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” Well. ” Jenny said stepping away from her father.

” Fun babe? ” Sophie asked.

” Yeh considering I just played with my fathers cock. ” She said looking down at his huge erection.

” Neil enjoyed it ” Sophie said smiling at Neil.

All three dried off and returned to the bedroom. Sophie and Jenny sat on the sofa. Neil went to the small bar and poured three drinks.

He sat down between the girls.

” We had fun in the shower. ” Neil said.

” Yes. ” Sophie replied smiling at Jenny. ” Watching father and daughter play. ” Sophie said.

” Just don’t let your mother find out ok.? ” He said looking over at his daughter.

” Oh no absolutely not. That was the most interesting shower I have ever had. ” Jenny replied.

” My pussy feels so horny. ” Jenny said. ” Shit Sophie I haven’t orgasmed like that for a long time. ” Jenny replied.

” Cool glad I can help babe. ” Sophie replied.

” So dad. Did you enjoy playing with my tits? ” Jenny asked.

” Well yes, I mean I’ve seen them lots, I’ve always wanted to touch them. Finally I do. ” He said.

” So yes? ” Jenny said reaching over placing her hand on his cock. Neil looked down at his daughters hand on his penis. He looked at Jenny and smiled.

” I think you enjoyed playing with my cock. ” He replied.

” Yeh, I did. Its so nice. ” She said.

” I remember the first time you saw it. ” Neil said.

Jenny looked at him, them Sophie, ” Yeh catching my father and best friend doggy style fucking. ” Jenny replied.

” Well we got away with it for a year. ” Sophie replied ” Glad you caught us, now all three of us get to play. ”

” What about your other lover? ” Jenny asked.

” Andy? ” Sophie said. ” Well I guess I just like men over 50. ” She said smiling at her friend..

Jenny slowly played with her fathers cock. Neil looked down, Sophie looked down.

” So what about your boyfriend? ” Sophie asked Jenny.

” Rob? Its more a friend with benefits arrangement. ” She said.

” So just sex? ” Sophie said.

” Yeh, that’s all I want. He doesn’t know I’m bi sexual. I don’t like everybody knowing that ” Jenny said.

” Or your playing with your father. ” Neil said glancing down at his daughters hand over his cock.

” Fuck yeh. I know dad. ” Jenny replied.

” So Jenny tell me, your bi? ” He dad said.

” Yes dad. ” She said lifting her fathers cock stroking it slowly.

” Fuck that’s nice. ” He said watching his daughters hand wrapped around his huge erection. ” Do you prefer men or women. ” He asked.

” Well dad, the good thing about been bi sexual is you get the best of both worlds. You get to play with nice cocks, and then having the choice of pussy as well ” she said ” Aye Sophie? ”

” Oh yeh babe. ” Sophie replied leaning over rubbing Neil’s chest.

” Well then. ” Neil said opening his legs more. Sophie’s hand sliding under his balls cupping them. ” Well I’m not bi. I prefer women then men. ” He said

” Its ok daddy. ” Jenny replied. ” You can play with my tits dad. ” She said.

Neil looked down at his daughter’s bust. Her tanned C cup breasts. Her erect nipples, he reached over cupping them, rubbing his thumb over her nipple.

” Fuck you have lovely breasts darling. ” Neil said.

” Thanks dad. ” She said. Neil looked at her at he leant in kissing her shoulder. He moved down her front kissing her chest. He moved kissing over her breast. He reached her nipple kissing over her erect nipple.

” Oh yes. ” She moaned feeling his lips over hard nipples. Sophie and Jenny played with his cock listening to Neil moaning. She looked down at him cupping her bosom, sucking and licking her nipples.

” I love my nipples been sucked. ” She said. ” Do you want to eat my pussy dad. ” She said.

He looked up at her. ” Are you sure? ” He said.

” Yep, if you want to, I’m jealous you have been eating Sophie’s all night. ” She said.

