Domineering women – New Sex Story

Josh and his new girlfriend Ann were at his house on the sofa. They were kissing and Josh was trying to put his hand on her boob.

“Josh! Stop it! I’m not ready to do that!”

“Oh come on, Ann! We’ve been dating for two weeks. Loosen up a bit!”

Ann grabbed his hand and pushed it away. Josh gave up for the moment and they resumed kissing. Josh thought his mom would be gone till late as she had a date. But at that moment his mom was unlocking the back door and entering the kitchen. Her date had been a dud and didn’t even try to kiss her, leaving her very frustrated. She was about to get a beer from the fridge when she heard conversation in the living room. She quietly moved to the doorway and saw Josh and his new girl on the sofa. They were arguing about sex.

“Josh! I told you! I’m not ready!” Josh was trying to get his hand between her legs and she was holding them closed and pushing his hand away.

Debra watched for a few minutes to see if Josh could convince her, but it was apparent that she wasn’t going to give in, so Debra walked into the room. The startled teens jumped apart and Josh said, “gosh mom, I thought you would be gone til midnight at least.”

“Obviously! My date was a dud and now I’m Frustrated as hell only to come home and find my son has the same problem! Ann! Go sit on that chair and I’ll show you how to please a man!”

“No way! I’m not going to sit and watch you have sex or whatever with your son!”

Debra was not one to take no for an answer, “you sure as hell are going to, young lady! Just get the hell over there and watch!”

Ann was not strong enough a personality to defy Debra so she moved over to the chair.

“That’s better! Now watch and learn!”

She sat next to Josh, “now first thing Ann,” she said as she took josh’s hand and put it on her boob, “you don’t push his hand away when he puts it on your breast!”

“Mom! What are you doing?”

“Hush, Josh! I’m horny and this young lady needs to learn how to please my son, so just relax and go with it!”

Ann had turned her head away when Debra put his hand on her.

“Don’t you look away! Watch what we are doing!”

Ann turned back and Debra continued her instruction.

“Now, when he puts his hand there, the proper thing to do is to put yours over his to let him know it’s okay. Then you move it around to show how you like it. Like this.” Debra guided josh’s hand around her boob then moved it to the other.

“Mmmm, that feels nice honey! Now I’m going to remove my hand and let him explore on his own. And now that my hand is free I am going to return the pleasure and rub his cock.”

Josh was stunned but that didn’t stop him from feeling his mom’s tits. He always fantasized about them so this was a dream come true. He secretly thanked the dude who disappointed his mom! He moaned as she rubbed him through his pants.

“See how good it feels to him! And mmmmm, he is making me feel really good! I’m just so fucking tired of trying to find a man to satisfy me when I have a hot stud right here! And from the feel of it, you have a nice long hard cock, Josh!”

“Oh mom! That feels good!”

“I’ll make it feel a lot better! Let’s get him out in the open!”

Debra unbuttoned his jeans and then unzipped them. She put her hand under his shorts and fish out his 7 inch hard cock.

“Oh baby! I didn’t know you had such a big cock! You’ve been holding out on your poor momma!”

Ann turned her head away again.

“Goddamn it Ann! I told you you need to watch! Now look at his cock!”

An turned and looked at josh’s cock. Her eyes got big at the size of it!

“Oh my god! It’s big!”

“Yes, my baby has a nice big cock and I’m going to suck it and make it feel soooo good!”

“But, but my mom says it’s gross to do anything other than intercourse!”

“Then your mom is missing out on a lot of fun!”

Debra spit on the head of his cock and smeared it around. Then she took his cock in her mouth and bobbed her head up and down. Ann started in shock as Debra gave her son a blow job. But Debra was not about to stop at that!

“Okay kids, time to get serious!”

She stood in front of Josh and reached behind her neck to unclamped her dress and pull the zipper down a bit then reached around her back and pulled it the rest of the way. She pulled the top down and then slid the dress of and kicked it to the side.

She was now in her lacy bra and matching panties. Her bra was see through and Josh could clearly see her nipples and the large dark circles around them. The bra held her boobs up but Josh could tell they were very large and heavy. His cock was pulsing with his heartbeat which was going faster as his mom reached behind her and unhooked the bra, letting it fall away. Her tits sagged down halfway to her waist and wobbled a bit before laying on her tummy. She took one of Josh’s hands and put it on her breast. He hefted it and rubbed it around, pinching her nipple.

