Forced sex : it’s a foursome fun (part-3)

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Ritu is under control of whiskey but there three men were more intoxicating as I sucked Usman’s penis than of Faiz and now it’s time for a slut daughter to suck her dad’s penis as my dad and Faiz have licked my cunt, it’s time for Usman to love my cunt as I took one more drinks and now hold dad’s penis as leaned my face to have it, so in a doggy position I starts kissing my dad’s cock while Usman is sitting on my back and Ritu have put her lips on his 8-9 inches long cock as I felt my thighs getting more stretched, so Usman is kissing my V shaped buttocks and his hand is rubbing my vaginal hole, it’s not my desire to be with dad and his friends but his dirty mind with a planned act have made me a whore but it’s not a forced sex now as I am enjoying loving of cock, so felt long finger of Usman going inside my cunt as I took dad’s glans in my mouth and while holding my saggy boobs Faiz is squeezing it as his hand is rubbing my back also, so a 21 years gal is with her dad and his two friends and as I starts moving my mouth fast with a finger rubbing my soft vagina, my dad also starts pressing my breast and now I can feel Usman’s tongue rolling in my ass hole, so smart he was that he knew to make girls horny but soon I took out dad’s penis as Usman is licking my ass hole while fingering my cunt ” uh enough dear it’s time for fuck ” and as I looked back, Usman took out his finger from my cunt as he hold his long cock and as his glans eloped inside it, slowly he pushed his half of cock while dad and Faiz is waiting for their chance to come. Ritu is feeling bit pain and there he took out his penis as he fucked harder ” oh yes it’s hard Usman go go fast ” as he starts fucking me from behind and dad is a impatient men, so he said ” three minutes duration for us
( Usman ) no dear it’s mine till I pour cum inside
( Faiz in anger ) oh Usman enjoy like partners what’s special in Pritam’s daughter ” I starts swinging my butts fast as I am tasting a different cock in my hole, feeling impatient Faiz than sits infront of my face as I am on my knees and elbows, I stopped swinging my butts as usman is giving me a hard fuck ” uh oh it’s too hot dear feel it like your daughter’s cunt
( Usman enhanced his speed ) don’t abuse me like you do it baby ” and as Faiz is sitting there I opened my mouth as I swallows it, so starts swinging my mouth while giving him a hot blowjob.
My vagina is getting first fuck from them as I know atleast three fuck session will happen and now as I am enjoying two cocks, one in glory hole as second in my mouth, faiz than took out his penis as usman did it and like a shameless girl I slept on bed as I regained my conscious to insert a contraceptive pill inside vagina, dad moved to my legs as I asked ” just a minute, let me take a short rest and than push that pill inside, ok my lovers ” as I am feeling bit pain in my legs and waist, god knows how I will be back home after three hard fuck and after a while as Faiz inserts the pill deep inside my vagina, I felt my vagina sticky and now I am again like a bitch on bed as Faiz is sitting behind my butts and my dad was sleeping on bed. It’s a nice day as I looked back and than can feel his penis going inside but my dry and burning cunt have become bit sticky after pill melts inside, now Faiz have pushed his penis inside but still whole penis is not in my vagina as he hold my waist and rammed his penis hard I cried louder ” oh no take it out its hurting my vagina aah un it’s too thick and hard ” but he is giving me hard time as he is fucking me from behind and as Usman is back on bed, he sits infront of my face as hold his penis and starts rubbing it’s glans on my lips, so my face is straight to his cock as getting fucked with my waist still I opened my mouth and he pushed his penis as his hand is on my long hairs, so Usman is fucking my mouth as treating me like a prostitute and so I starts swinging my butts also as my pimp dad is watching daughter’s fuck, my vagina is now hot as well as dry as it needs cum and now I am voicing sexy ” uh in um fu fuck go hard uhun ” as Usman screamed ” oh ah it’s cumming baby have it ” and as I got it’s cum, it’s on my face and lips also. So he left me as I am swinging my butts fast and Faiz is losing his battle as his semen also came inside my vagina ” uh yes you are too strong, much more than my dad ” and than both have walked away as I left bed, so looks myself in a large mirror and felt like a bold, hot and wild gal ” Ritu what are you looking
( I turned my face to him ) that I am too sexy as my pimp dad have put me on platter to his friends ” so walked inside washroom….. To be continued

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