Forced sex : it’s a foursome fun (part-4)

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Ritu have been abducted by her dad as well as his friends but it doesn’t matter and I started enjoying sex with them, Usman have made my vagina wet as Faiz have put his sperms in my mouth and like a slut gal I am on bed as two men have been defeated but my pimp dad is a impatient one to fuck her daughter as I am desperate for it, as I wake up on bed I felt bit pain in my waist and as I moved to washroom my legs are feeling cramped but it’s a swollen vagina that have been fucked for 12-13 minutes by two horny men. Ritu sits on toilet seat as she urinates there and now standing on ground, she felt her body too hot as for hour I am in sexual session with three men and now opened the cascade as starts having bath but I have put my thighs stretched and than put finger inside it, so put lot of water in my mouth as I am feeling sticky and as I washed my vagina with a nice bath there dad came inside as he is nude and holding his cock he smiled ” baby let me enjoy bath with you ” and there he came near me as he opens the cascade again and now as he hold me in his arms with palms moving on my nude butts, I kissed his face ” you have made me a whore
( Dad pushed his long finger in my vagina ) baby don’t feel like it as you will enjoy it ” and as he put his lips on my lips, I pushed my tongue in his mouth and while screwing my soft vagina he starts sucking my tongue as my boobs are getting pressed on his chest. Ritu and her dad are getting wet under cascade as his finger is going deep inside my vagina and as my tongue felt bitter as mouth also I pushed his head back, so his finger came out of my cunt and now Ritu hold her dad’s penis as put her one legs straight on wall, now my thighs are stretched as dad’s cock is going inside and as his long tool is making his way deeper inside, longer durability of fuck have made it too flexible and now as my vagina starts getting pounded, I am too horny. So stretching my legs as dad is fucking me from front, his one hand is rubbing my back as his other hand hold my neck, so starts kissing my lips and both are hot as well as getting the much awaited fuck and now as our waists are brushing eachother, I am little imbalance but dad’s hand is on my back and now starts screaming in pleasure ” uh oh dad fuck fuck me hard ” but dad than took out his fully erected penis as I turned my back and standing straight as he is behind me to fuck again, he widened my legs as I put my both arms on wall and four legged animals style of penetration is going to happen as I like it due to cock moving deep inside soft vagina. Dad pushed his long penis inside and as I felt it’s inside, he took out his 1/2 of cock and fucked me hard ” oh yes please be polite while fucking your daughter’s vagina
( Dad have hold my saggy boobs ) baby no way, you are my fuck buddy not my daughter as after your marriage also I will fuck you
( Ritu started swinging her butts ) sure I will wait for you as our relationship have changed from dad – daughter to bed partner ” and my vagina is in fire as till now it have become twice wet and third cock in my vagina is like on top of the world. Ritu now put her waist on hold as dad is fucking me like a monster and his cock is hitting my vagina depth as I am in joy ” oy oh ahh uhh yes go go fast and hard I am your slut daughter fuck fuck till I get orgasm ” and my dad, a 42 years men with a strong arms as his physical appearance looks great I always think him as my best friend but our relationship will become so hot and we will be nude to love eachother is really surprising but now, as my cunt is too hot and I starts swinging my butts again he is in fire and his fast penetration is making me now cry ” oh you dog please cum soon my vagina is in fire as it need your cum ” and than he screamed louder ” oh yes baby it’s cumming aah ” but daughter is more hot than dad as I get cum in my vagina and soon I took his penis in my mouth as I sucked it to taste it’s white sticky semen….. Three men… My dad Pritam, his friends Usman and Faiz all fucked me like a whore as I enjoyed it…. So back home after an hour rest.

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