“Ohhhh god! That’s perfect Josh! Keep doing that!”

Ann was getting hot now and almost unconsciously started to rub her thighs together.

As Josh continued playing with her breast, Debra hooked her thumbs in her aunties and pushed them down, then stepped out of them. Her hairy cunt was only inches in front of josh’s face and he could smell her sex.

She knelt in front of josh and pulled his jeans and underpants off. Then she resumed sucking his cock, but not for very long. She had other ideas for that weapon!

“Okay josh! Time for the main event!”

She sat on the sofa and scooting her ass forward, she spread her legs.

“On your knees in front of me honey and shove that hard cock into my cunt! I really need it baby!”

He knelt but before he inserted his cock Debra ordered Ann, “come over here and sit next to me! I want you to see his cock going into my cunt!”

Ann was getting excited now and didn’t hesitate. She came over and sat next to Debra.

“Wait a minute Josh! This just won’t do, Ann is fully clothed and were buck naked. Ann, you need to get naked!”

“Oh no! No one has ever seen me naked except my mom!”

“Well, it’s time to change that! Let me help you!”

Debra had josh move aside and she got up and started pulling Ann’s tee up over her head. Ann was so intimidated by Debra that she meekly let her remove her top. Then Debra reached around and unhooked Ann’s bra.

She removed it and Ann covered her small breasts with her hands. Debra gently moved her hands away, “you have lovely breasts, Ann! Don’t hide them!”

Ann blushed as her breasts were exposed. Then Debra had her stand while she pulled her shorts down and off. The teen darling was wearing pink panties and Debra pulled them down, displaying Ann’s perfect teen cunt!

“There! That’s better! Now, where were we? Ohh yeah!”

She sat down again and spread her legs Then she took Ann’s hand and pulled her down next to her. She put her hand on Ann’s thigh, almost touching her pussy!

“Okay Josh, now get between my legs again. Now put your nice long cock in mommie’s cunt!”

Josh knelt between her legs and Debra took his cook and guided him into her hot, wet cunt.

“Ahhhhhhh yes baby!!! Ooooohhhhhhhhhh!! Oh god Josh! Fuck mama! Fuck me! Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhhhhh!!”

Ann’s eyes were as big as saucers as she watched josh’s cock sink in to Debra’s cunt! She didn’t notice Debra moving her hand until it cupped her pussy.

“Ooooooohhhhh noooooo!!! You shouldn’t touch me there!! Oh please!!”

Ann didn’t try to pull her hand away and Debra stuck her finger in. The wetness gave Ann’s desire away!

“Ha! I knew you were a hot cunt! You just needed a little encouragement! Mmmmmmmm! Josh! Oh god I need this! You make mommie feel so fucking good!”

Ann had given up any resistance and started moving her hips in time with Debra’s fingering.

“Oh god Debra! It feels good!! Do me!! Please!!”

Debra added a finger and then rotated them inside Ann’s cunt.

Ann watched Josh’s cock go in and out of Debra’s cunt.

“Oh god Ann! Josh Fucks me so good! Look how wet my cunt makes his cock! Do you want Josh to fuck you? Do you Ann?”

“Oh god yes! I want him! I want him to fuck me! Fuck me in my cunt! Oh hurry! I’m so hot!”

“You heard the lady, Josh! Let’s not disappoint her!”

Josh pulled his cock out of his mom’s cunt and shuffled over in front of Ann. He took her ankles in his hands and spread her legs way out. Her tight little cunt stretched open and he walked forward on his knees until his cock touched her tight teen pussy. Debra got behind him and pushed his ass, causing his cock to sink in to Ann’s cunt until his balls were slapping her ass.

“Ohhhhhhhh!!! Oooohhhhhhhhhhh!! God! Your cock is onside me!! Oh my fucking god!! Ohhhhhhhhh,!!”

“Fuck the little cunt Josh! Fuck her hard! Make her scream for more!”

