Family trip to Goa : part-6

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It’s an illicit relationship between dad and daughter as I am on my knees while dad holds my hairs and pushing his cock in my mouth like a hungry wolf, so my mouth starts dripping it’s saliva and after a while I left his cock as stand infront of him, both are nude and dad holds my back as kisses my lips ” baby tonight in resort’s garden and near bunch of trees we both will enjoy great sex
( I felt shy put my head on his chest ) as you wish ” and after a while it’s my mobile that starts ringing as it’s my mom call ‘ yes mom what happened
( She ) whiskey and meals are here, will you come ” as dad asked him to serve bottle here and than mom came as door was opened, so put bottle of whiskey and of soda, left us as she may be busy with her teenage son. Dad sits on sofa as bottle of whiskey is little empty and I can assume it’s mom who have put it in glasses for them to enjoy, while standing there as dad hold a glass and looking at me ” have it baby than we will do something nasty ” and I sit on dad’s thigh as put my arm in his shoulder as I hold glass full of whiskey, starts pouring in his mouth as prostitute do with their customers, so both are drinking it in a glass as my left boobs is getting pressed on his chest and than again dad hold other glass but now he is pouring whiskey in my mouth and like a horny gal I took a cigarette as I lit it to smoke, so both are semi drunk and now both walked out of room as it’s a resort covered with trees, shrubs and cliff beach is just 100 metres away as sea is clearly seen but as dad asked me to put monokini on body while he put a short, we are like a hot couple. So just closed the door from front and walked to others room to see door closed as dad knocked it, there we can see mom completely nude with his son as both are in physical activity but dad ” ok enjoy your son’s cock as daughter’s vagina is getting hot for my cock ” and than dad put his hand on my waist as walked towards bunch of palm trees where I can see wooden bench and there as I am in monokini, dad just sits on bench and now hold my one thighs to put it on bench and like a hot gal I opened its strings as took out my dresses, so my lovely vagina is infront of dad’s face as he starts kissing it with his hand rubbing my back and than as I put my fingers to widened its hole, he starts licking it with his long tongue as his face have eloped between my thighs and he is great licker as his whole tongue is getting deep inside my cunt, my nose shaped clitoris is erected and feeling dad’s tongue in my soft vagina I am screaming ” uh oh um yes my dad just hold it and lick it while night ” but as his tongue came out I knelt down and on grass I hold his penis as swallows in my mouth, so starts giving him a nice blowjob as dad have put his hand down on my breast and it’s a nature’s beauty where sex is giving us immense pleasure and as I am sucking dad’s penis my vagina starts cumming, so left his penis as dad stand there.
Ritu turned his back as put my both arms on bench upper back and like a slut gal as she is like a four legged animal, my dad stands there and as I felt dad’s penis going inside my vagina I stretched my legs more wider and looking back I smiled ” dad a hard fuck for 15 minutes
( He pushes hard ) yes like this but today while in standing there I will be in your lap, so have to fuck ” but dad than fucked hard as I felt my vagina in pain, it’s full of his thick cock and as he starts fucking hard I am in fire, so starts pushing my buttocks back and forward as loves to get penetration in this position and whole of cock always hits the vagina’s depth, so I starts swinging my buttocks as dad hold my breast and pressing it hard he is giving me hard fuck but as I am in drunken state, no way it matters either his cock is eroding and giving pain or pleasure, so dad is standing behind me as vagina’s cum have made it lubricant and his penis is fast in moving deep inside ” oh you dad your cock is too hot and hard, still mom cry after your cock penetrates it
( Dad fucking me with speed and power ) yes dear she is my beloved wife but have been in extramarital relationship also but with my consent ” and his penis while fucking my vagina for 4-5 minutes have made it dry and burning, I stops swinging my buttocks as I am enjoying his penis while standing there, sea shore and fresh cool air with nice weather as it’s month of September, so feeling the heat inside vagina I started screaming louder ” uh oh dad it’s in fire rain soon
( Dad moving his waist slow to penetrate my vagina ) baby it’s not your brother’s cock but dad’s cock need rest ” as I responded positively and he took out his 7-8 inches long and two inches thick cock, seems to be a iron rod and as we sits on bench dad just leaned his face as swallows my half of boobs and starts sucking it as Ritu is jerking his penis fast, it’s a nice trip to Goa but yet started and end is not going to happen soon as I know in a week my monster dad will fuck me more than my mom…..

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