Neil slid off the couch, Jenny pushed her arse forward opening her legs sliding her hand down her stomach to her pussy. She looked at him as she rubbed her clit. Neil knelling on the floor admiring his daughters wet moist pussy.

Sophie leant over, she sat next to Jenny leaning over kissing her lips. Neil looked up at his daughter and Sophie passionately kissing, fondling each others breasts. He looked between his daughters open legs admiring her beautiful labias, her clit. He knew he shouldn’t be looking, let alone touching her.

She looked down smiling. ” Don’t be shy dad. ” She said.

He looked at her smiling. Jenny returning to Sophie. He put his hand on her clit and rubbed it.

” Ummmmmmm. ” Jenny moaned opening her legs wider responding to his touch. He slid his finger down over her labias. He pushed her legs open. He leant in kissing the inside of her thighs. His mouth inches from his daughter’s womanhood. He lightly kissed her inside thighs. He could almost taste her pussy from her scent.

He held her knees with his hands kissing the inside of her thighs. He slid his hand up the top of her right thigh. His daughters legs wide open. His daughters pussy asking him, teasing him.

He glanced at her pussy as he kissed her thigh. He looked up, Sophie now sucking his daughters nipples. Sophie’s hand now on his head. Sophie kissed down Jenny’s stomach.

She looked at Neil. ” Nice pussy aye? ” She said smiling.

” Ummm yes. ” Neil said ” I’m a bit nervous about giving my daughter oral sex. ” He said.

” She wants it. ” Sophie whispered smiling. ” She has the nicest pussy I’ve had. ” Sophie said.

” How many have you had? ” Neil asked. He watched Sophie’s fingers rub his daughters hood. Her fingers then slid down outside Jenny’s labias between her legs then up inside opening her labias with her fingers then back down inside to Jenny’s vagina hole sliding inside.

” Ohhh fuck. ” Jenny moaned as Sophie lifted her fingers to her mouth sucking them.

” Five. ” Sophie said. ” Jenny’s is the best. ” Sophie said winking at him. She sat back up kissing Jenny’s lips putting her hand on Jenny’s cheek.

Neil looked up again at them kissing, teasing each other with their tongues and lips. He actually loved that she was bi,

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He returned to her groin. He kissed above her clitoral hood, the scent of her pussy to much to resist. He kissed down, he had to taste her juices, his daughters juices. The soft flesh of her cunt.

He lightly kissed over her clit.

” Ummmm. ” She moaned putting her head back, Sophie kissed her neck under her chin. Jenny putting her hand on her fathers head. Jenny sliding her hand between Sophie’s open legs feeling her girlfriends pussy. Sophie moaned as Jenny rubbed her clit. Sophie kissing Jenny’s neck and chin fondling her breasts.

Neil’s fingers opening her labias. He kissed and licked inside her.

” Oh fuck dad yes please. Oh shit. ” Jenny moaned looking up at the roof opening her legs wider.

She knew it was her father, she loved it. Her daddy playing with her womanhood. The thought of fucking him went through her mind. Could she do it. If playing with him, oral sex with him. Could she go all the way.

She felt his tongue licking her pussy all over, his lips kissing her pussy. Her labias been sucked, his teeth on her labias. His fingers sliding up her vagina, slowly finger fucking her as he licked and sucked her, and kissed her.

” Oh fuck dad. ” She said.

Sophie kept kissing Jenny’s chest, breasts, chin as she fondled Jenny’s breasts. Neil’s tongue licking and circling his daughters clit and swollen labias. His fingers slowly fingering inside her.

Sophie stood up and stepped onto the couch. She turned around her back to Jenny. She leant over resting her hands onto Neil’s back, she pushed her arse into Jenny’s face. Jenny holding Sophie’s hips lifting her head into Sophie’s groin, Jenny licking and sucking Sophie’s pussy and arse.

