Forced sex : it’s a foursome fun

Hello friends,
Ritu have started looking for some great fun as matured men is in my mind but as for last 2-3 months I have never been with him ( dad ) on bed, it’s surprising for me also as my dad Pritam never touched me also inside home, so now my sexual desires have increased as my sexy body is desperate for physical love but I need dad’s long cock with a long durability penis inside hole, it’s a spring season as flowers are blooming and in the morning’s as it’s a weekend holiday my dad is in home, so both are sitting in lawn as drinking tea and as there we both are alone his eyes are starring at my nude thighs to legs as my round boobs also, it’s really embarassing for me as I have broken sexual relationship with him but he again have same desire and lastly I asked him ” ” dad it’s enough please don’t find me as your bed partner again
( He smiled ) no never, why you are so suspicious now? ” As I put my face down and lastly left him alone, so I am in my room as took out my long skirt with kurti to put it after having bath and as it’s a holiday I am going to meet my friend’s mother who is on bed due to leg get injured. So after having my breakfast I put my purse as I walked out of dinning room towards main gate as I can see dad sitting inside car and looking at me he shouted ” Ritu I am going for car servicing, so I can drop you where you want
( I moved to car ) ok I have to go NMCH ” and he is on driver’s seat while putting shorts and t-shirt on his body, so I sit in front seat as both moved out of home and as car is moving towards my destination looking at me, he asked ” will you be back home at lunch ” and as windows get closed with A/C on I felt bit suspicious about his activities, may he would like to force me for sex and as we are at Bahadurpur railway crossing car stopped but it’s a deserted road as he have put car on an isolated road and looking at me ” oh seems to be some problem in car ” and as he left out I am still inside as after a while he asked me ” go to back seat as my friend will also go to NMCH ” and I moved to back seat as I opened the door to sit inside, two strangers from both side entered inside as dad locked the door and moved the car, it’s really embarassing for me as both men of my dad’s age is sitting beside me as both starts kissing me while holding my breast ” oh you bastards, dad what’s going on as you have cheated me
( Dad looking at me ) it’s your choice baby you need gangbang ” and my request to leave me turned futile as two men are kissing my face to neck as they both are squeezing my breast hard and so I shouted ” stop doing it soon ” as car moved inside a home and soon I was like a gal been abducted for rape /fuck or gangbang as both men opened car’s door and pulled me out as they hold me hard and my dad opened the door of home as Ritu have been dragged to room as my dad was it’s witness, shocking as well as surprising for me who took me at his friend’s home as his two friends were there. Ritu than made up her mind as she knows their desires and like a bold and wild gal she asked ” you three want to enjoy with me, need sex isn’t it?
( Dad’s friends ) yes your dad have provoked us for it and so love to get physical love
( I in anger ) love! You three womaniser, need my sexy body to enjoy, so bring wine first with a strips of today pill ” and than I sits on chair as my soft boobs are burning as both men have squeezed it hard for 10 minutes or so and now my dad sits beside me as he starts kissing my face and now I am in fire as relationship died and sexual pleasure started. Dad looking at their friend ” so go and buy contraceptive pills
( Friend ) sure as whiskey is in home ” and after a while as dad is sitting in my left side while his friend Usman is in my right both starts kissing my face to lips as dad is going hard on my boobs but now as my feelings changed towards him/them I just stand infront of them as I started removing my leggings with crop tops, so a sexy figure of 32-26-36 inches have revealed their body and looking at me Usman starts removing his clothes as my dad did and now two long cocks are near to me. Ritu sits on their legs as hold both cocks hard and starts jerking it fast than put Usman’s cock in my mouth, it’s longer than my dad’s as I starts sucking it with dad’s cock getting a nice jerk and Usman is too handsome as his hand is rubbing my back while dad is pressing my breast, now left his penis as swallows dad’s cock and starts giving him a nice blowjob, he is screaming in joy ” uh oh yes it’s really surprising that my daughter have matured too early on bed ” but Usman than unhooked my brassiere as he is an aggressive men, why not? Afterall looking me nude for first time and as I took out dad’s cock from my mouth, they both hold me in their strong arms as moved to bedroom, so put me on bed like a roaring tiger as I am a slut gal… To be continued.

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