Family trip to Goa : part-12

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We family members are in resort’s room as I am too tired with both cocks giving me immense pleasure but my soft vagina is swollen with lot of fuck by them and day passes as we have our lunch and I am with brother in a room while my dad – mom is in other room. It’s evening as I wake up and after getting refreshed walked to others room with my brother Ankit, we both are in shorts and t shirt, so as we are there mom as well as dad smiled ” so both of you are fine or feeling restless and tired
( I sits on chair ) fine dad, so what’s next
( Dad ) we will move to local market as mom have to buy something
( Me ) ok than go to market with mom
( Mom ) why? Don’t you need anything there
( Ritu ) no ” as it’s 06:10 evening and mom than put a black leggings with kurti as dad is in his jeans and t shirt, both left us as we than locked our rooms as walked to garden and there I ordered cup of coffee for us as both are looking at eachother and Ankit said…. ” Ritu tonight we both will change our room
( I laughed ) oh I see! Really she is too hot and sexy, your slut mom
( He ) I have always imagined matured ladies for sex with me. ” And as our coffee was there we starts drinking, so after having it we than moved towards our room as opened the door and sits on chair, so switched on the tv as starts watching a movie but my brother’s hand is on my thighs as I am feeling too tired and his love for mom’s sexy body have saddened me, so hold his hand and put away ” no never, why you know it. ” As Ankit felt like he will never get my sexy body to love and now he starts praising me ” sister my hot and sexy sister, my complement for mom was just for fuck
( I laughed ) oh I see and for me, will marry me Idiot ” and as I smiled at him he than hold me in his arms as Ritu is on his lap and things changed as both starts kissing eachother’s lips, bound to get loved as our lips are locked and my buttocks is on his thigh, so he took my tongue as starts sucking it hard.
Trip to Goa have changed our minds as we four are enjoying physical love, now Ankit hand is lifting my tops as I took out my tongue and than removed my tops while Ankit pulled down my shorts. Now Ritu is semi nude as my vagina is in bikini and like a penis sucker I knelt down as he removed his shorts to hold his penis and now Ritu starts kissing it wildly as his hand have hold my breast and he is pressing it gently, so I opened my mouth as swallows his small penis and as my mouth is motionless, he is screaming in pleasure ” oh you damn hot gal aah don’t keep your mouth still give it yours mouth jerk ” as I started swinging my mouth while holding his penis, it’s a nice blowjob as he starts rubbing my back and as his penis is hitting my throat I took it out while my vagina have opened her mouth to get fucked. Ritu stood as moved on bed, now like a slut gal I bend myself and in a doggy position I am waiting for him, so he closed the door as sits near my buttocks and than unhooked my G string, now I stretched my thighs as he put his tongue on my ass hole and while licking it fast his one hand is on my saggy boobs, so my pinkish anal hole is in fire as I am screaming ” uh oh yes it’s itchy fuck fuck my ass soon ” as it’s a virgin one and than Ankit spits on it as hold his erected penis, pushed it hard in my ass hole and like a nice fucker he just pushes his penis again and with speed and power, so his penis is digging my ass hole as I am feeling a different taste, it’s my ass hole and my brother is fucking it hard as I starts swinging my buttocks and he is giving me immense pleasure while his hand is squeezing my breast and soon I felt my ass hole burning as he also felt it’s heat. Ankit now spits on my ass hole as starts rubbing his finger inside it but his dick eloped inside my vagina, so it’s hot also and Ritu is swinging her buttocks as getting fucked with her brother’s tool is making me feel horny. Ritu’s vagina have got half of dozens cock but Ankit is bit slow while fucking her sister’s cunt and soon I felt my vagina cumming and than Ankit starts fucking me fast as I put my waist still and we both are nude on bed as our parents have moved to market, so my wet vagina is getting hard fuck and now Ritu also starts swinging her buttocks ” uh oh fuck fuck hard you are a young guy and too strong, don’t ejaculate semen soon
( He is sweating profusely ) yes baby I am trying my best to hold it but soon you will get it ” and after a while his penis poured semen in my vagina as I sucked it also to taste it’s cum….

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