” Oh fuck babe. ” Sophie said moaning feeling a female tongue working her pussy. Something she really enjoyed. She watched Neil working his daughters pussy.

Ten minutes later Sophie sat back down. Neil stood in front of the girls. Jenny sitting getting over her orgasm from her fathers oral sex.

Sophie grabbed Neil’s cock slowly sliding her mouth over his shaft. She sucked and licked his cock. Jenny watching her friends mouth working her fathers penis. She sat back watching fondling her breasts and rubbing her pussy.

Sophie took it out holding it. ” You want some? ” She said looking at Jenny.

” What? ” Jenny said.

” Your fathers cock, go on he ate your pussy. ” Sophie said.

” Wow. ” Jenny said sitting forward. She reached up grabbing her fathers erection. Neil looking down smiling. Sophie looked at Jenny grinning. Jenny leant in looking up at her father as she slowly licked around her fathers knob. Neil moaned as Jenny kissed his knob. Sophie heal his base leaning in kissing one side of Neil’s cock. Jenny kissing the other side.

” Yummy. ” Sophie said smiling. She poking her tongue out licking up and down Neil’s shaft. Jenny kissing the other side.

” Oh fuck girls. ” He said moaning.

Jenny opened her mouth sliding her lips down her fathers cock. She slowly stroked and sucked him. Neil moaning as his daughter sucked him.

” Oh Jennifer. ” He said ” That’s great darling. ” He said looking down. Jenny licking and slurping over his cock. Sophie stood putting her hand in Neil’s chest, she looked up kissing his lips. Neil fondled her breast as Jenny sucked and licked his cock.

” Fuck I think I’m going to cum. ” He said moaning. Sophie sat back down.

” Lets make him cum over us. ” Sophie said.

Jenny sucked and licked him as she stroked him. Neil moaning. Sophie joined in kissing and licking Neil’s cock with Jenny. They swapped around with Neil’s cock sucking it.

” Oh fuck. ” Neil said as the girls wanked him.

” Cum dad. ” Jenny said. ” Cum over us. ” She said.

A minute later Neil cum, shooting his juices over Sophie and Jenny. His cum on their faces, their lips, dripping off their chins.

Cum dripped onto their breasts.

Sophie and Jenny kissed, swapping his cum in their mouths. Rubbing his semen into each others breasts as they kissed.

Their hands sliding to each others groins rubbing each others pussies. They got back to Neil’s cock taking turns licking and sucking it clean.

After ten minutes. The girls stood and cleaned up.

” Shall we go to the hotel bar for a drink? Sophie said.

” Good idea. ” Neil replied.

” Might find a cock for Jenny to fuck. ” Sophie laughted

” Might be a bit much her father having sex with her. ” Neil said smiling at his naked daughter.

” Considering you have just, sucked and played with my tits, given me oral sex, cum in my mouth. You pretty much have dad. ” She said.

Sophie laughted. ” Well penetrative sex is different than oral sex. ” Sophie said.

Neil dressed watching the girls dress.

” Jenny put on a black lacy g string, with matching black padded plunge bra. She puleld up tight fitted jeans and a off the shoulder black short sleeved blouse top. Her shoulders and black bra straps visible.

Sophie put on a white lacy g string and matching lacy bra. A pair of jeans and a white lace and satin short sleeved top. The girls put on black heels and their make up.

They made their way to the bar and sat drinking. People unaware of father and daughters playtime earlier.

Jenny loved what she had just done with her father.

Jenny noticed a older man looking over at them. Sophie also noticed.

” He could join us ” Sophie said.

” But we are….. ”

” He doesn’t know that. ” Neil said.

” You would consider it dad. ” Jenny replied sipping her wine.

” If you girls want to. ” Neil replied looking and smiling at them both.

” Or maybe Jenny can go fuck him alone. ” Sophie said looking at her.

” I could do. ” Jenny said standing up with her wine smiling as she walked over and introduced herself.

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