Forced sex : it’s a foursome fun (part-2)

Hi friends,
Ritu is on bed as my sexy body have a G string on waist and two men as it’s my dad Pritam ( 42 years ) and Usman ( 40 years ) are there, I know my destiny today but it will be pleasurable with three men, it’s too early to say and as Usman leaned on my face and starts kissing my Rossy lips, my dad a dirty men is kissing my thighs as his hand is rubbing my vaginal part on G string and I am now a shameless girl as I am sounding sexy ” oh ah um suck dick hard ” and Usman is sucking my breast just like a kid need milk from his mom’s boobs, dad’s lips are sealed on my thighs as he is rubbing his fingers on my G string and it’s my hole which is getting hotter with cotton panty somehow going inside and soon I heard door bell ringing as Usman left my breast and walked towards dinning room as he is nude. Dad than removed my panty as he starts kissing it’s surface ” oh god! Dad you have made me whore please don’t hesitate to lick it
( Dad looking at me ) sure baby three penises as you will get lot of satisfaction and no one will fuck your ass hole ” it’s a nice day as dad starts licking my glory hole with his long tongue and soon I felt both men on bed as they have hold glasses of whiskey, so Usman said ” hello vagina licker have your drink first
( Other men starts removing his clothes ) hello Ritu I am Faiz Khan ( holding his penis ) see it’s desperate to move inside your hole ” and I sits on bed with a glass full of whiskey as I starts drinking it while three men have circled me and than Faiz lit a cigarette as he starts smoking also, Ritu have never felt too hot and wild before as there long and thick cocks are in my eyes and than I took cigarette from him as I am enjoying each and every bit here with three mother fuckers. Faiz now hold my breast as my dad finished his drinks as he sits in my left side and than he hold my tits as put it in his mouth to suck, so my drinks also get finished as I throw the cigarette on floor and soon Faiz starts sucking my other breast as Usman is kissing my back, I am feeling too horny as burning lips of Usman is making me erotic while dad and Faiz is sucking my breast hard ” uh oh dad please don’t put your teeth on my soft round boobs ” and Pritam left my breast as he again moved to my legs, so I slept on bed with my legs wider as dad starts licking my hole but Usman than left us as Faiz knelt infront of my faces, so turned my face as opened my mouth and he hold his penis as pushes it inside, so hold his waist as starts sucking his 7-8 inches long cock while dad is digging my vaginal depth with his long tongue and Ritu is too hot as Faiz long cock is hitting my throat, I started moving my mouth and he have hold my breast.
Ritu now took out his penis as put my head on pillow, now dad’s tongue came out of my cunt as Faiz starts kissing my face to lips again but this time my nails are moving on his back and showing my desire I just took out my long tongue as he swallows it in his mouth to suck. So dad left me, walked to washroom and there Usman is back as he have hold two glasses, so sitting near my waist he starts rubbing his hand on my thighs but after giving a glass to Faiz. I have never expected such thing to happen in my life as my dad became my pimp but have both have paid money for my sexy body, god knows! Faiz now finished his drinks as he stretched my thighs and now his lips are on my vagina as Usman starts rubbing his glans on my face, so feeling a tongue in my cunt as soft glans on my face to lips, lastly I opened my mouth as Usman pushes his penis in my mouth but he is more in aggression as he hold my long hairs and than starts moving his waist to fuck my mouth, Ritu’s glory hole is hot and dry but as my dad have licked it while Faiz is doing so I am going to cum soon and as I felt my cunt cumming, I left the cock as I shouted ” you dog suck suck my cunt and taste it’s cum ” and Faiz took my fleshy labia as sucked it for a while and there my dad, my pimp is back with both eyes turned reddish and I know he is completely drunk, so I wake up and moved nudely to washroom as I urinates there and after a while back on bed with three men ” want one more drink than you will enjoy some great sex with this slut gal ” as Usman moved out of room…. To be continued.

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