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At sixty one years of age Joe was a lonely man who was well hated in the town that he lived in, he was a convicted flasher who had just served a three year prison sentence for his crimes, his wife had left him when he went to prison and then got a divorce from him. The people in the town where he lived did not speak to him and the youngsters gave him a lot of verbal abuse and some times threw stuff at him, Dawn who was sixteen years of age and her sister Amy who was four years younger that what Dawn was and lived in the house next door to where he lived were the worst of all the youngsters for giving abuse, their mum was an alcoholic and had lost control of her daughters so they did as they wanted. Joe was out one hot Saturday afternoon walking through the local woods, he was in part of the woods that were very overgrown, he saw Amy when he saw her his eyes lit up and a big smile appeared on his face, Amy was on her own sat on the ground her legs out stretched her tee shirt raised over her head and her jeans round her ankles as she rubbed her love tube, Joe had a good view of Amy and liked the sight of her naked developing boobs that had stiff nipples he also liked the sight of Amy as she started to slide her fingers in and out of her love tube, Joe stood watching the unexpected but welcome sight, Amy had her eyes closed and was completely unaware that she was being watched by Joe who was now stroking his erect dick, when Amy opened her eyes she saw Joe, she with drew her fingers from her love tube turned and ran adjusting her clothes as she did, when she turned Joe got a good clear view of her tight bare bum, after Amy had gone Joe carried on walking through the woods, when he got home Joe saw Amy in her garden and smiled then went into his house. Later that night Joe was in his kitchen when Dawn banged on his door, when Joe opened the door Dawn pushed him side as she did Dawn called him a pedo and perverted old man and also telling him to pick on some one older, Joe just smiled and said ” well you are here how about you ” Dawn snarled and said ” fucking try it ” Joe thought what an invite to good to resist, then reached out and cupped one of Dawn’s boobs taking her by total surprise saying ” I do not mind if I do ” Dawn quickly got over table her surprise and went to slap Joe who got blocked the slap holding Dawn’s wrist as he did, Dawn started issuing threats which Joe ignored he had Dawn held in a nerve hold which Dawn found to be very painful, Joe slid his free hand down Dawn’s front to the hem of her tee shirt and pushed it up finding that Dawn had no bra on and her more than ample bare boobs were now visible, Joe said ” very nice tits bigger than your sisters ” and started to rub them, then after a few minutes bent forward and started to lick and suck Dawn’s nipples while undoing her jeans then after a struggle had Dawn’s jeans and panties round her knees then after pushing her onto the table started to rub her hairless love tube while still sucking and licking her nipples which Joe noticed were now erect and Dawn was breathing heavy, after another five minutes Joe could feel that Dawn’s love tube was wet and she was breathing very heavy, Joe released Dawn’s wrist and stood up straight, Dawn lay still looking at Joe who undid his trousers releasing his throbbing eight inch erection, then after pulling Dawn’s jeans and panties right down and off pushed her legs apart, Dawn just looked at Joe who moved in between Dawn’s legs and pushed his dick right inside her love tube pushing in as deep as he could as he did Dawn let out a loud groan, Joe pushed Dawn’s tee shirt right up over her head and off then started to thrust in and out of her love tube gently squeezing her nipples as he did hearing Dawn groaning as he did then after awhile Joe felt Dawn climax as she did Dawn let out a deep groan, Joe carried on thrusting in and out of Dawn’s love tube and squeezing her nipples, then after ten minutes Dawn climaxed a second time then ten minutes later she climaxed a third time, not long after Joe pulled his dick from Dawn’s love tube pulled her to her feet turned her round bent her forward over the table and slid his dick up her bum as he did Dawn cried out, Joe thrust in and out of Dawn’s bum while massaging her boobs and squeezing her nipples, then after fifteen minutes Joe pulled his dick from Dawn’s bum turned her lay her back on the table and started thrusting in and out of her love tube again feeling her cum three more times before he squirted his cum over the floor, after twenty minutes Dawn got off the table and dressed, Joe looked at Dawn and said to her ” when you want fucking again you come and see me ” Dawn looked at him and said ” you are a right dirty old man ” as she left the house Joe said ” bring your sister with you next time ” As Dawn staggered back to her own house she thought fucked by an old man who was brilliant ” when she got into her own house she told Amy what had happened and how good it had been, Amy listened hardly believing what she was hearing. Joe sat in his lounge drinking tea and thinking that stuff that I got from the Chinese shop is brilliant. The following morning after hearing a knock on his door and opening it he saw Amy stood there, he noticed the pokies in her tee shirt then after twenty minutes after he had let Amy into his house Amy was naked moaning as Joe sucked her erect nipples and rubbed her wet love tube, as Joe slid his dick into Amy’s love tube he thought I am not going to be lonely for much longer and with luck the girls will bring their friends round to see me for some fun.

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