck Jessy. ” He said looking down at me sucking his cock.

A few minutes I sucked them took it out. ” You know when you got naked I wanted to touch your cock. ”

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” Why didn’t you? ” Dad said.

” I don’t know really. Been my father….. Crossing the line. ”

” All naked together, I think the line was crossed honey. You could have. ”

” Did you want me to? ” I asked.

” Yes, I did your mother would not have minded. ” Dad said.

” Yeh well probably good I didn’t back then. ” I said smiling at him returning to his cock sliding it back in my mouth sucking it.

Dad looked at the clear blue sky as I sucked and stroked him. A plane fly over our heads. I felt horny wondering if people looking down could see us. Dad started moaning and groaning. I knew he was about to cum. I sucked harder tightening my grip with my mouth.

” Fuck Jess. ” He said leaning forward holding my head. ” I’m going to cum honey. ”

I deep throated him sucking tightening my grip with my mouth. Seconds later I felt his warm semen in my mouth. I swallowed it and licked his cock.

” Ummmmmm. ” I moaned taking his cock out kissing his oozing knob. I opened my mouth pushing cum out with my tongue letting it drip down my chin smiling at him.

” Fuck Jess. ” He said smiling .

” Nice? ” I said as he slid into the pool hugging me. I swallowed his cum and took a swig of wine.

” Fuck you know how to suck. ” Dad said smiling at me his hands on my hips looking at me.

” Fuck me then. ” I said. ” I need sex. ” I added.

He leant in kissing my lips. His hand moved onto my breast. He fondled me, caressed me. Our mouths joined kissing each other.

” I remember when you had sex with your old Math teacher. ” Dad said.

” Oh shit Mr King. Yes, why I saved my old school uniform, fucked if I know. Yes oh my God yes. ” I said.

” That was a good night. ” Dad said.

” Yeh his fantasy came true, disciplining a student like that. ” I giggled. ” Shit you would think I was bit of a slut. But I just love sex. ” I said.

Ten minutes of hugging and kissing and fondling we got out of the pool. We lay on the grass on a towel. He lay on his back, I lay next to him my hand on his chest kissing his lips my leg up on his groin over his cock.

Five minutes later, we got into a 69. I sucked his cock again and played with it, kissing it, licking it, fondling it. His circumcised cock.

I felt his tongue and fingers working my clit and labias, his tongue licking me, my holes. His fingers been inserted into my wet vagina, my moist dripping pussy lips. I wanted it. I needed it, just like before.

I sat up resting my hands on Dads hips looking down at his mouth around my pussy, Dads tongue been pushed into my vagina.

” Oh fuck Dad ” I said. Hes great at oral sex. Hes so great with his tongue. He knows my pussy so well. I love that he does.

I turned around straddling him as the lounge door opened. I saw mum come out glass of wine in hand.

” Hi Mum. ” I said as she came over sitting on the seat looking at Dad and I on the grass.

” Wondering how long it would take. ” Mum said smiling at us as I grabbed Dads cock rubbing my clit sliding it to my vagina and sliding down his shaft.

” Ohhhhh fuuuuck. ” I moaned my eyes closed looking at the sky feeling his hard erection slid in my pussy. I felt his hands on my breasts fondling them. I gripped Dads hands interlocking our fingers over my tits as pulling them into my breasts as I slowly rode up and down his hard cock, my eyes closed knowing Mum was sitting a metre away watching us.

I rode him looking to the sky, eyes closed enjoying it, his hard cock inside me.

” Ohhhh yes my two favourite things together. ” I said ” Sex and the outdoors. I love fucking outdoors. ” I said opening my eyes looking down at Dad under me. Mum sitting back now in the lounger with a book reading it, naked except her sunglasses as I fucked Dad. It felt like something we do every day. Every one so casual.

I loved Dad seeing my naked body, using it for his sexual pleasure. Admiring it, feeling it. Feeling like its his to use. As far as I’m concerned it is. I love my body been used by Dad.

” Oh fuck Jess. ” Dad said as I leant back resting my hands on his knees. I rode him. His hands on knees. His cock inside me, fucking me.

” Come join us Mum. ” I said looking at her.

” Oh no, you and your father can catch up with each other. ” Mum said pulling her sunglasses down looking at me ride Dads cock. Mum grinned at me watching her daughter fuck her husband, my father. My pussy wet and moist.

I then got off. I know Dad likes doggy style. I got onto my knees and rested my elbows on the ground.

” You know me. ” Dad said as he pushed his cock into my pussy. For about five minutes he fucked me doggy style, eventually he cum filling my pussy with his semen. I loved my vagina with his cum in it. It feels so fuckin nice.

A minute later he withdrew. I rolled onto my back.

Dad knelt between my open legs, Mum looked, my pussy dripping with Dads cum, his cock dripping with semen.

” How was that? ” Mum asked.

” Great. ” I said.

We all laughted and then all got up and got into the pool.

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