Debra was out of control with lust! She was beyond any rational thought as she jammed her fingers in her cunt, finally getting her whole fist in there!

“Oh god! Oh god!! Fuck her!! Cum in her cunt!!”

She needed someone to lick her cunt. She stood on the sofa and threw a leg over Ann’s body and lowered her cunt onto Ann’s face!

“Eat my cunt! Lick me you little slut! Lick my cunt!!”

Ann didn’t have any choice as Debra smashed her cunt down on Ann’s face!

“Mmmmmmppphhhhhh!! Mmmmmppphhhh!!” Ann mumbled as Debra’s cunt opened on her mouth.

“Come on bitch! Eat my cunt! Stick your tongue in there!”

Ann stuck her tongue out and tasted Debra’s cunt! She found it didn’t taste bad at all, in fact, she liked the taste and started licking in earnest causing Debra to squirm against her mouth.

“Yeah! That’s it honey! You’re doing me just right! Oh god! Lick that cunt!”

Ann licked while she moaned from being fucked. She had been flicked once before but the boy barely got it in before he pulled out and came on her belly! This was so much better! She was delirious from the pleasure it was giving her.

She moaned into Debra’s cunt as Josh hammered her cunt with hard deep thrusts! She felt her orgasm building and could tell it would be a big one. Her thighs tightened and her hips started twitching rapidly as her orgasm exploded suddenly!

“Oooohhhhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!” Fuck! Fuck!! FUCK! Cummmmmming!! Oh god!!”

Her legs were shaking and she was licking Debra’s cunt rapidly as she peaked.

That set Debra off as she squirted into Ann’s mouth!

“Ohhhhhh yeeeeaaaahhhhhh!!! Cumming!! Oh Ann, cumming hard in your mouth!”

Ann swallowed the juice flowing from Debra’s cunt as her own orgasm started to recede.

Josh had held out until Ann had her orgasm but couldn’t hold out much longer!

Debra realized that it would be a bad idea for him to cum in Ann’s pussy. “Don’t cum in her pussy! We can’t have her getting knocked up! Hurry! Cum in mommie’s cunt!”

Debra lifted her leg over Ann and flopped down on the sofa scooting to the edge and spreading her legs. Josh pulled his cock out of Ann’s cunt just in time as his first spurt hit his mom just above her cunt. He quickly shoved it in to her cunt as the rest of his cum jetted out deep in Debra’s cunt.

“Ohhhhh god! Ohhhhhh mom!!! Cumming in your cunt!!”

“Oh yes baby! I feel you cuming! Fill my cunt baby!!”

They all recovered and Debra asked Ann, “So, Ann, are you mad at me for coercing you into fucking Josh?”

“Well at first I was grossed out watching you fuck him but when you started really moaning I got horny as fuck! I’m glad you did it!”

“I expect you to be over here as much as you can honey! You really know how to lick cunt! This wasn’t your first time, was it?”

Ann blushed, “Uh… no, I’m a cheerleader and one day a bunch of us were in the locker room and the coach had already left. We started teasing each other and somehow it wound up with several of us licking each other until we came. But that was the only time.”

Debra exclaimed, “oh god! I’d love to be in a room full of naked cheerleaders!”

Ann had to go home then. Debra and Josh were left alone.

“Did I shock you tonight Josh? I just needed a good fucking and after the dud I had for a date I was super frustrated.”

“Well at first I was, but to be honest, once you grabbed my cock you had me! And I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere with Ann without you here. Man! She was tight!”

“Well she seems to be a sweet girl and she sure can suck pussy! Next time I’ll have her suck your cock! And speaking of sucking, why don’t you start on my nipples and work your way down to my pussy!”

Josh wasted no time latching onto a nipple.

“Suck harder Josh! I want you to make me feel it! Ahhhhh!!! Yes! That’s it baby! Suck mama’s tit!”

Josh sucked as hard as he could then switched to the other nipple.

“Oh god Josh! You’re sucking just like when you were a baby! Mommie loves the way you suck her titties!”

Then Debra pushed his head down toward her cunt. Josh could smell the odor of cunt juice before he even got to her cunt. It was still leaking the mixture of their cum juices and he hesitated when he saw the white sperm mixed in with hers.

