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At just sixteen years of age Tina was very intelligent the teachers at her school all said that she would go to university and get very high grades and would even get a doctorship in more than one subject, at school Tina was respected by other students because she would help them out with their school work. Tina did not hang out in the normal teen hang outs instead she would rather study. Martin was a boy two years younger than Tina and also attended Tina’s school was known as a pervert, he was often seen hanging round the girls changing room trying to catch a look at them in the showers, he did not have many friends and a low education level, Tina was at home when she got a phone call from one of her teachers who asked her if she would help Martin with some work, after discussing it with teacher Tina agreed for Martin to go to her house where she would help him, Tina changed from her bathrobe into a tee shirt and joggers thinking that she could have a bath later, Tina’s parents were away on holiday so she knew there would be no noise to distract them, when Martin arrived Tina let him into the lounge and after getting two drinks went and got her books, Tina started to go through things with Martin drinking her drink as she did, after twenty minutes Tina was starting to feel horny, Martin noticed the two pokies that appeared in her tee shirt and thought cool that stuff I put in her drink is starting to work and with the amount of viagra I have taken it should be a fun evening, after another ten minutes Tina was feeling very horny and wished her boyfriend was there, after another ten minutes Tina was extremely horny and when Martin said to her ” you got a big pair of pokies there ” Tina just smiled and brushed her hands over them, Martin said ” they are still there let me ” and gently brushed his hands over Tina’s breasts then said ” your not wearing a bra are you ” Tina said ” no ” Martin said ” your nipples are poking out well ” and started to squeeze them, Tina was so aroused that she did not stop him, martin said ” better do this properly ” and raised Tina’s tee shirt exposing her naked boobs the started to gently squeeze her very erect nipples causing Tina to become even more aroused, Martin then started to lick and suck Tina’s nipples which soon had Tina moaning, Martin lifted Tina’s tee shirt right over her head and off before he continued to massage her ample boobs and suck her nipples, then after a few minutes slid his hand down the inside of her joggers and found her love tube which was wet with desire, Tina rolled flat on her back, Martin removed his hand from inside Tina’s joggers then said ” you need fucking ” and pulled Tina’s joggers down and off then stood looking down at the naked girl before taking his own joggers off followed by his tee shirt, Tina looked up at Martin’s eight inch erection and when he started to kneel she opened her legs, Martin knelt between Tina’s parted legs and after rubbing her love tube for a couple of minutes bent forward and pushed his dick into her love tube pushing it in as deep as he could , as Martin’s dick slid up her love tube Tina cried out ” oh yes fuck me ” Martin started to thrust in and out of the now groaning Tina’s love tube pushing in deep and hard with each inward thrust, Tina was now groaning in deep lust and saying ” fuck me fuck me ” and wrapped the lower part of her legs round Tina’s back then cried out loudly as she climaxed, martin continued to thrust in and out out Tina’s love tube and felt her climax five more times before he pulled his dick out and squirted his cum up her body then lay on the floor beside her where he soon heard her gently snoring. Martin got up off the floor and after dressing left, the next day at school Tina went to Martin and said to him ” did you spike my drink last night, ” When Martin told her that he had, Tina said to him ” well come round tonight and fuck me with out spiking my drink ” that night Tina let Martin into the house then stripped naked saying I like to suck a cock dry and take it up my bum, Martin thought this is going to be a very good homework session as he stripped naked when he entered the lounge he saw Tina’s best mate Amy sitting naked and thought this must be detention.

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