Family trip to Goa : part-13

Dear readers,
As you all are enjoying our family members physical relationship and it’s really a place for love as we all are doing it and myself Ritu, a 22 years sexy hot gal with my mom Sneha a matured women in her early forties with dad a smart and strong men as my younger brother is a teenager and it’s a nice evening as both have enjoyed together on bed as dad and mom have left for market. So it’s 07:45 pm as both brother and sister is sleeping nude on bed as door bell starts ringing and as my eyes opened I hold my shorts and tops, walked to washroom as Ankit put his shorts and moved to door to open it and after getting refreshed I put my clothes as came out of washroom and there I can see dad as well as mom sitting on chairs and looking at me dad asked ” so your favourite cloth is in it, that black carry bag is for you
( I hold it as looked in it ) thanks
( Dad smiled ) will love to see you in that dress tonight, so have drink as have bath but come to me like a princess
( Mom smiled ) yes like a porn beauty with my hubby as love to see your both holes getting rammed hard with their cocks ” and both leave us as I am going to get ready for threesome or you can say foursome fun, Ankit now switched on the tv as I took out my clothes from that carry bag and looking at it I felt bit shy as it’s a sexy black lingerie for me and than my brother smiled ” oh it’s too hot, transparent on your chest as half of thighs will remain nude with a white stockings also and now I closed the door as removed my tops and shorts, so sits nude on chair and than took out my hair removal cream from bag and walked nude to washroom as I can hear Ankit words ” keep doors opened will join you soon ” and there I get refreshed as now opened the tap of bathtub, so put gels in it to make water foamy and than inside bathtub I am lying like a porn beauty getting bath as my head is on its upper side, my whole body is under foamy water and now as I starts rubbing my soft body I can see my brother Ankit coming inside ” oh beauty I am here to assist you in bath
( I laughed ) no need of it dear as I know your mind ” and than Ankit removed his cloths as came in bathtub, it’s for a couple as both are in it and as Ankit put his leg on my leg and starts rubbing it I just put my face towards him, so he is a impatient teen as starts kissing my lips and I pushes my lips in his mouth as soon he is under me with my sexy body on him. Ankit now put his hand on my back as Ritu is dominating him with my boobs on his chest and than I pushed my tongue in his mouth, he is sucking it hard with his hand measuring my V shaped buttocks and lastly he got his lovely hole as starts screwing it ( anus hole ) fast, so we both have hold eachother’s body as my tongue is in his mouth and now my whole body get wet with foamy water as he left my tongue. Ritu and Ankit came out of it as he hold me in his arms, so put his hand on tap of cascade and both are enjoying bath together, my lips are sealed on his face but soon I moved down while kissing his chest to flat tummy and as I knelt infront of him, I got his penis to love and her slut sister starts sucking his penis without any hesitation as my hand is on his waist and now as Ritu starts swinging her mouth, he starts screaming ” oh yes aah it’s hot baby tonight you will enjoy two cocks at a time as your cunt and ass will get fucked
( I took out his penis and stands there ) sure love to get double penetration ” and soon we have our bath as I rubbed my wet body, in room I hold sexy lingerie as it have laces on shoulders, so put it on my body and lastly an attached G string is on my vagina. So Ritu is looking damn hot and sexy as my both boobs are semi nude with my legs as well as thighs in a visible manner, no one can turn their eyes after looking at me and than Ankit put his shorts and t shirt as smiled on me ” you will get raped if you will walk to their room baby
( I starred at him ) no need to get scared as I can throw dirty guys if they even touch me ” ” ” so I bend down as put a pencil heels sandals on legs while brother is eyeing at my sexy buttocks and soon both left our room as locked the room, soon we both are in parents room and there I can see dad and mom having drinks with my favourite wine ” black dog ” . Looking at me dad asked ” feeling comfortable in this dress
( I stretched my legs ) yes yes I am fine, can move to market also but who will join me ” and than I took my position as I sits on dad’s thigh with my arms in his shoulders, mom left him as put door closed and now Ankit is sitting next to me. So what happened tonight wait for it.

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