“What’s wrong Josh?”

“It’s my cum leaking out!”

“Don’t be a baby! Just dive in there and lick my cunt! I taste my discharge all the time.”

He held his breath as he clamped his mouth on her slimy cunt hole. As he licked up the juice, he found it wasn’t as nasty as he thought it would be!

“Yes baby! Suck all that juice from mommie’s cunt! Oh yes!! Yes!! YES!!!!”

She held his head against her cunt as he stuck his tongue in as far as he could and scooped out a gob of sex juice!

“Oh Josh! Stick your finger in there! Stick it in me!”

Josh always did what mommie told him to! He shoved a finger in deep and finger fucked her and sucked on her clit till she screamed, “ohhhhhh cummming!!! Oh god Josh!!”

Once Debra recovered, they had something to eat and then went to bed.

Debra was the owner of a neighborhood grocery shop that her and her husband owned together before he died in a car crash. The next day she was in the shop and Tony, a young boy who lived down the street, stopped in after school for an ice cream cone. Debra expected him most days and he would always ask for a cone. Debra knew why and found it exciting. When she scooped the ice cream from the chest freezer, she bent down and the top of her breasts were exposed as she scooped. This particular day she decided to tease him a bit. So when he walked in the store she asked, “usual Tony?”

“Sure Mrs Hankins, double scoop!”

He stood in front of the freezer and Debra opened the lid and bent down to scoop. She heard his intake of breath as he was looking at her bare breasts! She hadn’t worn a bra and she wore a loose fitting blouse so Tony could see all of her breasts, including the nipples. She took a longer than usual time scooping.

When she handed him the cone she told him he could eat it in the store of he wanted to. He was a cute young boy and Debra was going to seduce him. That wouldn’t be hard because, well, Tony was a teen age boy!

“Uh, Tony, could you help me with a box in back? Tony has to stay late at school.”

“Sure Mrs Hankins!”

“Call me Debra, Tony. It’s just back here in the storage room.”

It was pretty close in the storage room and I showed Tony where the box was. He had to squeeze between two racks to get there and I followed him in, blocking his exit. When he bent to get the box, I reached around him and started rubbing his cock thru his jeans.

“Oh gosh Debra! Mom says I’m not supposed to let anyone touch me there!”

“Do you want me to stop? Doesn’t it feel good when I rub it?”

“It feels real good, but mom…”

“Look Tony, I know you like to look at my breasts when I scoop ice cream Tony! That’s why you come in here isn’t it?”

“You knew I was doing that but didn’t stop me?”

“No, I like it when you boys look. You’re not the only boy who comes in for ice cream! Would you like to see them up close honey?”

“Oh wow! Can I?”

She just smiled and began unbuttoning her blouse. Tony stared wide eyed as she slowly undid each button. When she finished she let her blouse open just enough so he could see the valley between and her globes up to the aureoles. Her nipples were still concealed.

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“Do you want to see all of them?”, She teased.

He just nodded, still staring at her chest. Debra opened the blouse and let it fall from her shoulders. Tony gasped as her tits were fully exposed.

“Do you like them, Tony?”

“Oh wow! I’ve never seen breasts up close!”

“You can touch them if you want! I’d really like it if you would!”

Tony was mesmerized by the sight of her large boobs right in front of him. They sagged a bit and when she moved, they swayed back and forth. He especially liked the big nipples that stood out from the dark circles. Debra had to take his hands and lace them on her tits.

“Oh Tony! That feels so good! Rub my nipples honey!”

His dick was very hard and Debra noticed the bulge in his pants.

“Oh Tony, your cock looks so big! Can I take it out and look at it?”

“You won’t tell my mom will you? She said it was bad for someone to touch me there!”

“Oh no Tony, I would never tell! Here, let me get it out of your pants, it looks uncomfortable!”

She unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down, then she pulled his jockeys down, exposing his circumcised cock.

“Oh Tony, it’s beautiful!”

She wrapped her hand around it and stroked up and down. She didn’t want to do it for long because she wanted him to cum inside her.

“I’m going to do something real special with you now. Do you want to?”

He just nodded and she pulled her skirt up and then pulled her panties off. He gulped as her cunt was exposed. She sat on a stool and spread her legs.

