Family trip to Goa : part-10

Hello friends,
Ritu and her family members are at cliff beach as dad ejaculated semen in his wife’s vagina but brother have made sister’s vagina a dirty one as we four are far from sea shore as bunch of palm trees as well as shrubs have made us safe from each and every one. Now mom washed her vagina as I did, so I put my sling bikini as mom put her halter neck swimsuit and both dad and son is little tired but my giant dad have shown his ample energy when it comes to physical love as I slept on grass while mom is beside me, now dad took out a packet of cigarette as he lit it to smoke while I smiled ” dad one cigar for us
( He throws the packet ) so lit it
( I put cigarette in my mouth as dad gave me lighter ) it’s a cigarette dad, not cigar I need
( Dad laughed ) oh I see! Cigar is now restless but soon you will find it in your mouth or holes ” so lying on grass as it’s morning 11:00, I am feeling bit hungry and than dad took out bottle of whiskey as we starts drinking it, mom than said ” now I will be a spectator only as want to see my daughter’s vagina and mouth full of cum
( I felt bit shy ) oh mom you are asking them to make me a slut ” and as dad put his disposable glass on grass and moved away Ankit smiled ” mom you are too sexy than Ritu if both can give you hard fuck
( Ritu in anger ) oh I see, always touches me for sexual desires and mom is more hot than me
( Mom ) oh don’t compare your mom with your sister, both are sexy, hot and wild but here I will only see yours love ” later on dad came as there he put a bedsheet on grass as mom sits on grass and now dad slept on it with legs straight, so I can see dads bulge hard as I am completely drunk. Ritu hold her dad’s shorts as pulled it down to legs, so his semi erected penis is nude as I starts rubbing his thighs gently and dad than said ” Ankit if your cock have some erection
( He ) it’s in little erection ” and than I moved on dad’s top as my sling bikini is on body, so my buttocks is up on dad’s face as my face is straight on his penis, so it’s a 69 position that can make both of us hot soon. Ritu hold her dad’s penis as starts jerking it hard while I can feel dad’s hand opening the straps of my sling bikini and it’s out of my sexy body as dad is now rubbing my V shaped buttocks with his lips on my vagina, it’s a swollen one as in last two days it have been fucked 5-6 times, so dad starts licking my cunt as his one finger eloped inside my anus hole and as I hold his cock to kiss my brother is sitting near my face as he put his hand on my boobs and starts pressing it, so I put my lips on dad’s penis as it’s semi erected and while holding it I kissed it from glans to shaft and I know my dad and brother will fuck me soon as I need it also.
Dad’s 7-8 inches long penis is now in my mouth as I swallows half of it and starts sucking it, feeling dad’s tongue in my vagina is making me sexy as well as hot but now as my vagina is feeling lot of bruises I am waiting for it to cum and my brother have hold my both boobs as he is pressing it hard, Ritu’s mouth starts dripping it’s saliva and I left my dad’s penis but my tongue is licking it as dad took out his tongue and inserts two fingers in my hole as starts screwing it ” uh auch it’s not your slut wife’s vagina push only a single finger
( Mom said ) oh feeling pain with two fingers but can swallow my hubby’s cock for hours ” and as dad is fingering my vagina fast my brother now knelt infront of my face as hold my long hairs and pushed his semi erected cock, so brother starts fucking my mouth as dad’s penis is in my hand and I starts rubbing it’s glans, lastly my vagina cried louder with cum inside it and I pushes my brother waist, so left my dad as ran towards bushes to urinate. Ritu washed her vagina with water as moving back I can see my dad and brother holding his penis as dad smiled ” now will fuck you here
( I put my hand on dad’s penis ) ok handsome love to be your wife now ” and there as I knelt down with my body in doggy position, dad now sits infront of my ass as brother is near my face. So dad stretched my thighs as his penis is moving inside and Ankit while holding his penis is rubbing it’s glans on my lips but still waiting for dad’s penis to move inside as sucking of cock with dad’s hard penetration can give brother a tough time as my mouth can hold his penis but can put the teeth on it and there as dad fucked hard I felt like my virginity getting lost, so hard and thick cock of a 44 years men as I screamed louder ” uh auch you demon don’t make my vagina a bruised hole ” as I swallows Ankit cock and dad starts fucking me fast and Ritu is now sucking her brother’s penis while moving her face, so my wet cunt is in pleasure as his penis is hitting my vagina’s depth with brother’s hand squeezing my left breast while dad is pressing other one. I have never expected that dad and brother will fuck me soon as both have ejaculated semen in our holes but they are strong and healthy, Ritu now left Ankit cock as I started swinging my buttocks and Ankit sitting near my face said ” dad will you give me just 3-4 minutes to fuck this slut gal ” and dad took out his penis, so my brother will fuck me in a missionary position….

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