Family trip to Goa : part-9

Hi everyone,
It’s true that physical love at public places are crime but on sea beach as we four are at cliff beach and far from crowds, so my mom is completely nude as her halter neck swimsuit is on sands and my dad is fucking her anus hole hard but my mom is not a teenager as she is of 40 years with two children also, so her long sexual experiences is giving dad immense pleasure as she is swinging her buttocks fast and as I am on my knees to love my brother’s cock, he is just rubbing my back with other hand squeezing my breast and my dress is quite vincible as boobs are coming out of my red sling bikini and feeling too sexy I kissed my brother’s cock as I am sucking it hard while his hand is now rubbing my buttocks and as I felt saliva coming out of my mouth with my vagina itching, I took out his penis and looking at him I said ” remove my bikini and your nude sister will get fucked ” as he put down straps of my bikini from shoulders I took it out and like a ashamed gal I walked towards bunch of trees as there is grass also but can see dads cock coming out of mom’s long anus hole and he spits in it as screws his fingers but Ankit came with me as I slept on grass while holding my bikini and he put it there as put his face down, in between my thighs and starts kissing my glory hole as Ritu is getting horny I can’t see my mom’s fuck ” uh oh lick lick hard on my clitoris dear ” and his long tongue is licking it wildly while I have hold my breast to squeeze as I am too hot and after a while as my eyes are closed I heard dad’s voice ” it’s a nice place baby now I will fuck both of you ‘ as I opened my eyes to see dad’s long penis with mom’s sexy body in nudity. Ritu is smiling on dad’s penis getting flurry as he starred at me like a hungry wolf but soon mom is on grass but on her knees, so dad sits infront of her buttocks as he starts pushing his penis in her vagina and mom like a whore just pushed her buttocks back to swallow his penis and here Ankit is chewing my labia as I am screaming in pleasure ” uh oh yes suck suck you dog I will urinate in your mouth ” and he left my cunt soon, so looking at my mom I walked behind shrubs as I urinates there and walked back to see my mom enjoying her fuck while her saggy boobs are getting pressed.
Ankit is eyeing at my nude body but soon I sits on his lap with legs widened as well as wrapped on his waist and it’s my pleasure to get fucked with a teenager while sitting on his lap, so it’s my hole that have been waiting for his penis and as I have put my buttocks bit high, Ankit hold his penis while putting his hand in my back and slowly inserts it in my vagina, half of penis eloped soon but while holding him hard I want to make him cry as I pushes my V shaped buttocks down and my heavy buttocks have given him bit pain as he screamed ” uh auch don’t put lot of pressure baby ” as I kissed his face and starts bouncing my buttocks to get fucked, it’s my destiny to have what I love so but getting physical with family members are like a sin or crime but here pleasure matters and now I just hold my waist as Ankit is fucking me hard from below as I am shouting ” oh uh yes yes fuck fuck fuck hard ” and looking to mom I can see dads cock coming out of her vagina as she slept on grass and dad starts licking her vagina’s cum, so on sea beach we are enjoying but with family members as my vagina get wet and I left him. Ritu slept beside mom as dad is tasting her cum and my brother now pushes his penis as starts fucking me and I am feeling bit tired as he is giving me hard penetration with his hand on my breast and as I eyed him he leaned on me as I hols his back, so starts making my buttocks up and down as both are in heaven and now I can see dads fucking my mom as mom is screaming ” uh oh be slow dear you are hurting my vagina ” dad than slept on him as she also starts bouncing her buttocks fast as her daughter is doing, it’s the matter of time who will ejaculate soon! Dad or son but both mom and daughter is in fire as looking at me mom smiled ” enjoy baby enjoy ” and after a while Ankit ejaculates it’s semen as took out his penis, walked away as I am looking at dad’s penis going inside mom’s vagina and I know he is not going to pour soon but as mom is still bouncing her buttocks fast, he laid his arms and poured semen in her vagina ” oh no it’s too early want more fuck
( Dad left him ) sure lot of people are here I am going to invite them, ok ” as we laughed…..

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