“Come close honey! I’m going to put your nice hard cock in my cunt! Would you like that?”

“Oh yeah! That would be neat!”

She laughed, “yes, very neat Tony!”

He stepped up to her and his cock was lined up with her cunt. She grabbed it and guided him into her.

“Unnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhpppphhhhh!!! Oh Debra! It tickles!”

“Ohhhhhh honey!! I know! Your cock is inside me! Now push in and out! Mmmmmmmm!! Ohhhhhhhh!! Fuck!”

He started moving on and out and then jerked his cock out.

“Oh Debra! It tickles too much!”

“Just put it back in and go slower.”

He obeyed and this time was going slow, “oh god! It does feel better! Oh yes! I’m getting that good feeling!! Ohhhhh!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!”

He came in her cunt, shooting long ropes of cum.

Debra didn’t mind that she hadn’t cum. She had plenty of time in the future to train him.

“If you’re a good boy and never tell anyone about this, we can do this every time you come in if no one is around.”

“Oh wow! That would be great! I won’t tell anyone!”

Tony left the store grinning from ear to ear. He never dreamed he would get to fuck a girl and certainly not a beautiful woman like Debra! He bounced into the house and his mom was at the kitchen counter doing dishes. He watched her ass and noticed for the first time that she had a very nice ass. He had new confidence and he approached her and put his arms around her waist and pressed his crotch against her.

“Tony! What are you doing? Let go of me right now!”

He pressed harder and held her tight with his arms.

“Tony!! I mean it, let go of me!”

“Doesn’t it feel good when I rub your cunt?”

“Tony! Where did you learn that word?! It’s nasty!”

He didn’t let go. She was wearing yoga pants and holding her against the sink, he pulled the pants down.

“Oh god Tony! NO! PLEASE!! Don’t do this! I’m your mom! You can’t!”

“Oh yes I can! I want to fuck you and I’m gonna!”

He pushed his pants down and rubbed it on her cunt. It started getting wet and his cock was drooling Precum. He shoved it inside his mom’s cunt!

“Aaaahhhhhhhhggggghhhhhhhh!!! NO! Pull it out! Oh god! Pull it out! We can’t!”

“But we are mom! I’m fucking you!! I’m inside your cunt and I’m fucking you! Fucking your mommie cunt!”

She tried to resist but his cock was hitting just the right places and to her horror, she was reacting to it. Her hips started to thrust back against him and her nipples were hard as he fucked into her cunt.

“Ooohhhhhhh honey!! Ohhh I can’t help it! Ohhhhhh!! Ohhhh fuck me! Oh god damn it fuck meeeeee!!!”

He let her go and moved his hands to her boobs and played with them while he fucked her.

After around 5 minutes of fucking she felt her orgasm rising.

“Ohhh Tony! I’m going to cum!!”

“Oh god mom! Me too!!”

She felt him shove hard and his cock started pulsing deep in her cunt! That drove her over the edge and she came hard,

“Oh shit!,! Cumming baby! You’re making mommie cum so fucking hard!!”

She realized he was filling her with potent sperm but couldn’t stop him!

“Oh god! You’re cumming inside me! I’m Not on the pill baby!”

Her husband had a vasectomy so if she got pregnant he would know it wasn’t him!

Finally Tony finished and pulled out.

“Oh Tony, I should be mad but you made me feel so good! But you shouldn’t have cum inside mommie! I could get pregnant! But I’ll get a morning after pill just in case!”

“Can we do it again some time mom?”

His mom smiled, “no you can’t, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to fuck me when you want to!”

It took Tony a second to work out what his mom meant but then he got it! He had to force her every time so she could say she wasn’t letting him! After that, Tony took every opportunity to fuck his mom! He caught her in the laundry room against the washing machine, in the living room while vacuuming, in her bedroom while she was making the bed, even in the garden while she was picking weeds.

That time was especially hot for him. She was in the corner of the yard on her knees, wearing a skirt when he came out of the door onto the deck. He saw her from the back and immediately got hard looking at her fine ass. He quietly walked over and flipped her skirt over her ass.

“Tony! You can’t fuck me out here! Someone will see!” She was sincere about it this time, and that made it exciting for Tony! He yanked her panties down and knelt behind her. He pulled his cock out oh his fly and started rubbing it on her cunt.

“Tony! No! I mean it! Not here!” But she didn’t try to stop him. She was past that now that she was addicted to his cock! Tony found the spot he was looking for and buried his cock in her cunt!

“Ohhhhhh Tony!!! Oh god! We can’t! Mrs James can see out of her window!”

Mrs James lived next door and her second floor bedroom window looked out on their yard. As a matter of fact, she was watching at that very moment! At first she was disgusted by what she saw but as Tony fucked his mom, she couldn’t stop looking. Her pussy started getting wet as she watched the Incestuous coupling and found herself rubbing her cunt through her lounge pants.

Meanwhile, Tony was fucking his mom faster and the danger of being found out was enough to send both into an extreme orgasm!

“Ooooohhhhhhhhh Tony! I’m cumming! Oh god! You’re making me cum so fucking hard!”

“Oh yes mommie!! Me too! In your cunt mommie! Cumming in your cunt.”

Unbeknown to them, Mrs James was cumming at the same time, biting her lip to stop herself from screaming!

When his mom had recovered she told him, “now let me finish the yard work, okay?”

“Sure mom, but I want to fuck you again when you come in all sweaty!”

Next door, Mrs James was recovering from her orgasm and plotting how to get Tony into her pussy. She is a 60 year old widow who lost her husband to a heart attack three years ago and hasn’t had a man since then.

That afternoon she saw Tony in the back yard alone and called to him from her window, “Tony! Can you come over and help me carry some boxes to the attic?”

He had helped Mrs James in the past so it wasn’t an unusual request. He didn’t think of her in sexual terms so it never occurred to him that she might want to fuck him.

He told his mom he was going next door and soon was knocking on Mrs James’ door.

“Come in Tony, the boxes are in the hallway upstairs.”

She led the way and Tony noticed that Mrs James was not a bad looking woman for her age! She still had a nice rear and large breasts. She had a bit of a belly but not fat. He dismissed these thoughts as he knew Mrs James would not even think about sex with him.

She showed him the boxes and again he followed her up the attic steps. The attic was partially finished and one side was an extra bedroom with a twin bed. The other was for storage.

“Just put the box over there, Tony. Thanks for helping me. Come over here and sit by me a minute. You know, I saw what you and your mom did this morning in the yard.”

Tony had a moment of panic, “oh gosh! You won’t tell anyone, will you?”

“Well, I should, but maybe we can work out a compromise.”

“I’ll do anything Mrs James! Mom would get in real trouble!”

Mrs James put her hand on Tony’s thigh, “you know Tony, it’s been a long time since my husband died and I get very lonely!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, can I come over more often to visit?”

She moved her hand higher and was very close to touching his cock.

“Well, I have something more satisfying than just a visit!”

Tony was starting to get hard as her hand rubbed closer and closer to his cock.

“Why don’t we get more comfortable dear?”

She was wearing a house dress and started undoing the buttons. She pulled it off and exposed her large white bra and granny panties. Then she reached behind her and unhooked her bra, letting it fall away. Her large breasts fell to her belly but Tony was not turned off by them, in fact he was excited by her large drooping breasts with large bumpy looking nipples.

“Why don’t you get out of those clothes, Tony!”

She pulled her panties off and displayed her hairy cunt. She was still sitting on the bed and spread her legs. Her cunt hair had black and gray hairs mixed and her cunt lips were large and meaty looking.

Tony ripped his clothes off, his cock bouncing as he shed his jockeys. He was standing in front of her and she reached out and grabbed his dock, pulling him close to her. She leaned forward and took Tony’s cock in her mouth.

“Oh crap! That feels neat!” Tony gasped. She took his cock all the way to her throat then back out. She rapidly flicked her tongue on the underside of his cock near the head.

“Aww fuck! You better take it out! I’m gonna shoot it!”

Mrs James just kept sucking. She went to the base again and then back to the top, again flicking her tongue on his cock while jacking his shaft with her hand!

She reached up and pinched his nipple and massaged his balls with the other hand.

“Unnnnnhhhhhhhgggghhhh!! Cumming!! I’m shooting it!!”

Mrs James tasted his cum as it spurted right onto her tongue! She held it all in her mouth and when his cock stopped drooling cum, she took her mouth off his cock and opened her mouth, showing him his cum on her tongue. Then she closed her mouth and swallowed. She opened her mouth again and showed that the cum was on its way to her stomach.

“That was the quick one! I wanted to get that one done so you’ll last longer when you fuck me! Besides, I love the taste of cum and it’s been too long since I’ve tasted it!”

“I don’t know if I can get it up again.”

“Just leave that to me honey! You’ll be ducking me in no time at all!”

She took him in her mouth again and like before, used one hand to Jack his cock and the other to play with his nipples.

“Oh gosh Mrs James! I didn’t know my nipples were sensitive like that!”

“Well, they’re more when you’re excited already.” She told him, then returned to his stiffening cock. When it was hard again, she laid on the bed and spread her legs.

“Come up her on top of me Tony, I need you to fuck me now!”

Tony climbed on top of her and she grabbed his cock and guided him into her cunt!

“Ooooohhhhh!! Tony!!! Oh god! It’s been so long! I love your cock in my cunt!”

“Oh good yes Mrs James! Your cunt is so fucking hot and wet! And it’s really tight!”

“Just fuck me boy!! Fuck me hard and make me cum!!”

Tony didn’t disappoint her as he fucked her with long deep strokes! She was moaning constantly and writhing all over the bed.

“Ohhhhhhh!!! I’m going to cum!! I’m going to cum so fucking hard!!!” Mrs James yelled!

“Oh god yes! Me too! I’m cumming inside you!!”

“Oh my fucking god!! Fill me baby! Fill my slutty cunt!”

Tony didn’t think he would stop cumming as he filled his neighbor with his sperm!

It was weird looking down on her with his cock in her cunt, which was leaking his sperm onto the bed. He had known her all his life and she was like a grandmother to him before this!

When she had recovered she told him,

“Oh Tony! You’ve made me feel like a woman again! Please don’t stop coming over here! I want you to fuck me all the time!”

Back at the store, Josh and Debra were waiting for customers on a slow day. They were sitting behind the counter when Debra reached over and unzipped Josh’s shorts.

“Mom! Right her in the store!”

“Why not? Nobodies here and even if someone comes in, they won’t see us.”

She reached in and pulled out his cock. It was semi hard so she stroked it until it was standing erect. Then she got down in front of him on the stool and took him in her mouth.

“Ohhhh mom! Suck me!! Suck my cock!”

Just then the door bell chimed signaling a customer entering the store.

“Mom! Someone came in!” Josh whispered

Debra looked up at him and said, “don’t worry hon, they won’t see.”

She returned to sucking his cock as the customer, an elderly woman browsed in the store. She brought her basket to the counter and Josh started checking her out. Debra started going faster and Josh moaned.

“Are you okay sweetie?” Asked the woman, a regular at the store.

“Uh, uh yes, I’m fine, just hit my knee on the counter!”

Debra was going very fast and Josh was close to cumming! Thankfully the lady left just as he started to shoot his slimy cum into her throat.

“Ohhhhhhh mom!!! Drink my cum!!! Oh yes!!”

She swallowed his cum the told him to switch places. She pulled her panties off and sat on the stool while Josh knelt in front of her. He started licking her just as several customers entered the store, then even more. There were now eight customers shopping. Debra was moaning as Josh found her clit and nibbled on it.

A man who just had a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk stepped up to the counter.

Josh bit down on her clit just then and Debra grunted.

“Are you okay?”

“Oh yes! I’m doing fine! Thanks for aaa….aaaa…asking!”

He looked skeptical but took his croceries and left. Now there were 3 people in line. Debra moaned through an orgasm as she checked them out. Josh didn’t stop eating her cunt as the rest of the customers checked out.

Finally they were alone again and Debra turned around and leaned over the stool so Josh could fuck her right there!

“Oh fuck! Stick that cock inside me Josh!! Fuck me!”

Josh shoved his cock in to her cervix and was so turned on he just started rapid stroking until they both came, just as another customer entered.

To Be Continued!

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